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Best Men: The Wedding Party

John Bruno
Falcon Studios   FVP187
Dylan Saunders , , Mason Alexander , , Nash Lawler , , , Rusty Stevens , Shane Frost , Tony Capucci , , Zeb Atlas
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Best Men: The Wedding Party

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Zeb Atlas Gets Married to Tony Capucci.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Matthew Rush is on the phone…His friend Tony Cappuci, the hottie cover star of Falcon Studio's Best Men Part One - The Bachelor Party is getting married. And a bunch of gay friends are invited to the Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas. So, with a host of young hot handsome ripped sexed up guys all getting together in Sin City, what could possibly happen?

Cut to the party itself, and the drink is flowing, a blow up male doll joins the entourage, and after a montage of the guys hitting the town and having some fun (check out the dildo gun!!!), surprise, surprise, it all starts to get a little…horny…

Cappuci, in a comatose state, is taken to the bedroom by the twinkish Shane Frost who has a naughty little gleam in his eye. He works Cappuci down to his Calvin Kleins, rubs away on his cock for a while and then uncovers a nice thick cut cock which he just can't resist licking all the way from the balls to the tip.

Matthew Rush sucks Zeb AtlasWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush sucks Zeb Atlas
Zeb Atles Website
With Cappuci still snoozing he takes his length into his mouth for some sensual seductive suckery. He gets astride his bachelor prey and rubs his cock on his ass and his balls, which he pulls through cute little Ginch undies (which really make his ass look tempting).

And as he strips Cappuci off, his own straining hard-on stands out to complete attention.

Frost spreads Cappuci's legs and rims at his hole, Cappuci's prick now absolutely fully inflated. And once he's rolled on a condom he straddles his sleeping pal and slides his ass lips all the way down Cappuci's shaft and starts riding.

Cappuci awakens angrily to find Frost enjoying himself on his manhood: "Who the fuck are you? You're the stupid fuckin' stripper from earlier!" but he just can't seem to stop fucking. He slaps on his ass, getting into the moment now, and soon Frost is bent over the bedpost taking Cappuci at full speed and depth.

Cappuci fucks Frost every which way he can think of, until finally on his back, Frost shoots a huge thick wad all over his own tattooed abdomen and is face slammed till Cappuci shoots all over him.

Strip poker with Tristan Jaxx

What Vegas movie is complete without a game of cards? The well developed Erik Rhodes) finds a strip poker flyer and joins a game with Tristan Jaxx (Endless Crush), Dylan Saunders and Rusty Stevens (Slide) in their hotel suite.

Fast forward a few bad hands and lots of lost clothing and the next thing you know Saunders is sucking on winner Rhodes, while Stevens makes the most of meaty Jaxx.

Saunders is another twinkish lad, a good looking boyish guy who sure knows how to give head, as does buzz-cut Stevens, who slurps on Jaxx beautifully formed huge curvaceous cock like there was no yesterday. As for Rhodes, well, he packs a thick meaty length that keeps Saunders amply satisfied. Um, personally? I'd gladly take either…

This foursome turns into a rimming and suckfest, with all guys trading out blow jobs and ass licking, until ready to kick it up a gear Stevens slips his schlong into Rhodes who sticks his butt out for him on a table, while Jaxx uses his curved beauty to anally assault Saunders, who offers his hole to the heavens and Jaxx a nice tight opening to rigorously rape.

And it doesn't end there either - Rhodes becomes sandwiched between Jaxx at the back and Saunders at the front, while the latter sucks away on Stevens. It's what you'd expect from some boozed up horny lads who just happen to love cock.

Rhodes fucks Saunders and winds up spunking up on his ass, Saunders cums on the chair, Stevens spooges on Rhodes shoulder, and Jaxx climaxes over Saunders. It's a tasty fucking quartet and no mistake.

Nash Lawler takes Roman Heart for a spin in the limo. A limo scene next, and bottom Roman Heart has persuaded valet Nash Lawler (Endgame) into his car for a "ride". Alcohol is flowing, and cocks are hardening as the handsome Heart manages to get Lawler completely naked. He gives Lawler some expert head, going at it like can't do without, and Lawler starts playing with his ass. But when Heart's huge beautiful curved cock is exposed Lawler shows he knows how to give some pretty expert oral action himself.

Lawler bends over and lets Heart tongue his beautifully smooth opening, but it's Heart that's desperate to bottom, and soon he's riding in Lawler in the back of the limousine.

Heart has his ass pounded from Vegas to NYC and back again, and once his butt is happy the duo lay back on the leather seats and work creamy loads out of their cocks.

Scene four finds Rod Daily (Ass Cruisin') and Mason Alexander checking out the hotel pool for some action. Finding themselves alone they venture in butt naked and horseplay around in the water. What a shock, this leads to Daily getting a huge erection, and Alexander happily services him, working his ample length with his hand and mouth as Daily sits on the poolside taking in the cool Nevada air.

The tanned tatted Daily stands up and allows red-headed pale skinned Alexander to feel even more submissive as he opens up his throat for him and lets him slap his tongue with it.

He spreads his ass for Alexander to rim him and suck him, letting the boy switch between each at will. Daily is horned and sucks on Alexander's impressively thick meat while pleasuring himself. But ultimately it's Alexander that's going to get the shafting. He leans against the steps, and with a roaring waterfall behind him he lets Daily slide every inch up his pale hot ass.

And when his rear end can't take any more, he spills all over himself - only to bring Daily to a climax with his mouth.

Zeb Atlas fucks Matthew Rush

Now we cut back to the initiator Matthew Rush - he's been in a hot-tub with a ripplingly muscular body in the form of Zeb Atlas (there's a reason he is named after Charles Atlas - just look at his physique).

Atlas turns up the tub and offers his cock. Rush rushes to task. Starting off kissing on Atlas' extremely developed pecs, he eventually makes his way down and sucks on his equally ample cock. It's thick, veiny, dark, and has an extra beautiful protruding head which Rush sucks the very precum out of.

Rush practically licks Atlas' asshole off him before sucking him close to orgasm. Atlas shoots all over Rush, and lets his buddy give him an explosive hand job to finish….

There's 5 hot trailers added to the DVD as well as full scene access, and as the DVD promises, there's more of the same in part 2 - Best Men: The Wedding Party. And, to adapt a tired cliché - "What Happens in Vegas - Gays In Vegas…"

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Best Men: The Wedding Party Photos:

Tony Capucci fucks Shane FrostWatch on or Watch VOD
Shane Frost rides Tony Capucci
Rusty Stevens fucks Erik RhodesWatch on or Watch VOD
Rusty Stevens tops Erik Rhodes(fore)
Tristan Jaxx tops Dylan Saunders
Tristan Jaxx cums in Best MenWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Jaxx cums his money shot
Nash Lawler and Roman HeartWatch on or Watch VOD
Nash Lawler sucks Roman Heart

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