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Big Timber

Kristofer Weston
Falcon Studios  
Brad Benton , Clay Maverick , , , Joe Foster , , Justin Dragon , Leo Bramm , , Ross Stuart , Trey Rexx
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Big Timber

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Clay Maverick and Josh Weston wield some big timber

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Big Timber, Falcon Exclusive Josh Weston leads a trio of guys on a set of interesting adventures: they go out and use their bodies to protect endangered species from danger. His buddies, Brad Benton and Joe Foster, go along with him. Weston tells them of their new project - protecting the Black Falcon.

The two are unenthusiastic until Josh Weston (Kept) motives the team by pushing his hard cock into each of their asses. As soon as Weston's tongue get near, Benton immediately lets loose with his trademark sing-song moaning and groaning.

Benton then shows his topman skills by giving Joe Foster a read-end collision. Not to be outdone, Weston climbs back onto Benton, who squats so that the camera clearly captures Weston's great set of balls slapping against the bottom.

Jack Ryan snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Jack Ryan
As a finish, Foster, Weston, Benton form a train on the floor. Staying entwined, they decouple their cocks and fire their money shots on each other's thighs.

After this, we meet their adversaries, the lumberjacks. Clay Maverick, Jack Ryan and Justin Dragon grouse about a recent warning of environmentalists moving to block their work. They decide to role-play out various possible outcomes. Their solution is to use their sexual assets, which these guys possess in abundance.

The three sport dark hair, goatees and rigid hard-ons.

Masculine topman Clay Maverick quickly takes position behind Jack Ryan. Ryan never seems to want to release his lips from Dragon's dick. Maverick tops Ryan, pulls out and drops his money shot onto Ryan's groin.

In the next scene, the tall, boyish Jarek is popping his rifle at a black falcon. Our Conservationist Advocates rush over to stop him. The group leaves Joe Foster to administer any penal charges against the hunter.

Foster raises the lanky boy's hips high into the air, filling the bottom's hole with his cock. Jarek swings and grinds with his hard on waving around in the open air. As a finish, Foster fires a big money shot high into the air.

The Big Timber orgy

In the final scene, Weston, Benton and Foster chain themselves to the forest trees. The lumberjacks appear, and the scene quickly moves from heated confrontation to a sizzling all-out orgy.

Foster manages to get all of Trey Rexx's cock in his mouth. Paul Johnson turns out to be one of the bottom lumberjacks. He is topped by Weston. Benton goes through another sing-song moaning as his bubblebutt get rammed by Clay Maverick.

Leo Bramm appears here too, looking great. He takes Ray Dragon up his smooth, tan rear end. Foster sits his butt down on Jack Ryan. Benton finishes with the biggest money shot, a remarkable geyser-like eruption.

The movie ends with Jarek taking care of his own hefty erection by himself is a good solo scene. Eventually he finds better satisfaction with a dildo.

Big Timber is great for fans of the main Falcon models. There's lots of good stuff for Clay Maverick and Josh Weston. And as for the story, well what can we say - it comes from California.

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Big Timber Photos:

Justin Dragon, Jack Ryan, Clay MaverickWatch on or Watch VOD
Justin Dragon (below), Jack Ryan (middle), Clay Maverick (top)

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