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Black Balled 5 - Star Fucker (All Worlds Video)

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Aron Ridge , , , Jack Simmons , Kamrun , Malik , Marc Williams , , Tiger
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Black Balled 5 - Star Fucker  (All Worlds Video)

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Dean Monroe vs. 8 Black Guys

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Black Balled 5: Star Fucker is not just another black guys gangbang a white guy movie. Its enthusiastic cast of hot black guys, a clever setup, and anything goes star make this an extremely hot movie. Director Chi Chi LaRue coaxes great performances out of everyone, probably the director's best gangbang work since Caesar was hammered relentlessly by the Hispanic community in Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang.

The movie's star fucker is bottomboy Brit Dean Monroe (Up All Night), who seems to have left his stint as an Exclusive for Falcon Studios with a hankering for black guys. In this movie it clearly appears that his desires were indulged. As a ravenous bottom, he is truly one star fucker.

At the beginning of Black Balled 5, Monroe completes a long day of filming on the set as a smooth talking soap opera Romeo. A director off camera yells Cut! and Monroe's female co-star disengage from their scripted kiss, and she exits. Later, Monroe wanders back onto the dark studio set looking for his friend Tiger, one of the set crew.

Tiger, a hard bodied, bald Black guy, uses this opportunity to seduce his unsuspecting friend. Monroe freely gets on his knees, pulling his buddy's big cock out of his Calvin Klein underwear and starts to suck. Soon, the lights in the studio activate, and fellow crew members Marc Williams and Kamrun join the budding action. Williams packs an incredible, shapely body and a beautiful cock, who has earned his way several of this year's best movies (Justice).

Kamrun was one of the black studs in last year's gangbang eye-opener Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3 - Gang Fucked. Here he sports a sexy high n' tight haircut.

Marc WilliamsWatch Now
Marc Williams
Nick DakannonWatch Now
Nick Da'Kannon
Before long, Monroe eagerly shows his oral expertise to eight strapping hunks standing before him. Dressed in tight muscle shirts and jeans, Monroe deep throats this set of spectacular cocks as they pull them out of their pants. They gather closer, slowly undress while Monroe's frenzy grows.

Notable for his first ever on-screen performance is Eddie Diaz, who after filming inked an exclusive contract with Chi Chi LaRue, going to appear in a slew of movies for Rascal Video. (as well as the subsequent Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed)

Nick Da'Kannon black balls Dean Monroe

The performer with the most amazing meat is the aptly named newcomer Nick Da'Kannon. Tall, skinny and wearing a peacock blue do-rag, his cock is one for the record books. It dominates when poking into any scene, and constantly pulls Monroe towards it like iron filings to a powerful magnet.

Da'Kannon is attractive in the face, however it is his appendage firmly takes the place as the film's unquestioned co-star.

For the rest, there's not a bad seed in the group. Aron Ridge makes a nice return after several years, and even Jack Simmons, a favorite who appeared in a long list of movies (e.g. the very hot Reform School Confidential) has been seduced out of retirement.

Dean Monroe Gang Bang

The film moves through the usual paces. Monroe systematically moves through chorus lines of erections, followed by the cast taking turns sitting on his face. Monroe's blue ribbon sword swallowing abilities are deftly captured on camera.

The anal sequence is riveting. The models hammer Monroe at their own unique style and speed. They move through several positions including doggie style and side saddle. Monroe's ass capacity is even better than his mouth's, seemingly able to inhale all cocks, any length and thickness, no muss no fuss. There are ample sequences of him taking Da'Kannons king-size mamba, getting plowed to the point of feeling the top's balls lapping against him.

The cast moves through Monroe's hot ass in several cycles, finished with the guys dousing him in their cum. Black Balled 5 - Star Fucker is an adept combination of beautiful black tops with a svelte, consummate bottom.

A treat from beginning to end, the latest in the Black Ballers series packs a jaw breaking, unforgettable punch.

Black Balled 5 - Star Fucker (All Worlds Video) Photos:

Dean Monroe and Nick Da'KannonWatch Now
Dean Monroe sucks Nick Da'Kannon
Jack Simmons and Dean MonroeWatch Now
Jack Simmons explores Dean Monroe
Malik, Nick Da'kannon and Tiger watch
Eddie Diaz fucks Dean MonroeWatch Now
Eddie Diaz embraces Dean Monroe
Aron Ridge fucks Dean Monroe in Black Balled 5Watch Now
Aron Ridge behind Dean Monroe

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