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Legendary Studs: Jesse O'Toole

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Antonio Vela , Brad McGuire , Dawson , Erich Lange , Jacob Scott , , Jesse O'Toole , Mick , Rod Fulton , Sean Storm , Tom Sawyer , Tom Shannon
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Legendary Studs: Jesse O'Toole

A Jesse O'Toole barebacking retrospective featuring Sean Storm.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The first top to have his own Treasure Island "best of" compilation, Jesse O'Toole is indeed "legendary". This big-dicked beauty has a legion of dyed-in-the-wool fans who just can't seem to get enough of O'Toole (this reviewer among them). It's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is about O'Toole that drives his bottoms absolutely berserk.

Is it his understated, laidback style? His greasy locks or picturesque tattoos? Or is it Jesse's sly and sexy grin? Anyone who's watched O'Toole in action knows he's a man of few words, a sex demon who says next to nothing, either to his partners or the camera, all of which serves to amplify his mystique. And though he can be a merciless topman, he's also spontaneously tender with the guys he's fucking, gently kissing their foreheads, his cock is buried to the hilt.

Legendary Studs: The Best of Jessie O'Toole works exceptionally well, not only as a catalog of eleven O'Toole performances, but as a kind of comparative study, an opportunity to watch O'Toole seduce and plunder all different kinds of bottoms.

Whether it's used as a primer for the unschooled or a smoky trip down memory lane for the initiated, fans of bareback action will have no choice but to add this flick to their permanent collection.

Jesse OToole nails Sean StormWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jesse O'Toole nails Sean Storm

My Favorite Year with Jesse O'Toole

The first disc (and probably the better of the two) contains six scenes, each an intense one-on-one session. O'Toole matches wits with Sean Storm, Erich Lange, Mick, Tom Shannon, Jacob Scott, and Dawson, a T.I.M. legend in his own right. It's a spectacular mixed bag of bottoms.

There's Sean Storm, a slender and boyish pup bent nearly in half by O'Toole (Cumsloppy Buttholes). And despite O'Toole's careful, fraternal thrusts, you end up wondering how Storm's tender butthole can withstand such exquisite punishment. If you prefer bottoms who shut up and bend over, there's Mick. Besides the occasional moan, he's little more than a silent receptacle for O'Toole's cum. O'Toole completely tames Jacob Scott, a muscular daddy who outsizes O'Toole in every way but one. (Plantin Seed)

But of these six individual encounters, it's his passionate playtime with Dawson that sets off the most brilliant sparks. Dawson, no wall flower by any stretch of the imagination, is particularly enthusiastic during this session, cooing and purring a string of erotic come-ons while O'Toole seesaws between his legs. Viewers may find it difficult to slide by this encounter without dropping a load.

What's New, Bottom Boy?

On the second disc, O'Toole is featured as just one of the crowd, fucking alongside bareback cronies like Brad McGuire, Steve Parker, and slender-cocked Kevin Slater. The nastiest action no doubt is the selection from Plantin Seed, with felcher Tom Sawyer buzzing from freshly fucked hole to freshly fucked hole, eating the spoils.

But the best of the lot is the fifth and final group encounter with ex-Falcon model Jerek as the centerpiece. (Plantin Seed 2) The tops in the room work themselves into a cum-spiced lather, O'Toole's serving up a man-sized helping of his own Irish spunk. The only real bitch I have about this flick is the lack of new material. I mean, throw the faithful fans a bone!

Jesse devotees will have already seen each and every scene offered up as part of this compilation, and some new O'Toole footage isn't asking a lot. As a remedy, the studio does offer some explosive trailers like "Drunk on Cum 4", "Loaded", "Built to Fuck", alongside trailers for some of the older flicks in the T.I.M. library.

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Legendary Studs: Jesse O'Toole Photos:

Jesse OToole nails Jacob ScottWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jesse O'Toole nails Jacob Scott
Sandwiching Antonio VelaWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brad McGuire and Jesse O'Toole sandwich Antonio Vela
Jesse OToole and JarekWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jesse O'Toole nails Jerek

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