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Beyond Perfect

Jerry Douglas
Buckshot Productions  
Adam North , Andy Briggs , Brad Benton , Brad Patton , Chad Thomas , Danny Lopez , Jason Crew , Jason Kingsley , Justin Gemineye , Marc Sterling , Marcus Iron , , Timmy Thomas
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Beyond Perfect

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Brad Patton is Beyond Perfect

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sometimes all that's needed to repair a relationship in trouble is a sturdy and reliable buttplug.

In Beyond Perfect from Buckshot Productions Brad Patton's trapped in a relationship with Jason Kingsley that just isn't working the way it should. When he walks in on his lover tapping a piece of ass that isn't his own, the fireworks fly. Desperate to try anything, he convinces Kingsley to accompany him to couples counseling. Their visit to a therapist (here played by legendary director turned actor Joe Gage [Kansas City Trucking Co.]) sets the pair on a journey that is Beyond Perfect.

Brad Patton rides Jason Kingsley Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Brad Patton rides Jason Kingsley
Since he can't move the couple past their bickering and dirty looks, he suggests they remember happier times, starting with the moment they first met. Turns out they found each other at, of all places, an LA sex club. Kingsley's got his pants around his ankles when Patton first catches his eye, and the flashback shows those first fiery glances to the viewer. All around them, men are sucking cock, stuffing hole and generally having a good time.

There's so much action going on that's it's challenging for the viewer to keep their bearings. Using group sex right out of the gate is an interesting choice, but it sets a certain tone for the Patton/Kingsley relationship. Throughout the orgy, the camera lovingly focuses much of its attention on Jason Crew ( A Matter of Size 2) and Marcus Iron (Buckleroos). Director Jerry Douglas also uses quite a few extras in the scene. These poor chaps don't get any play at all, but instead gawk strangely at the sex going on inches away.

Open Relationships Work!

During their therapy, they recount an attempt to open up their relationship by inviting a third party into their bedroom. Unable to agree on a third they both like, they end up tricking separately, each with their own stranger.

Patton scores with big-dicked Marc Sterling while Kingsley seduces Brad Benton. Sterling is a somewhat odd match for Patton, but the sex smokes. Once Patton's hog is worshipped in the perfunctory way, Sterling hauls out his prick, which in some ways, is more appealing than Patton's. It's also a treat to watch Patton rim Sterling's very fuzzy hole before topping him. The most titillating moment is watching Patton stretch a condom over his cock, no easy feat when you're that large. Kingsley and Brad Benton have a little more back and forth, and the sexual tension between them is definitely more palpable.

Benton convinces his new fuck bud to kiss while they trick, a rule Kingsley is reluctant to break. Mere moments after Benton's tongue is in his mouth, Kingsley finds himself doing all kinds of sexual acrobatics. He fucks an eager Benton on the hood of an expensive looking car, but moments after the deed is done, he feels guilty.

Welcoming the New Neighbors

Even less conventional is a random tryst they have as a couple. When new neighbors arrive (Justin Gemini, Timmy Thomas & Pete Ross) they include themselves as part of the housewarming. Patton is puzzled by the three guys - just how does a three-person relationship work? Who's the top and who's the bottom? Gemini, Thomas, and Ross give a live sex demonstration while Kingsley and Patton watch. The key to their success is that everyone tops and everyone bottoms. And while they watch the trio mix and mingle in different combinations, the problem becomes clear.

For Patton and Kingsley, there are one too many tops between them. The five men share the bed, but Patton and Kingsley still manage to keep their distance, furiously jerking off while watching.

Their therapist suggests that they give him a live demonstration of how they make love, so he can observe them clinically. Their reluctance gives way to curiosity, and moments later, they're sixty-nining on his desk. It's strange and erotic; Gage circles them with his best studied expression while blowjobs turn into rim jobs. Therapy takes another sharp twist when Doc gives them each a Lucite buttplug. While still in the sixty-nine position, tops slowly turn into bottoms as Patton and Kingsley struggle to accommodate new sensations. Gage sends them home, buttplugs still firmly in place, and encourages them to continue with their therapy in a more private setting.

Jason Kingsley and Brad Patton rekindle

Back at home they continue to play with the plugs firmly in place. But once they're removed, their respective holes immediately feel empty, and there's only one way to re-fill the void. These beautifully filmed moments is where Beyond Perfect has been leading. Kingsley is the first to take the plunge, taking a seat on Patton, no doubt with some trepidation. Patton soon reciprocates, letting his lover top him for the first time.

They flip-flop this way several times, fucking on the balcony, on the couch, and on the shag carpet. And from the moans, groans and persistent stiffies, their therapist has successfully transformed two diehard tops into newly-minted bottom boys. They celebrate their newfound versatility by blowing sizeable loads in turn, each with the other's cock buried as deep as it can go.

They return their buttplugs at their next therapy session - hopefully after running them through the rinse cycle - with a new lease on their sex life. Beyond Perfect was honored with a 2006 GayVN nomination for Best Picture.

The film's screenplay, videography and casting are extremely well-done. The sex is scorching when it needs to be and tender at just the right moments. Some credit must be given to the varied and credible performances given by Jason Kingsley and Brad Patton. I think it's certainly director Jerry Douglas' finest work to date.

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Beyond Perfect Photos:

Danny Lopez in Beyond Perfect Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Danny Lopez on top
Jason Kingsley behind Brad Benton Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Jason Kingsley behind
Brad Benton
Pete Ross bottoms Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Pete Ross rides

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