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Big Bro Lil Bro

Casey Roberts
Fratboy   FB26
Adam Taylor , Chris Riverz , Felix Russo , Kevin Kandy , Leo Paige , Patrick Kennedy , Paul Pratt , Preston Stone , Shane Frost
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Big Bro Lil Bro

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Big brother is fucking you.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's been awhile since we've checked out some videos from Helix Studios. And a recent visit to the porn closet yielded a 2011 DVD we never got around to watching called Big Bro Lil Bro, which Helix has released under the Fratboy label. (Fratboy is their jocks / condom video line)

It did not take long to discover this film is filled with delights. All six episodes feature hot looking boys, some super sucking and real power fucking. There's great oral action - the guys spend working over each other's dicks in ways that will make your mouth water.

As the title suggests, the episodes feature a twink bottom getting overtaken in bed an older guy - the "big brother" who's typically a tanned, gentle giant somewhere in his late 20s. Because he's in two of the scenes, the tops are led by everyone's favorite sex addict, Shane Frost. (Lust from Lucas Entertainment) Punctuated with fits of eager dry humping, he paws through the clothes of the bottom boys.

Frost's first target is the fresh faced teen, Adam Taylor. Both guys sport impressive hard ons, and their oral action is really hot, filled with noisy deep throating. After a hot sixty-nine, Frost discovers Taylor pink asshole, which he lathers in spit.

Afhter probing with fingers and his tongue, Taylor gets up atop the bed, arching his ass up high. Frost mounts him in an active, talkative doggy fuck. Frost's hanging balls make music slapping against Taylor's backside, as they fuck through several hot positons. Taylor cums on his back getting fucked. It's the perfect opener to the film.

"Grab it!" whispers Paul Pratt to the twink he's about to fuck. Preston Stone manages to cup his hands on Pratt's buns, staying submerged in a bath of heavy petting by the dominating top. Pratt has taken up residence at Helix's Fratboy clubhouse, performing reliable stud services for many films. The couple appear in full pose together on the DVD boxcover.

We've not seen Pratt since 2008's Fucking Fratboys 3. Now sporting a mop of long brown hair, he's just as enthusastic a top, if not more. His pounding of Stone's fine bubble butt is first rate. Our only problem with this scene is that Pratt dominates the camera so much we see little little of Stone. He starts out wearing a jockstrap, but you'll have to look fast before it's removed. It would have been nice taking in more views of his rear assets.

Paul Pratt and Preston StoneWatch on HelixStudios
Preston Stone rides Paul Pratt
Adam Taylor and Shane FrostWatch on HelixStudios
Adam Taylor sucks Shane Frost

Hey Little Brother - Open Wide

The third scene between Kevin Kandy and Leo Paige is atomic. Arguably the hottest scene of the video, Kandy and Paige paint their sex pad in pheremone fueled lust. From start to finish, their frenzied passion is a constant motion of movement, moaning and shaking bedsprings.

Paige has a great dick too. It's on full, erect display as he writhes around getting fucked. Kandy's got quite the horse dick, too. And watching Paige fuck himself on it is riveting. That's what it means to be in a Helix Fratboy film, either nailing or getting nailed. Paige has a super butthole. Kandy's fuck-it party is a jubilee not to be missed.

Next up, Felix Russo gets aquainted with Patrick Kennedy, who's worked both for Helix and Boycrush. Both guys here are hotties. Russo has a sweet-looking face, and an even sweeter looking butt. Kennedy makes mincemeat of it with his long, spatula of a cock, fucking him hard in several hot positions. Kennedy, like Frost in the first scene, has a full set of balls that, along with a squeaky bed, make an audible sex soundtrack accompaniment to their fucking.

They fucked Felix Russo any way they liked. Bottomboy Russo immediately returns for an encore performance. He's even more enthusiastic in this scene, perhaps because of his hunky scene partner, the returning Mr. Kandy. Russo can barely get his small little mouth around Kandy's lollipop.

Russo is a little pincushion, pinned hard by the top's thrusting cock. A passive bottom, easily twisted into any and all positions by the dominating top, Russo never stops moaning. They fuck so hard, the bedsheets get pulled off the mattress. This scene is another of the video's tour de force scenes.

To finish, Mr. Frost returns to unite with the delicious Chris Riverz (Cherry Poppin Twinks), where he those a fine fuck into the kid on that now very familiar sqeaky bed. In a hot sequence, Frost fucks Riverz on his stomach to the point where he has to pull out so he can cum. It a delicious repast following an indulgent, sweet-heavy meal. These sweets will keep you coming back for more.

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Big Bro Lil Bro Photos:

Felix Russo and Patrick KennedyWatch on HelixStudios
Felix Russo spreads for Patrick Kennedy
Kevin Kandy and Felix RussoWatch on HelixStudios
Kevin Kandy tops Felix Russo
Chris Riverz and Shane FrostWatch on HelixStudios
Shane Frost tops Chris Riverz

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