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Big Rig

John Rutherford
Buckshot Productions  
Blake Nolan , Brad Patton , Brian Hansen , , Eddy Mataro , Gus Mattox , Jason Crew , Kristian Alvarez , Omer , Tamas Eszterhazy
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Big Rig

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Colby Taylor as our modern gay hero

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Is Buckshot's classy new movie Big Rig an homage to Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking trilogy? It delves into many of the same issues explored back in the 1970s, and it illustrates how even over the space of three decades, things stay the same. The movie's hero, Colby Taylor faces an emotional test when he realizes that he is unhappy with his homelife. But this movie's modern twist is that the protagonist is not promiscuous, but rather seems to seek his perfect fit. Unlike the old Joe Gage movies, Colby is not driven by his urge to hook-up with other men.

Taylor seems to be in this for the long haul. Perhaps this particular hero has matured, or perhaps he is just ignoring his feelings.

Taylor also feels the need to go, to move and find happiness. Hence, his travels on the open highway and constant opportunities for sex are metaphors for the situation experienced by gay men today.

Jason Crew and Gus Mattox Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Jason Crew sucks Gus Mattox's big rig

The music for the film is simple, a tad lonely, and it wanders. It is an excellent accompaniment to the opening with displays the cast as Taylor silently drives on the open road. Furthermore, director John Rutherford's photography of the desert road, with its sandy hues and crisp colors establish COLT Studio Group at the forefront of actual filmmaking in gay adult film.

The movie begins with Taylor standing in the shower, fully hard, while his boyfriend (Eddy Mateo) stands before the mirror grooming himself. Mateo seems completely disinterested in the potential that awaits just a step away. He is bent on going to a key party, and he's dragging Taylor with him. In a passive protest, Taylor jacks off, leaving nice streams of his cum on the glass wall of the shower.

They eventually get to the party, which is in a stunning Hollywood Hills house. Mateo wastes little time arranging a three way with the party's host Blake Nolan, and the absolutely stunning Kristian Alvarez. Taylor decides to forego this charade, and splits, beginning his journey on the open road.

Meanwhile, this opening three way is a barnburner. Mateo gets roundly sucked and fucked by Nolan and Alvarez, both quietly commanding tops. Nolan with his daddy hairy pecs and Alvarez with his club sized cock ensure that Mateo got exactly what he wanted from this event.

The return of Alzavez is a welcome surprise, who Rutherford first filmed in Falcon's Bad Behavior way back in 2000. These guys perform one butch three way.

Fuck Jason Crew!

After this, Taylor drives his red Mustang to a highway convenience store. There the wandering star Jason Crew leeches onto Taylor, persuading him to bring him along for the ride. Crew puts in a great performance here, standing out at the misfit who worms his way into everything. Since the strapping brunet's debut in Leatherbound, he has developed into a very potent sexual machine who sucks cock with gusto and clearly enjoys the versatile lifestyle.

They land at a truck stop, where Crew follows sunglasses and cap wearing Gus Mattox into his rig so that he can deliver an enthusiastic blowjob. Watching Gattox turn Crew around and plowing him doggie style, with that big cock of his dangling around below, is arguably one of the movie's sexual high points.

You like that, boy? asks Mattox, and their sex features lots of great verbal daddy/boy interchanges.

Taylor and Crew arrive at a roadside motel to stay the night. As usual, Taylor spends his time rolling his eyes at advances from others, while Crew catches the real deal - he spys Brad Patton and Omer having a hot one-on-one in their motel room. Omer, a glistening, beautiful Israeli (Michael Lucas Auditions, Vol 5), gets fully explored by Patton's far-reaching probes.

Omer and Brad Patton Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Omer sucks Brad Patton
Eddy Mataro and Kristian Alvarez Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Eddy Mataro tastes Kristian Alvarez
Omer is one immaculate serving of tender meat, and he expertly works over Patton's giant, uncut cock. For the anal sequence, Omer seems to have a bit more trouble accepting the entirety of Patton's tree trunk up his musculed asscheeks. It is an exercise in breath control, of which every gasp is audible.

Gus Mattox's Big Rig

That night, Taylor dreams about trucker Mattox. Next to him in bed, Crew tries to make his move, but Taylor rejects him once again. But a new day arrives, which means more play for Crew and more brooding for Taylor. At a diner, Crew saunters out back to fuck the kitchen help, handsome studmuffin Brian Hansen and the macho Hungarian Tamas Eszterhazy ( Ass Quest, Part 1).

They share puffs on a cigarette as they strip out of their clothes.

As earlier, Crew brings fire and spark to this, plowing Hansen doggie style, whose mouth stays filled with Esterhazy's cock. Next Esterhazy gets Crew to drill his ass. This outdoor three-way is wonderfully shot in what looks like the backside of a real diner. They use some abandoned tires to prop themselves up for positions, and the colorful photography is sharp.

All three models are big guns in today's gay porn cinema, but here Crew shows how easily he takes as much as he gives.

Crew decides to stay for awhile at the diner with his new friends. Taylor returns to the road, but soon finds Mattox waiting in his rig at a rest stop. He invites Taylor inside, where they consummate their soul-searching with a night of sex, Mattox taking Taylor in his arms and topping him in his truck's side bed. Taylor looks very good getting fucked, and Mattox finishes with an extremely enjoyable sounding orgasm.

..Happily Ever After

Everyone turns in a great performance in Big Rig, but it is Jason Crew who really lights up the show. This is understandable as he is fun-loving and friendly, and not as self-obsessed as Taylor's character. Unlike similar allegories told by the Joe Gage classics, or more recently with Hot House, this story concludes on a clear note. The hero is not drawn to promiscuity, but to a need for true companionship, and that perfect someone can be found out there, somewhere, on the open road.
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Big Rig Photos:

Gus Mattox fucks Colby Taylor Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Gus Mattox tops Colby Taylor
Jason Crew fucks Brian Hansen Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Jason Crew tops Brian Hansen,
Tamas Esterhazy observes

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