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The Bigger The Better

Matt Sterling
Falcon Studios   FVP035
Doug Weston , Greg Stores , Joe Craig , John Thomas , Matt Ramsey , Rick Donovan , Shawn McIvan

The Bigger The Better

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Peter North's Gay Movie Role as Matt Ramsey

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Zeroing in on the size fixation that is so popular with gay males, director Matt Sterling quickly followed up his classic A Matter of Size with another blockbuster, The Bigger The Better. This movie features ten actors, all of which possess enormous endowments, and they are facially attractive as well. Clearly, this movie will enchant any size queen. The film also contains the now infamous bottoming of straight porn star Peter North, which we will get to in a bit. [This scene is included in the sizzling 80's compilation Big and Thick] Movie enthusiests will be thrilled to know that Falcon has released the classic movie on DVD as well.

The top-billed megastar of the picture is the legendary Rick Donovan, who opens the production with a brief solo, teasing us in front of a mirror. Donovan strips out of his white Jockey shorts and makes love to his reflection, kissing it and fucking it in a flurry of action that sets the pace for the entire film.

I bottomed for Peter North! The following four scenes are pairings of teacher with student in wild sexcapades of academia. The first two star the fully buffed Matt Ramsey, who made several gay films before shifting over to straight cinema under the name Peter North.

In the first scene, Ramsey / North is a teacher who gives up his round bottom for the enormous endowment of Donovan. Donovan is kept after class because of his bad attitude. When Ramsey learns that he's studying a skin magazine behind his textbook, Donovan comes on to him. The scene moves with great ease, and it doesn't take long for Ramsey to take Donovan's piece up his ass with the ease of a breadstick. Donovan nails Ramsey over a one-armed desk chair, then on top of his desk.

Then Ramsey / North squats down on it, and finally he gets it missionary whereupon they climax. Both remain rockhard throughout, and the scene includes Ramsey / North's trademark free-flying long distance orgasms - twice.

If you've ever asked, did Peter North ever do gay porn? Here it is.

Rick Donavan fucks Matt Ramsey / Peter NorthWatch Now or Naked Sword
Rick Donovan tops Matt Ramsey (Peter North)

Matt Ramsey (Peter North) fucks Bobby Madison

In the second episode, cute Brian Michaels (Bobby Madison from French Lieutenant's Boys) arrives at Ramsey's apartment just as he is about to begin a workout. The two go through some clumsy dialogue, and soon Michaels is hero-worshipping Ramsey's muscular body and cock. Michaels begs for it, and Ramsey / North obliges. He rips the seat out of the student's gray sweats and hits the bullseye. The penetration footage is first-class and goes down as some of the most memorable ever. Michael, his eyes burning with intensity, impales himself on Ramsey's bone. (Tumblr Blog: Peter North in The Bigger The Better)

The third scene involves two other students, one of whom is named Mike Ramsey, ostensibly Matt's kid brother, which was a surname naming convention popularly used at the time. The other student is Buster, who after spending a frustrating night trying to pick up girls, ends up with his buddy Mike Ramsey in bed. Wearing just those trademark white briefs, the two spark up action and get it on.

Mike Ramsey appeared in just four movies in his career. Here is proved to be quite the raunch dirty talker - Breathe on it....Kiss that dick....Get your face right in there. Fuck me like you've never fucked before.

Buster is a blond pretty boy who matches him every step of the way, topping and bottoming with equal energy.

You Can Take It With You

The final and longest scene is in a public men's room with the dirty blond Shawn McIvan (aka Brian Hawks). McIvan effortlessly takes on four of his fellow students: the moustached Doug Weston, the blond Gregg Stores, the brunet Joe Craig and the leather jacket-wearing John Thomas / aka Brad Mason.

McIvan is the centerpiece throughout, blowing all the guys with vigor. He tops Craig, and bottoms for Thomas. When McIvan strolls out of the tearoom, we hear the movie's famous closing narration - Wherever we go, we still have the wonderful and wild fantasies of our youth.

Wild and wonderful youthful fantasies are certainly what Matt Sterling's films are made of. Beautifully cast, photographed and scored, it is no wonder why The Bigger The Better has been one of the best selling videos of all time.

Note: A Matter of Size from Matt Sterling is another classic that contains lots of pre-condom fun, and you can watch that right now. View now
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The Bigger The Better Photos:

Porn Star Shawn McIvanWatch Now or Naked Sword
Shawn McIvan sits down in ecstacy

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