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Big Bigger Biggest Parts 1 and 2

Michael Brandon
Raging Stallion Studios  
, , Dak Ramsey , Damian Rios , Dominic Sol , Enrique Currero , Jay Black , Justin Christopher , , Marcos David , Mason Garet , Ricky Sinz , Roman Ragazzi , Tristan Phoenix
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Big Bigger Biggest Parts 1 and 2

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Best, Bester, Bested

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It is very unfortunate that Raging Stallion director Michael Brandon lapsed into significant personal problems in 2008, effectively ending his production tenure at the studio. Apart from the sadness of the situation, this leaves Raging Stallion without the creative force behind their Monster Bang video line, which we have loved from its inception. Filmed on a smaller scale, the movies emphasize Brandon's favorite sex subjects: big dicks relentlessly hammering cute bottoms. The movies in many ways have been our favorites from the studio; always reliable, easy to turn to for an evening's entertainment.

Brandon's troubles may have started in the midst of post-production for the Big Bigger Biggest movies. The movies contain lots of very hot moments, but the editing and arrangement at times looks rushed, perhaps a job handed to someone else at the last minute. (Raging Stallion's directors typically always edit their own movies, a wise policy that gives their movies a strong, finished look)

Part one of Big, Bigger, Biggest is dominated by an extended opening sequence depicting enthusiastic oral sex through three glory holes that are conveniently ppositioned side by side on a wall. After this oral fest, the rest of the films, become a standard loop film, where the hypersexed guys screw each other in the studio's always intriguing dungeon set.

Sucking Marcos David Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Marcos David (left) and Enrique Currero worship Antonio Biaggi
It should also be pointed out that two models really stand out in these two films: the bald porn star Antonio Biaggi, who is pictured on the boxcover of part one, and Justin Christopher, another latino who is similarly equipped with an amazing phallus.

Antonio Biaggi mans the glory hole wall

The opening sequence will delight fans of ravenous cock sucking at milking stations. The humongously endowed guys stand at full attention enjoying a non-stop frenzy of sucking and hand-jobs.

The studio has held a long standing fascination with milking stations, starting with J.D. Slater's innovative Wall of Cock from Hardsex. This time, Ricky Sinz, Biaggi and Raging Stallion's Man of the Year Roman Ragazzi stand shoulder to shoulder, verbally encouraging three kneeling cock suckers to worship their meat.

On their knees are Mason Garet, Jay Black and Dominic Sol. Unfortunately the absolutely adorable slut-puppy Sol does not return for any anal action, although he gives some very loving attention to Ragazzi's meat here.

It is Black who ultimately steals the show, gorging himself on Biaggi's dick, swallowing it with the talent of the most expert sword swallower. The sequence culminates with many of the guys dousing Black in their creamy cum loads, leaving him drenched. Even better, the best of Black is still yet to come!

Immediately after this, Biaggi returns. He relaxes on a St. Andrew's cross enjoying oral attention from Marcos David and the shaved-headed Enrique Currero. David has always been one of Europe's quieter porn stars. He's not over hyped, but he quietly burns up the screen in just about any production. (Tailpipes)

David immerses himself in sucking both of the other guys' cocks, and after that he gives Currero's shaved butt a fantastic tongue lathering. In a hot sequence, Biaggi sits, stroking himself off to the side, watching David take on Currero with his mouth, tongue and cock.

He fucks the hell out of Currero, motivating Biaggi to eventually get up off of his ass, and drilling the bottom in a stellar scene of sloppy seconds. Watching these two signature tops ram Currero is one of the film's high points.

Things do not slow down after this either. Justin Christopher appears entwined in a standing kiss with Jay Black, their hard dicks crossing each other like swords. Jay Black was a ravenous sex pig in Manifesto, and for this movie Christopher matches him point for point.

In one excellent visual, Black works his asshole up and down on Christopher's long, tender tongue. Black looks and sounds like he's gone directly to heaven when Christopher plows him, his tight, smooth ass easily accommodating Christopher's monster cock. After riding above Christopher, Black shoots a huge volley of cum.

Part one ends with a three-way with Luke Hass, Ricky Sinz (GRUNTS) and sweet bottom Tristan Phoenix. Haas continues all the fine total top skills which he earlier displayed in Trouser Trout.

He throws a very nice fuck into Phoenix, followed by the surprising anal awakening of Sinz, who handles his big stick nicely. Haas fucks Sinz's furry hole in several positions ending with everyone cumming.

Wall of Cock in Big Bigger Biggest Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Worshipping at the Wall of Cock
Luke Haas, Tristan Phoenix, Ricky Sinz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Luke Haas, Tristan Phoenix, Ricky Sinz

Big Bigger Biggest Part 2

The second part of Big Bigger Biggest omits many of the visual acrobats from the first part, namely there is no Wall of Cock on display here. This disc is a standard five scene flick, usual of the studio's high quality sex down in the dungeon fare.

As mentioned earlier, the star here is Christopher, who tops his way through two of the scenes. Plus, other faces from the first part return for another round at the pig trough, including Biaggi and Ragazzi.

Damien Rios swallows Biggest

The movie starts with an explosive coupling between Christopher and Damien Rios, a sexy new Raging Stallion commodity who looks very hot when getting fucked. Starting his career over in the purer lights at Rascal Video (Restless Youths), Rios comfortably fits into the darker, twisting corridors of his new home.

His ass practically inhales Christopher's cock, taking it in an extremely satisfying standing fuck. To finish, he rides the top's cock until he shoots his own load, followed by Christopher's own big money shot.

After this comes an equally hot show: Clad in tight fitting jock straps, Phoenix lathers attention to Biaggi's towering penis. Bald and beautiful, Biaggi radiates masculine energies. At one point, he stands up tall and face fucks Phoenix with his prick.

Enrique Currero and Roman Ragazzi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Enrique Currero sucks Roman Ragazzi
After a very focused rimming session, he hammers Phoenix at length in several hot positions. Watching Biaggi's low hanging balls swing and slap wildly against Phoenix's backside is mesmerizing.

Biaggi finishes him off in a sling, pounding him until both guys shoot copious loads of jizz.

Roman Ragazzi Needs a Big Dick

Next, Currero returns to give Ragazzi what he seems to always need - a big dick in his ass. Since Currero bottoms in part one, this episode presents a opportunity to check out his equipment. His uncut cock is big and very nice. It keeps Ragazzi groaning away, topping him in several positions.

After this, we find Christopher returning for his final encore performance. This time he's sucking on Bo Matthews' dick all the way down to his hairy balls. Wearing a leather harness, he rides the tops cock, followed by a taking a long spin in the sling. Matthews also proves to be one noisy bottom. In a hot visual, Christopher pulls out and drenches Matthews' cock region in one of the movies' biggest loads.

The movie ends pretty much right where it began - this time Ragazzi returns to get his big ass fucked really hard by the butch Dak Ramsey from Trunks 4: White Heat. Ramsey poles Ragazzi through an anal session punctuated by the top's very aggressive fucking, and the bottom's own continuous rap of moans.

The Big Bigger Biggest porn movie project may have started out as deeper level dungeon film. The movies are edited into pretty straightforward sessions of piggy man sex, which actually is the kind of product that the studio creates in satisfying abundance. The two Big Bigger Biggest movies are worth taking the descent.

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Big Bigger Biggest Parts 1 and 2 Photos:

Tristan Phoenix and Antonio Biaggi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tristan Phoenix sucks Antonio Biaggi
Bo Matthews and Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Bo Matthews rides Justin Christopher
Damien Rios and Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Damien Rios rides Justin Christopher

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