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Beg for It

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Derek Nicks , Hayden Stephens , Lucky Daniels , Nash Lawler , Philippe Delvaux , Romario Faria , Ryan Raz , Vince Ferelli
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Beg for It

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Ryan Raz must beg for it

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Too tied up at work to engage in your own personal fantasies of playful dungeon domination?

No problem! Buckshot director Kristopher Weston, a certified disciplinarian, who probably owns every leather bound edition of Robert's Rules of Order, takes viewers on the studio's latest journey through the world of boy domination in Beg for It.

The film's four scenes depict the lighter side of sexual kink, when the boys land into spots of trouble, and must be guided by talkative masters out of their snag. The set-ups are cheeky and playful, showing that Buckshot can handle the colorful sides of gay sexual sensibilities better than most other studios. Mmmmmmmm .... beefy!

Up All Night to Get Lucky

Beg for It snapshot Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Romario Faria tops Ryan Raz

The first young man whose curiosity gets the best of him is popular Randy Blue stud Lucky Daniels. The five foot ten kid with long kegs explores a room equipped with hanging chains, handcuffs and a metal cage. Suddenly, it seems Daniels' luck may have run out, because he's shut and locked inside by Vince Ferelli, a brawny brunet beefcake with large, round thighs.

"Stay right there, preppy boy, " advises Ferelli, jingling his keys and pulling his prisoner's jeans down past his plump rump. Weston paces the scene well with visuals of Ferelli undressing and getting his dick sucked, leading softly to a superb visual showing Daniels standing in the cage getting his ass fucked from behind.

The tyranny continues when Ferelli advises him of one last obligation to fulfill if he wishes to leave: Fuck his ass. Ferelli hops in a convenient sling showing off his ravenous bottom skills as Daniels exacts revenge in a final flourish of versatility.

Ryan Raz Begs for It

Next, we are introduced to the film's willing satyr, Ryan Raz, the angel faced, hungry face staring longingly from the DVD boxcover. Columbian strongman Romario Faria guides him through this scene with his thick accent and even thicker uncut cock, which he flexes in his face until he allows him to suck it.

Faria directs Raz around with a cock and ball harness until finally bending him over and screwing him over a white leather couch. Raz's face is a mask of pleasure until Rax ejaculates a giant load over him, causing him to quickly go over the edge.

After this, we find Derek Nicks tied up on squirming on a pool table, fully clothed except for one naked foot. An easy going, shirtless Nash Lawler (Sharp) enters the room with a cheery, "Hey there, buddy!" He goes through several minutes of ribbing him, never raising his voice, asking Nicks questions, who must respond with muffled answers through the gag in his mouth. Turning Nicks on his side, Lawler spanks him, pulling down his pants.

Lawler brings out a long pool que, using it to play with the kid's erection. After more gentle teasing, Lawler lets his own hard on out of his jeans and dangles it in front of Nicks' mouth, which he frees from the gag. Then, he fucks his face.

Lawler proceeds to screw the kid atop the pool table in a visually rich missionary position. The guys cum standing side by side, Lawler releasing one of his patented noisy cat yowl as he orgasms.

Philipe Delveaux Begs for It

Two young and very randy guys finish up the film, the dark Hayden Stephens (Jersey Score) and sweet faced Belgian pastry Philipe Delveaux. Stephens goes to the trouble of putting Delveaux through some light bondage, tying up his cock and balls with a thin rope, taking it up his front side and hooking it over the suspended metal bed frame. It is in this position that Delvaux blows him.

Delvaux remains completely passive here, getting face fucked by Stephens' big prick, and afterwards fucked in the ass. In a series of hot visuals, the bottom gets fucked on his fours, followed by bucking up and down Stephens' cock in long, full thrusts.

Buckshot Productions began this series of safe and fun looks down the kinkier side of gay sex with its best selling 2005 film Leatherbound. Centered around coy and playful behavior, Beg for It is a light-hearted look at sexual domination games, whose varied cast and believable tone should appeal to a very wide audience. The varying degrees of body types, varying opposites and scenarios keep things interesting from beginning to end.

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Beg for It Photos:

Lucky Daniels sucks Vince Ferelli Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Lucky Daniels sucks Vince Ferelli
Derek Nicks sucks Nash Lawler Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Derek Nicks sucks Nash Lawler
Lucky Daniels licks Vince Ferelli
Watch on COLT
or Watch VOD
Lucky Daniels licks Vince Ferelli
Hayden Stephens tops Philippe Delvaux
Watch on COLT
or Watch VOD
Hayden Stephens tops Philippe Delvaux

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