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Black n' Blue

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH038
Alex Collack , Anthony Martinez , , , Francesco D'Macho , Gabriel Sinclair , Jason Kingsley , , Kyle Lewis , Marc Williams , Marco Paris , Mason Garet , , , Nick Horn , , , , Ross Stuart , Tamas Eszterhazy ,
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Black n' Blue

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Francesco D'Macho's in a full scale sex explosion.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Tired of watching kids fooling around in front of the camera? Hot House's latest three disc movie Black n' Blue is their latest salvo, a full scale explosion of muscular real men donned in a wardrobe of tight jockstraps, leather harnesses, chaps and other assorted regalia.

These garments serve essentially as formal wear for what ends up being over three hours of non-stop electric man sex that guarantees to entertain, enthrall and excite.

Disc One: Black

The festivities begin with Nick Piston and Alex Collack literally worshipping the mountain of the man that is named Marc Williams. Collack slowly licks his boots as Piston caresses his pouch. After this, Piston and Collack compete for the world-class cock sucker award on Williams' spectacular tool. After this, Williams and Piston take turns drilling Collack's butt, all the time wearing their jockstraps and other garments.

Francesco D'Macho and Robert Van Damme Watch on - Watch VOD

Francesco D'Macho above
Robert Van Damme

Their romp is not complete until Piston ass gets thrown in a sling and hammered by Williams, who must listen to the versatile sexpig's constant moans and sexual mutterings.

Williams sprays a heavy, wet load of cum onto Piston's thirsty anal region.

After this, Hot House's dynamite exclusive Francesco D'Macho makes his on-screen debut wearing a leather harness, jack strap, flexing his big muscles in the direction of Robert van Damme. A few light slaps of his own ass is all it takes to draw Van Damme over to take control of this minx in heat.

Van Damme easily puts on his best, most exciting performance ever screwing the Hell out of D'Macho on a waist-high leather platform. The top seemingly alternates from giving D'Macho a rough fuck, complete with face slapping, to more sensuous kissing.

This unforgettable episode concludes with Van Damme shoving a dildo up D'Macho's manhole, followed with the two jacking out hot money shots standing side by side. The onscreen deviginizing of D'Macho by Van Damme will undoubtedly garner specific attention at next year's movie award ceremonies.

Next, Black careens onto the set of a five man orgy where the action has already started. Blondie Mason Wyler sits perched on his knees with the dreamy Anthony Martinez standing above him, swallowing the length of the latino's huge, uncut cock. Kyle Lewis and Jason Kingsley perform the same cock-worship on Ross Stuart.

Nick Piston worships the mountain of a man that is named Marc Williams Stuart, one of the working pillars of the top heavy movie Spokes 3, slides his length up Lewis' bent over butt, as Kingly performs similar pleasures to Wyler. In a high moment, Martinez gets sloppy seconds on Wyler's hole as Lewis and Kingsley show their versatility by getting hammered by the others. Kingsley in particular has one of the hottest "Fuck Me" looks when bottoming.

Kingsley finishes the scene drenched in everyone's semen.

Dean Monroe gets Black n' Blue

Following this, the Black disc ends with another explosive three-way, this time directed by power-top Trevor Knight, who seems to draw energy the more Dean Monroe and the returning Wyler give to him.

First Knight shares his titanic tool between their two slobbering mouths. Then he bends Monroe over in his black jockstrap and slams his cock up all the way for some first-class butt fucking.

Monroe, one of the best bottoms working in porn today, shows his amazing skill by stretching open for a sequence of double dicking that leaves the viewer wide-eyed. Of course, Knight does not let Wyler get away without his butt getting smoked by his indefatigable pole.

Knight ends with one of his characteristic cum showers all over Wyler, who also gets Monroe's load rained on his as well.

