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Bike Boy

Max Lincoln
Movie Series
Andrew Dean , Ben Taylor , Danny Phoenix , David James , Dominic Diesel , James Scott , Josh Cooke , Kyle O'Shea , Robin Hyde , Ryan Garcia , Tom Schwarz , Tommy Trent , Wayne Cannon
SolosTwinks, InternationalHorsehungMen of England / British GuysGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Bike Boy

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Danny Phoenix delivers viagra to a porn shoot. Gets pulled in.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Annoyed by the poor quality background music to porn? We have all seen movies where we wanted to edit a great sex scene with our favorite dance beat. Few should have this complaint about Eurocreme's BikeBoy. It includes not only the trademark hot twinks, big cocks that shoot eye popping loads, but also a perfectly matched grooving rhythm.

All of Max Lincoln's movies employ great music, but I've not noticed such perfect compliments since the twink classic Skaterboy. (Remember the boys all having the orgy a the dance club?)

Boxcoverboy Danny Phoenix delivers parcels around London by bike. The movie tells the story of how a conniving co-worker gets him into trouble with the boss, Ben Taylor, and his subsequent redemption back to being everyone's favourite courier. Between all this comes two solos, four hot sex scenes and an unforgettable four boy sexcapade.

The film begins by introducing Phoenix, who treats the viewer an enticing introduction to his long, curved member via a wank by the bathtub. Separately, we meet an enticing bloke billed in the credits as dark lazy student, played by Andrew Dean. He may be dark haired and lazy, but he's scrumptious. As a voyeur, he and his blond friend Dominic Diesel watch the film along with us, playing with each other until the end, where they have a very hot sex scene of their own.

An interesting structural twist.

Tommy Trent and Danny Phoenix Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Tommy Trent and
Danny Phoenix
Ben Taylor and Danny PhoenixWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ben Taylor and
Danny Phoenix

BikeBoy Works with Nasty Nick

In the first action scene, Phoenix falls for a sexual frame-up by two scheming co-workers, Robin Hyde and bodacious blondie Tommy Trent, both of whom played ruffians in Rentboy from Eurocreme. Hyde does a great job in this film with his numerous vertatile roles, solos and crafty facial expressions Trent is adorable, and he sits down to jawbone Phoenix's big stiffie.

Robin Hyde and Tommy Trent leave him covered in a shiny lake of cum. As Trent sucks Phoenix, his bent over exposed ass gets filled by Hyde's tongue and long cock. In a hot moment, Hyde pounds Trent hard as sweat forms on his forehead. Trent is definitely a hot blondboy to watch get pounded.

Hyde can't be stopped, be continues on to hammer the ass of Phoenix, legs up on the couch. There's nice shots of Phoenix adjusting the foreskin of his erection while getting pounded. Then he cums arcs of jism as Hyde doesn't miss an assthrusting beat.

Hyde and Trent follow-up by leaving him covered in a shiny lake of cum. Alone and cum covered, the boss enters and presumes that Phoenix hasn't been working, but just wanking and cumming all morning. Our poor courier is now in the doghouse!

Still, work doesn't seem too bad. He delivers a part to a sexy straight plumber (Josh Cooke). Cooke nicely plays the role of "coy straight boy seduces gay boy, then fucks his arse." He has a very nice uncut cock too, which he slaps on Phoenix's pale, hairless buns for a while before shoving it in. Their hot asspumping finishes with straightboy plumber busting his nut all over the kitchen floor.

Danny Phoenix visits a porn set

Next, Phoenix delivers Viagra to the set of a porn shoot. Good thing it's a gay porn shoot! And once the penis pill kicks in, the hunky top (Ryan Garcia from Collin O'Neal's London) has a plowfest. Along with fluffer James Scott and photographer Wayne Cannon, they enjoy a rollicking four-way.

One highlight, Scott wearing a white Calvin Klein jockstrap while getting rimmed and plowed by Garcia. He sinks his thick cock into Scott's beautiful hole, and every moment of ramming is picture perfect.

Cannon appears to have the biggest, longest dick of the four. It's a real piece of work, shooting out a thick gob of goo all over Scott's hosed down body. Nasty Nick sacked for shagging on the job!

The Boss Apologizes

After this, Nasty Nick (Robin Hyde) gets off to Phoenix's lycra. The Boss (Ben Taylor) sacks Nasty Nick for shagging and wanking on the job. Taylor then apologizes to Phoenix by inviting him over to his flat for an intimate dinner followed by stuffing him full of his enormous tree trunk of a cock.

They blow each other, always a nice sight in this movie considering the sizes of all the dicks, and they sixty-nine.

After the stuffing, Phoenix blows a huge jetstream of cum. When Taylor blows, his enormous head turns a wine colored purple.

The movie ends, as mentioned earlier, with a white hot orgy. Nasty Nick now works for the competition, but now he ends up getting picked out to be the bottom of spontaneous fuckfests by co-workers. Along with Kyle O'Shea and SoldierBoy stars Tom Schwarz and David James they enjoy a rousing screwfest on the office couch.

Crowning this, voyeurs Dean and Diesel feel inspired by watching their DVD of Bikeboy. Dean rolls a condom onto Diesel's thick stick, turns around with his ass out, and put his head in the pillow. Dean is one helluva bottomboy!

All in all it is a shimmering finish for the movie. The viewer will understand Dean and Diesel's enthusiasm, as watching Bikeboy will make the viewer want to do the same.

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Bike Boy Photos:

Robin Hyde and Tommy Trent Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Robin Hyde behind Tommy Trent
BikeBoy Four Way Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Tom Shwarz, Robin Hyde, Kyle O'Shea and David James
James Josh and Danny Phoenix Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
James Josh behind Danny Phoenix

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