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Black Drillers

Alexander Pictures  
Alef Carvalho , Andre Ferrerira , Anibal Ribeiro , Duarte da Rua , Estevam Lobo , Julio Andrade , Leandro Cruz , Martino Paiva , Neitor Madeira , Otavio Silva , Pascoal Coelho , Renato Moraes , Rodrigo Beckmann
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Black Drillers

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Brazilian Bottoms Saddle Up to Black Beauties

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In many ways, Black Drillers reminds us of some of the first, great movies Alexander produced when he started filming in Brazil in the mid 2000's. (Brazilian Cum Ons) Without much pretense or set up, the movies grind through scene after scene of Brazilian guys whose fuck energy effortlessly goes off the scale.

It's also nice to see so many interracial couplings with giant Black guys playing the tops. They seem rather tradey, but appear perfectly content sliding their dicks into Brazilian boy butt. And Brazilian boy butt doesn't get much better than that of Estevam Lobo (Deep Attack), whose slim body stays bent over pressed into a sandwich for most of the first scene.

Duarte da Rua and Otavio Silva call up Lobo on the cell phone when they decide that the girlie mags they are jacking off to are insufficient to quench their elevated thirsts. The bearded de Rua is "daddy galore", starting the movie off on the best possible note by fucking Lobo at length on his fours. Silva finishes the bottom off on his back, hammering him until he cums all over his belly in a visibly shaky orgasm. Silva's big load leaves the boy drenched in cum.

Black Brazilian Dicks

Duarte Da Rua Duarte Da Rua Heitor Madeira Heitor Madeira Andre Ferreira Andre Ferreira
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Anibal Ribeiro and Pascoal Coelho meet up on the street for their one-on-one. They go inside where the chat and kiss a for bit (an unusually tender moment in Brazilian porn!) Coelho is another classical bottom from Alexander, youthful and cute in the face. He unfurls Ribeiro's giant snake of a dick with wonder in his eyes.

Coelho tries to get his mouth down some of it, but it's huge. His ass handles it better however, quickly swallowing it up after some starter pokes. Ribeiro's steel gaze stays focused on the bottom's head, watching him transfixed, touching his hair.

Finally, Coelho sits on it, bouncing up and down in a convenient chair. His hands never stop touching his left nipple while getting fucked. Both guys produce nice money shots.

Drilling Renato Moraes

I fucked Renato Moraes!
Things stay white hot in the following episode, when Black studs Rodrigo Beckmann and Julio Andrade pin down the adorable Renato Moraes. (Blog: Talking about Renato Moraes' Extra Big Dick) Apparently the hottest spontaneous pick-ups in Rio de Janeiro start right in front of the local sex shoppes, because that's where these three hook-up.

Back in a comfortable bedroom, Moraes teases his new friends (and online fans) by slowly pulling down his shorts, showing off his lovely ass, turning back front to play with his oversized erection.

This gets Beckmann and Andrade highly aroused, unveiling their own big dicks, nibbling on each other's chest. A fantastic three-way ensues with the focal point becoming Moraes' butthole, which gets speared by probing tongues as thrusting cocks. Beckmann and Andrade are fantastic tops, putting in a five-star grand slam performance on the bottom's willing rear-end. Moraes is completely glazed in cum by the scene's end.

The movie continues its ecstatic pace by showing two cuties arm in arm: the brawny, dark Neitor Madiera and slimmer, lighter skinned Alef Carvalho.

Carvalho's another cutie pie bottom whose arms and torso are painted with tattoos. Carvalho gives Madiera some concentrated, loving head, whose thick, long dick is one of the finer erections in the film.

Soon Carvalho's boy butt is turned up getting a full inspection, following by long thrusting probes going balls deep. In a high moment, Madiera fucks Carvalho on his back, the bottom holds just long legs at perfect right angles, the palms of his feet facing the ceiling. When Madiera is ready, he rains cums down onto the boy.

Drilling Martino Paiva

The movie ends with a riveting three-way that introduces us to another exciting bottom, Martino Paiva, a choice piece of trade with his Brazilian locks beached yellow.

Paiva is taken back to the bedroom by Andre Ferreira and Leandro Cruz, who take turns fucking him in a super hot romp. Paiva's constant smiles betray all the wicked fun he's having riding these two Black studs. Amazingly, Alexander has saved the best scene for the last.

Black Drillers is an excellent show of the darker men of Brazil displaying their titanic talents on the high capacity asses of the country's sweet meat. Many gay adult filmmaker's have started filming in the region in recent years, but in the areas of interracial and Black sexy cinema, Alexander may be unmatched.

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Black Drillers Photos:

Pascal Coehlo peers up at Anibal RibeiroWatch Now or Naked Sword
Pascal Coehlo peers up at Anibal Ribeiro
Rodrigo Beckman fucks Renato MoralesWatch Now or Naked Sword
Julio Andrade observes Rodrigo Beckman top Renato Morales
David Silva fucks Estevam LoboWatch Now or Naked Sword
Duarte Da Rua observes David Silva top Estevam Lobo

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