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Bedroom Eyes

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Anthony Martinez , , , , Dirk Jager , , Kyle Lewis , Marcos Pirelli , Martin Mazza , , , Tag Adams , Tamas Eszterhazy , Alex Corsi
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Bedroom Eyes

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You'll fall for Francois Sagat's Bedroom Eyes.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bedroom Eyes, a scorching double-disc offering from Chris Ward, makes excellent use of tattooed beauty porn star Francois Sagat (cover). Featuring sensual sex with a sharp edge, Ward manages to coax out fine performances from everyone in the cast. But its the incomparable Matt Cole who pulls the rug out from underneath everyone, both topping and bottoming with considerable skill.

Bedroom is a must-see for those who like it slow, salty, and intense.

Viewers dont have to wait long to get a taste of Sagat (Manifesto). In the opening sequence, he tangles with Kyle Lewis (Pig Trough) a porn veteran with nearly double Sagat's film credits. Theirs is an interesting pairing: Lewis' smooth frame crashing repeatedly against Sagats furry one.

Matt Cole fucks Anthony Martinez Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Matt Cole behind Anthony Martinez
In this segment, titled "An American In Paris", Sagat plays the experienced Frenchman to Lewis less smoky American. And like nearly all of the vignettes in the film, these two come together without a single word of dialogue. After swapping impassioned blowjobs, Sagat gets down to what he does best: getting fucked. Lewis warms him up with a sloppy rimjob before cornholing his Euro-buddy over one arm of the couch. Sagat never loses his wood, making for one of the sexiest visuals in the film.

Matt Cole Stars in Double Indemnity

"Double Indemnity" is far and away the best chapter of the film, a back-to-back session starring Matt Cole (Trunks 2). He performs double duty here, first putting himself solidly in the hands of Latin Anthony Martinez. Their tryst starts on the balcony with some heavy-duty kissing, then makes its way to the bedroom where the action really kicks into high gear.

Coles pants, moans, and sighs while Martinez is sexing him up are incredibly genuine, and this all comes before the clothes hit the floor. Once they do, Martinez makes a feast of Coles pretty hole, and before you know it, we see Cole butt-banging his fuck buddy, a nice surprise. But no worries Cole gets his soon enough, his lower back shining with sweat from the effort of accommodating Martinez's Latin-sized prick. Ward manages to capture some great snapshots of Martinez pulling completely out of Cole's chute and forcing his way back in.

Martinez gets off, but leaves Cole in a lurch. Abandoned and with Martinezs spunk drying on one ass cheek, Cole eventually falls asleep ass up on the bed. He gets a spectacular surprise wake-up call from Dirk Jager. Ward films this cleverly, showing only a pair of hands massaging Coles freshly-fucked hole by way of a warm-up.

At this point, Coles definitely earned a little bit of reciprocation, Jager locking eyes with Cole while provocatively sucking his cock. Here, Cole sticks strictly to the bottom role, letting Jager bend him in half until his shoulders practically hang off the bed while his hairy mystery fucker takes charge. And this time, even Cole gets to cum, a nice reward after spending a glorious 40 minutes with two decidedly different dicks up his ass. "Double Indemnity" is definitely the chapter to start your viewing with.

A torrid threeway (Rafael Alencar, Marcos Pirelli, Alex Corsi) brings the first disc to a close.

Tamas Eszterhazy Stars in The Poseidon Adventure

Dean Monroe heads-up a balls to the wall scene of four way fucking. The second disc is just as jammed with sex as the first, launching with a hot tub session between Tamas Eszterhazy & Martin Mazza ("The Poseidon Adventure"). These two tattooed beauties are well-matched, no doubt swallowing quite of bit of tub water while furiously swallowing cock. You can literally see the steam coming off their backs as their hot, wet skin collides with the night air. A bonus is that Eszterhazys got a puckerhole almost as pristine and perfect as Matt Cole's. The rimming is filmed perfectly, with plenty of snapshots of Eszterhazys lusciuos buttcrack. Mazza tops his bath buddy over one slippery corner of the hot tub, each successive thrust sending a mini-wave of tub water crashing over Eszterhazys lower back.

Dirk Jager returns for a heated exchanged with Tag Adams in "Dinner At Eight". Adams, one of the most skilled bottoms in the biz, plays submissive to a fault, dropping to the floor for a little mid-afternoon cock worship at Jagers request. Watching Adams get cornholed on the marble kitchen countertop is certainly one of the films highlights.

And director Ward doesnt let up, closing the film with a balls-to-the-wall fourway between Dean Monroe ( Black Balled 5: Star Fucker), Brendan Austen, Derrick Hanson, and Martin Mazza. The segment ("The Wild Brunch") begins with the four splitting into two pairs (Monroe/Hanson & Austen/Mazza), each couple getting off before coming back together for a second round as a group. When they do, theyre joined by Hungarian import Tamas Eszterhazy (Ass Quest) who ends up being anything but a fifth wheel. Hes summarily used by the group, passed around as the designated bottom boy. Blond Austen is the surprise standout here with gorgeous pecs and a nasty attitude.

Bedroom Eyes is entirely too much for one sitting, so Id recommend devouring both discs over a couple of weeks. The production values here are flawless and theres not a dud encounter in the entire 200 minutes.

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Bedroom Eyes Photos:

Derrick Hanson fucks Dean Monroe Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Derrick Hanson rams Dean Monroe
Bedroom Eyes three-way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar, Marcos Pirelli, Alex Corsi
Dirk Jager and Tag Adams Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dirk Jager tops Tag Adams
Francois Sagat fucks Kyle Lewis Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Kyle Lewis opens for Francois Sagat

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