Robert van Damme fucks Francesco D'MachoWatch on - Watch VOD
Robert van Damme tops Francesco D'Macho
Jason Kingsley and Mason Wyler in the orgyWatch on - Watch VOD
Ross Stuart tops Kyle Lewis, Jason Kingsley
tops Mason Wyler, Anthony Martinez oversees

Disc 2: Blue

The Blue disc features four hard drving episodes much like the first disc. It harkens the returns of Hot House pigs Williams, Monroe and Paris for more love and attention.

Porn Star Marc Williams Watch on - Watch VOD
Porn Star Marc Williams
The first episode pits tattooed Hungarian Tamas Eszterhazy in a trinity with the strikingly handsome Gabriel Sinclair and resident power top Arpad Miklos, who actually is another Hungarian.

Eszterhazy seems to be growing more sharp, dark tattoos up and down his body, comparing his body to the way it appeared in last year's Manifesto from Raging Stallion. Spreading his legs wide apart, Sinclair peers in and tongues Eszterhazy's beautiful hole.

The true highlight of the scene is the spectacular ass-pounding Miklos gives Esterhazy. Sinclair also gets his turn, putting in a rare on-screen top man performance (Ass Quest, part 1).

Sinclair squirts what could be a pint of his hot cream over Esterhazy's sweaty chest, followed with Miklos ejaculating a thick multi-spurt orgasm that flies on long arcs up the height of the bottom. After all that, it's little wonder Esterhazy cums easily.

After this, Brazilian porn star Rafael Alencar watches from afar as Kent North blows Williams' beautiful black cock. North (The Missing) puts in a command performance giving up his capacious ass to both stallions in what is arguably the high point of the entire film.

Alencar carries the perfect, bodacious body, which watching pump is like watching poetry in motion. In one memorable sequence, North turns upside down with his ass pointed directly up, which the two tops alternately take turns stuffing full with their ample meat.

And in a photo finish, North remains in that posed position for them to rain their jizz down into his hole.

The third episode brings two models from Black (Marco Paris and Ross Stuart) for a noisy, sweaty one-on-one that is highlighted by some nice rimming, as both models carry particularly delectable butts.

Have you seen the anal ravishing of Dean Monroe? Paris gets the daylights screwed out of him by Stuart, first on his fours, and next by flipping over on his back. The bottom finishes by riding Stuart on top, when at that point he unloads his money shot, followed by the top.

The movie finishes with another anal ravishing of Dean Monroe. Two hung tops? No problem. Horn, fresh from Hot House's ground breaking movie Justice let's all of his frustrations out on Monroe's ass. The fucking doggie style looks picture perfect, while Monroe can barely contain himself to stay focused enough to suck Matt Cole's cock (Matt Cole interview).

Cole watches them, practically salivating for his opportunity to feel the go-teed Brit from the inside.

To finish, Horn and Cole lay side by side as Monroe alternates mounting them on top. Everything ends in a blitz of hot cum, wrapping up the all-sex DVD just as it begin.

Black n' Blue Bonus Disc

The third disc of bonus material is a delight for fans of heavy ass-play. The rough, sweaty Mason Garet joins forces with resident ass-pig Kent North for a fine round of sphincter stretches. Garet produces several eye opening dildos, one black and the other red. Both take turns fucking each other with them.

Next, they take turns pushing their greased fists into the other's butt for some breathless hand balling. North explodes his man cream with Garet's hand inside him, followed by Garet cumming all over his buddy's face.

With three discs and ten hard-driving sex scenes, Black n' Blue packs quite a punch. Fans of Hot House Entertainment will remember their set of movies featuring non-stop man sex in a dark atmosphere (Screw: Right to the Point). These movies take this several steps further, raising the bar for hot sex flicks in the twenty-first century.

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Black n' Blue Photos:

Gabriel Sinclair, Tamas Eszterhazy, Arpad MiklosWatch on - Watch VOD
Gabriel Sinclair, Tamas Eszterhazy, Arpad Miklos
Dean Monroe and Matt ColeWatch on - Watch VOD
Dean Monroe sits on Matt Cole, Nick Horn (right)
Ross Stuart and Marco ParisWatch on - Watch VOD
Ross Stuart points to Marco Paris

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