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Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Ace Rockwood , Aron Ridge , Cameron Adams , Damien Holt , , Element Eclipse , Nubius , Osian , Race Cooper , Santino Vega , Scott Alexander
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Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed

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Cameron Adams Ignites a Gang Bang

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We missed reviewing Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed, but since it won the GayVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene we went back and discovered that the award recognition is well deserved. All Worlds' Black Balled series is almost always worth watching - some of their titles stay consistently the best selling movies on our website. (Specifically, Black Balled 5 with Dean Monroe)

For the seventh film in the series, director Chi Chi LaRue continues its premise of one white boy pummeled in a relentless Black gang bang. This time, there are several nice twists. First, it's set a prison, which is always a sure fire gay porn formula for success!

Second, to those who find the entire set-up of Black tops fucking one single White bottom an offensive stereotype, or at the very least tired, LaRue mixes it up. The film opens with a surprisingly hot shot of Cameron Adams fucking the brains out of Osian, a noisy Black bottom. Osian's moans echo through the room drawing the focused attention of the other prisoners and the prison guards into what's happening, as well as viewers.

Soon the stiff cocks are out, and everyone is silently saluting Adams' fucking talents, who's clearly having just as good a time as Osian is in their afternoon sex session. At some point, the guards decide that this is the time to relax the facility's security. Cell doors are open and everyone assembles in the center room for the movie's mass eleven man orgy that continues for an hour and a half.

Santino VegaWatch Now
Santino Vega
Element Eclipse sucks Ace RockwoodWatch Now
Element Eclipse sucks Ace Rockwood
Black Balled 7 includes some real stand-out models. Eddie Diaz, whose always a pleasure in anything, seems at first intent on breaking in Santino Vega, a riveting new Black model who we've never seen before. He's stunningly handsome with a remarkable tattoo on his upper left chest and shoulder. Diaz takes his time licking Vega's shaven armpits. Speaking of Diaz, the delicious Puerto Rican continues to effortlessly burn up the screen with his sensual looks, beautiful smile, shaved head, body piercings...oh, he's such the total package.

Prison Guard Ace Rockwood Unbends

Another stand-out performer in the cast is Ace Rockwood, a fantastic top with a huge phallus. Adams jawbones it as far down as he can while Rockwood lays back in a chair pinching the kid's nipples. Rockwood first popped up in a great sex scene in Michael Lucas' Auditions 33, where he slammed Avi Dar's willing ass. (Note: Rockwood's fans should also see Auditions 33 for his illuminating personal interview.)

If you enjoy seeing big dicks, this movie brings an embarrassment of riches. Besides the before mentioned Vega and Rockwood, there's the light skinned Element Eclipse, whose penis is as large as a five speed stick shift for either the Honda Element or Mitsubishi Eclipse. Aron Ridge, a frequent performer for Channel 1 - Hazzard Zone - has a thick dick that could be confused for a crowbar. The other guys, new faces like Nubius and Race Cooper, are just as well equipped.

Another fine thing that builds up to the anal action is some intense, wet rimming of both Diaz's and Vega's willing asses. The movie's middle shows the cast delivering their first round of money shots, a no holds barred bukkake to the seated Adams. Afterwards, Adams aces everyone by shooting the heaviest multi-spurter so far all over his already cum-soaked body.

Element Eclipse gets Black Balled

As the guys start taking their turns on Adams, a hot side show starts in one of the jail cells - Damien Holt fucks Element Eclipse laying down on his side. Eclipse's huge cock flaps around to the rhythm of Holt's back door thrusts. That's a nice surprise!

Meanwhile, Adams is out in the commons riding Ridge's dick - the guys clustered around urging them on. (Tumblr) It's here when Diaz decides that its time to double fuck Adams, climbing on top of him pressing him into an Oreo cookie. (This is of course the second time Diaz has performed a double penetration with Adams - see Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls)

The last sequence of the film has Adams laying on a table with his legs in the air. The freshly fucked Eclipse takes Adams' ass for spin immediately after getting banged by Vega. Rockwood follows.

Kudos go to Adams whose performance in the movie shows his wide versatility. We didn't expect in this movie that his ass could not only be stretched to capacity so effortlessly, but also Adams' proving to be a hot little fucker himself. Fans of newcomer Rockwood and the always salacious Diaz will also not want to miss this film.

Director La Rue utilizes the tantalizing aspects of voyeurism and suspense extremely well, heightening the entire atmosphere of the gang bang, which in many movies nowadays simply falls flat. Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed starts things off on a great note that quickly escalates into a memorable cresendo.

Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed Photos:

Aron Ridge tops Cameron AdamsWatch Now
Aron Ridge tops Cameron Adams
Damien Holt behind Element EclipseWatch Now
Damien Holt behind Element Eclipse
Santino Vega tops Cameron AdamsWatch Now
Santino Vega tops Cameron Adams

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