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Jamie Summers storms Europe's golden beaches

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With the fury of the Allies storming the Normandy beaches, blond Australian Jamie Summers spends the three enthralling hours of Beachboy assaulting Europe's finest twinks on its sandy shoals. With a sweet smile that melts hearts, his passions are relentless. Paced at the leisurely rhythm of the lazy days of Summer, the movie moves through scene after scene of stunning, hung young guys rutting in beautiful locales, most of which are al fresco at the beach, or nearby.

Summers is a real find. Blessed with goldilocks hair, a smooth trim body and a supple ass, he carries the weight as the movie's starring role effortlessly. As with most Eurocreme movies, the film's star ends up in almost all the film's scenes. His insatiable sexual appetite never wanes.

Connor AxonWatch Now
Connor Axon
Summers narrates throughout the film of his journey from the UK to the beaches of Ibeza. First, he stops at a hotel where he requests some individual attention from room service. Smooth and sweet Peter Jan works him over, culminating with the two blowing big blasts of boycream into each other's mouths.

First Day at Work

Summers heads over to Brighton Beach for a job. The bar manager (Darian Hawke from Skaterboy) hires him on the spot, just as two sweet lads go up the the WC to get frisky. One is a cherubic redhead, and the other a lean tattooed guy with a big dick. Their sexplay spills out onto the bar area where the hung tattooed guy gets to sit his ass down on Summers. This barromp ends with Summers getting hosed down in eurocreme.

Next Summers and Hawke go to a surf shop to buy a board. While discussing stick length, out pops big stiff cocks demanding attention. Eurocreme regular Zack Jones (the huge co-star of BarBoy from Eurocreme) and his enormously endowed assistant proceed to work the lads over with enthusiasm. This fourway celebrates a collection of big dicks.

The guys do have some difficulty going all the way down on Jones' monster, but they manage. The hung assistant does a better job at taking it up his round boyass. Meanwhile, Jones is on his fours getting his hairless ass rammed by Summers. Double your pleasure, double your fun. The four guys run through an arousing set of dueling humps. Jones also gets it from Hawke, who pounds him hard. Zack Jones is definitely one of Eurocreme's powerbottoms.

All spew big finishes, however the prize ribbon goes to Hawke who fires a multispurt gusher over Jones' abs. Jones' surfshop co-worker, Shaun Phillips is especially enticing with a big dick and pierced eyebrow. This cutie winds up for an encore in the subsequent scene: a three-way trist in a dark alley. Summers walks into two smooching guys, and soon the Phillips is grinding his lithe body up and down on Aussie cock.

Here again Summers proves his sperm firing abilities by spraying lots of hot seed up and all over surf-shop boy's body. Now, Summers must find warmer climate. With the help of a local DJ, so he ends up in Ibeza. He hasn't been on the sand one minute before he spys some adorable guys embroiled in heated sexplay.

Alex Haywood: Mohawk Beach Kid

Here we first meet the movie's hot discovery, a dark haired British lad named Alex Haywood. Haywood wears a strip of brown hair down his head, and seems to nicely match Summers' own voracious sexual appetite. At first Haywood gets his heavy foreskinned cock sucked on by dark-haied bottom Samuel Neuchatel. Then Summers comes up to play with them as Neuchatel sits down for a hot ride on Haywood's cock. Hot in-your-face grinding is followed by an impaled tan bottomboy dousing himself in his own cum while still riding Haywood. Summers shoots another monster blast all over Haywood's face, chest and mouth.

Connor Axon gets really hard and big so Jamie Summers can sit on it. Next a thrilled Summers explains in narration about how much Haywood and his great bunch of mates love to play all day and night around the water. More hot sex from everyone involved. One highlight is Summers getting it on with a very sexy coffee-skinned guy named Connor Axon. Axon has a smooth, bubbleass that gives Summers a thrilling joyride by the pool.

Alistair Hill Power-Bottom

There is more poolside play with Axon giving a energetic screw to Alistair Hill, a sexy Scott from Spyboy 2. (A significant amount of Hill footage is included in disc 2) Then Axon and Summers go off to a wooded area where, in a nice change of pace, the blond performs his first on-screen bottoming. Axon get really hard and big so Summers can sit on it, sliding up and down. This position enables Summers to spray streams of cum all over Axon's smooth stomach and chest.

Summers narrates next that he has grow a fancy for Haywood. We see the two, along with yet another of the movie's cute young blond guys, screwing around on the rocks. Summers tops him missionary as Haywood stands beside them coaxing them and kissing. They rain their cum down on the bottom. The sex scenes in Ibeza come fast and furious, with lots of boy combinations and money shots.

Unfortunately even the best vacation must come to an end. However in this case, Beachboy has a happy ending.

Beach Boy Disc Two

There is also a second DVD containing over an hour of additional footage. Unlike some second DVD sets, the material on here is all interesting and new, not just repackaged. One sequence called Cum Under Canvass features Summers watching two very hot guys having sex. The blond bottom here is luscious. So good in fact that Summers takes his ass for a spin afterwards.

There is about thirty minutes of fascinating footage showcasing Alistair Hill's great anal talents. He takes a rocket dildo up his ass, anal beads, as well as Hawke's big banana. This fellow is extremely talented. With all of this and more, it is easy to understand why this movie has dominated the European top selling charts since its debut.

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Beachboy Photos:

Jamie Summers fucks Zack JonesWatch Now
Jamie Summers behind Zack Jones
BeachBoy Jamie SummersWatch Now
Jamie Summers poolside
Alex Haywood and Samuel NeuchatelWatch Now
Alex Haywood and Samuel Neuchatel

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