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Tyler Hill: Mmmmm…. Beefy!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

By hiring director Steven Scarborough to film and intermix Hot House models with its own stable of studs, Falcon serves up a steaming slice of the fun muscle lifestyle in Beefcake. This marks a unique opportunity to see Jed Wilcox, Tony Mecelli and Robert van Damme to get sexed on film with Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart. In another bit of smart casting, the studio has coaxed late nineties model Tyler Hill out of retirement to appear in two of the film's four scenes.

Hill is tanned, rested and ready, looking more mature and certainly more pumped up.

Mmmmmmmm .... beefy!

Tyler Hill and Robert van DammeWatch on or Watch VOD
Tyler Hill and Robert van Damme
Rhodes and Wilcox bicycle to a well manicured countryside home, which with its fleshy green yard and perfectly manicured pool, makes for the focal point of muscleman frolic.

First up, Hill, who gets freshly awakened, so he's disoriented in his boxers, finds his bearings very quickly under the guiding hands of Robert van Damme. A smooth, perfect piece of uncut meat, he gives Hill a nice blowjob, followed with Hill returning the favor by eating out his puckered ass.

Van Damme screws him on the tailgate of a truck, the goateed Hill frequently flashing his happy smile. This culminates with Van Damme hosing down Hill's chest with cum.

After this, the film's temperature rises as Ethan Kage (Up All Night) decided to wash himself off in an outdoor shower. Perfect views of Kage's incredible butt, drenched in sheets of moving water start things off marvelously. (The DVD extras include a longer sequence of this immensely satisfying appetizer) Soon, Rhodes and Arpad Miklos arrive to pull the squeaky clean Kage into a fiery three-way.

Miklos gets the opportunity to rim Kage's beautiful backside. But soon it is the ass of Rhodes which becomes the center of gravity. On the wooden deck of a hot tub, Kage fingers Rhodes and then plows him.

The Italian-American bodybuilder transforms into muscle pig bottom before the camera, first taking Kage, and then Miklos's tan torpedo.

Rhodes rides Miklos, spreading out his legs so that his open inner thighs move in full view. Rhodes cums while impaled, followed by the other two creaming his chest.

After this comes the film's slow romantic / sexually wild pairings - Jed Willcox emerges onto the lawn to put tanning lotion on Roman Heart's curvaceous backside. Heart sports a new shaggy, "greaser" hairdo, which is very becoming. Willcox, a masculine muscleguy who exudes quiet sex appeal from top to bottom. wraps himself into a succulent sixty-nine with Heart.

These two sexdogs match each other point for point. First with Willcox screwing Hart in an amazing hips raised high missionary position. After this, Heart turns the tables, throwing a hard driving plow to Wilcox on his stomach, and his fours, whose uncut cock flops around hard.

Hart and Willcox's outdoor flip-flop is arguably the high point of the film.

Tyler Hill Offers Up Beefcake Ass

The final episode gives the previous very strong competition. Derrick Vinyard and Tony Macelli (Manhunt 2.0) pull down their speedos poolside, wrapping their mouths around each other's big boners. They bend themselves into another one of the movie's hot sixty-nines, and just as we were wondering which of these power tops is going to bottom on-screen, Tyler Hill trots in.

Mildly angered that Hill throws a wet bathing suit at them, they proceed to stuff his ass full of their dicks. Both Macelli and Vinyard sport very big penises, and they know how to use them. The look on Tyler's face is one of "absolutely incredible, and I'm getting paid for this???"

Vinyard pounds him hard doggy, Macelli buries himself to the hilt missionary. The tops finish by coating Hill's pecs with their hot cum.

In many ways, Scarborough continues here where he left off with the Trunks and Trunks 2 films at Hot House. Casting Tyler Hill adds a welcome returning face as the centerpiece. The DVD extras include a nicely done ten minute segment on Hill titled Portraits in Pornography: Tyler Hill, showing some hot sequences and behind the scenes of his work way back in Stock Sentenced & Released and the big dick / bottomless bottom joyride In Deep: Miles to Go.

Beefcake showcases some of the hottest pieces of meat on the market today, grilling them to perfection.

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Beefcake Photos:

Ethan Kage, Erik Rhodes, Arpad MiklosWatch on or Watch VOD
Ethan Kage, Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos
Ethan Kage, Erik Rhodes, Arpad MiklosWatch on or Watch VOD
Ethan Kage, Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos
Roman Heart tops Jed WillcoxWatch on or Watch VOD
Roman Heart tops Jed Willcox
Tony Mecelli above Derrick VinyardWatch on or Watch VOD
Tony Mecelli above Derrick Vinyard

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