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Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized

Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
, Cidd Pierce , Cody Carter , Cort Donovan , David Dakota , Derrick Long , Jude Colton , Marcus Steele , , Slade ,
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Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized

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Trevor Knight makes a living with his big dick

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The story so far: Wiry and wily Trevor Knight originally joined a secret club comprised only of guys with giant dicks, who regularly assembled for special sex parties fueled by phallus worship. The Big Dick Club was the talk of the town. However, Knight (along with director Chris Steele) left stodgy old San Francisco for the more egalitarian, laid back Los Angeles.

Knight not only picked himself up by his own boot straps, but he formed his own rival club, the Big Dick Society. Want to join? Just run your erection through the Size-O-Meter, and if it's big enough, you're in!

Knight's Story of Inches continues with Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized, where he explains that he's funneled all of his enthusiasm through his giant shaft and into an actual business: an adult bookstore with a private sex club in the back for him and the other guys in the Big Dick Society. The film starts by showing guys milling around his store. The lucky, enthusiastic ones get buzzed into the back.

Jude Colton gets DickmitizedWatch Now
Jude Colton gets Dicktimized
Rod Daily knows that he doesn't have the penis size to qualify, but he's happy to show his other assets. After a rear-end inspection, Knight lets him in as one of the club's bottoms. Daily arrives in the back to find a large group of guys engaged in a heavy suckfest.

Jude Colton, a cute scruffy-faced newbie, is busy on the floor servicing six guys standing in a row. This culminates in him watching all six engage in furious fist pumping until they all shoot, leaving the floor drenched in cum. Things are just getting started over at the Big Dick Society.

Several milking stations are positioned around the room, where men await underneath for new dick to emerge. David Dakota's eye's widen at the sight of the penis presented before him, demanding attention. The endowed owner is the mono-named Slade, who later gets to fuck Dakota's ass through the glory hole.

Dakota, who also bottomed in last year's Slide, ends up moving from the glory hole out into the open air, where he throws himself all over Slade's uncut cock in lots of positions. He sums while riding him, followed by the top's own huge money shot that leaves his six-pack abdominals sticky wet.

Marcus Steele Is Dicktimized

Next comes what is arguably the high point of the film - The mild mannered straight boy Marcus Steele turns into a total sex pig right before our eyes. He starts by working over the impressive cocks of three very attractive new faces, Cody Carter, Cidd Pierce and Austin Grant. Steele soon works himself up into a frenzy that can only be satisfied by ending up hanging in the club's sling.

Marcus Steele gets thrown in the sling. Carter, Pierce and Grant hammer him in a wonderfully filmed gang bang in which Steele demands more and more anal punishment. Grant (Marine Crucible) starts off by eating out Steele's ass, followed with the other taking turns fucking him. Kudos to all involved - this is one of the hottest sling fucks we've seen in awhile!

After this, the film keeps up the heat when club operator Knight and his buddy Cort Donovan corral the cock-slut Jude Colton from the first segment for a wild sandwich fuck. It's nice to watch Donovan in action. He only made a handful of films for Falcon before semi-retiring.

Knight proves an excellent mate, verbally encouraging his friend while kissing the bottom. He later get to enjoy sloppy seconds. Colton's ass looks sumptuous. It handles both jackhammers impressively well. He's someone we hope to see a lot more of in future films.

What ever happened to Rod Daily? He finally hooks up with the guy he's been cruising all night long - the sexy black guy from Jock Tease, Derrick Long.

Long's tubesteak is thicker than a can of Red Bull. He buries it into Daily's ass to joyous enthusiasm. Like everyone else, Daily gets fully "dicktimized."

Director Chris Steele is making a pretty successful career milking the giant cock franchise. He picks this movie up from a standard phallus worship flick to spicing it up with some excellent sex club venues. Big Dick Club 2: Dicktimized will appeal on many levels. Also, Marcus Steele's sling gang bang is one for record books.

The movie is available on standard DVD format and the exciting Blu-Ray. The second disc with the DVD contains a set of interesting interviews with most of the cast.

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Big Dick Society 2: Dicktimized Photos:

Marcus Steele gets dickmitizedWatch Now
Marcus Steele gets dickmitized
Jude Colton sucks Trevor KnightWatch Now
Jude Colton sucks Trevor Knight
Sucking Marcus SteeleWatch Now
Sucking Marcus Steele
Rod Daily rides Derrick LongWatch Now
Rod Daily rides Derrick Long
Slade in Big Dick SocietyWatch Now
BDS Member: Slade
Derrick Long in Big Dick SocietyWatch Now
BDS Member: Derrick Long

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