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Best Friends II (Jocks Pac 017)

Mark Reynolds
Jocks Studios  
Brandy Alexandre , David Ashfield , Jeff Tracy , Mark Jennings , Michael Vincent , Michael Wayne , Robb Quinton , Steve Rayres
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Best Friends II (Jocks Pac 017)

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Mark Jennings copes without his best friend

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Best Friends 2 is a classic late 1980's film directed by influential moviemaker Mark Reynolds. Unfortunately, the first 1985 film Best Friends is simply not available anywhere - not on video on demand, vhs or dvd. If your local video store is still renting it, it is definitely worth a look.

And the 1988 sequel is just as good as the original. Director Mark Reynolds clearly outdid himself here. In the first movie, two straight men (Mark Jennings and Jeff Cameron) struggle through the turmoil of self discovery to a lusty romantic fadeout suggesting that the two live happily ever after.

Mark Jennings and Jeff TracyWatch VOD or Watch VOD

Mark Jennings and Jeff Tracy

When Best Friends II starts, the model Cameron had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Jennings was however on hand and recast for the new movie. His character, no longer confused about his sexuality, must now deal with his loss. He throws himself into an intense gym regimen, taking out his rage on a punching bag.

This is the vivid image that appears when the film begins.

Cameron's brother (Andy Thomas) and a buddy (Jeff Tracy) are on leave from the navy to attend a funeral. They meet Jennings, whose bereavement shifts to the realization that in the face of death one can recover and rebuild.

Don't presume that the movie is aimed simply at the head and heart, not at the groin. Seven sex scenes spring from the narrative, accounting for most of the movie's running time.

First there is a fuckbuddy hook-up between Tracy and Thomas aboard ship. There is a wonderfully filmed scene in which Robb Quinton fantasizes Jennings beating off in the locker room.

Then there is a powerful grudge-fuck when Jennings turns on a homophobic drunk (Michael Wayne). He plows Wayne mercilessly with his humongous cock over a pool table. After this comes a lighthearted bisexual 3-way with Jennings, barmaid Brandy Alexandra and one of his buddies (Michael Vincent).

David Ashfield's Best Friend: His Dick

There is an after-hours duet in the back room of a bar with Tracy and David Ashfield. Ashfield's cock here is bigger and harder then ever as he plows Tracy. This is followed by a brief interlude with Quinton and another boxer (Steve Raynes). The final action of the movie shows the inevitable pairing of Jennings and Tracy underneath a Christmas tree.

The movie fades out with just as hopeful look to the future as the first. Mark Jennings began his career in William Higgins movies as Danny Parks (Frat House Memories. By this time he has matured in a very sexy guy. His sexual performances have always been unassailable.

After he ravishes the homophobic Wayne, he spits back Now who is the faggot?

Watch Jennings send the assflesh of the chick and his buddy in the bisexual three-way. He displays intensity in his simmering solo. Watch his intense interaction with Tracy in the finale.

At this point he murmurs I need more than talk right now. At that point until the fadeout he is totally believable and completely indefatigable. It hasn't even been mentioned that he has one of the most impressive endowments to grace the screen.

Another thing about this film is that co-star Jeff Tracy is a better match for him then Cameron did last time out. His lean, blond look is a fine contrast to Jennings. His low key masculinity fills the screen when he both gives and takes. Plus he is a decent actor.

Michael Wayne (Brian Estevez) stands out here as well.

Director Mark Reynolds and cinematographer Tom Howard capture the events om rich, crisp colors that was always hallmarks of their movies. One memorable image is Tracy and Thomas stroking each other to erection through their fresh, white Jockey shorts. Others are Wayne slapping his fay erection on Jennings' stomach, and Ashfield devouring Tracy with his mouth.

Clearly Best Friends 2 s a worthy successor to the first film. Keep your fingers crossed that the first entry will resurface soon.

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Best Friends II (Jocks Pac 017) Photos:

Jeff Tracy and David AshfieldWatch VOD or Watch VOD
Jeff Tracy goes down on David Ashfield
Robb Quinton sucks Steve RaynesWatch VOD or Watch VOD
Robb Quinton sucks Steve Raynes
Michael Vincent, Brandy Alexandra and Mark JenningsWatch VOD or Watch VOD
Michael Vincent, Brandy Alexandra and Mark Jennings
Andy Thomas and Jeff TracyWatch VOD or Watch VOD
Andy Thomas and Jeff Tracy

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