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Fox Studios  
Ace Harden , Donnie Russo , Mikel Karr , Phil Bradley , Wolff


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Ace Harden tries to barnstorm his nephew

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Barnstorm is one of those stranger entries in the porn video genre. Its star, Mikel Karr appears in four of the five sexual scenes, yet he is third billed. The sound is crappy. The dialogue is muffled. The plot is silly. Yet despite all this, the sex scenes are hot, in large part to the fine cast.

And to boot, Barnstorm since its release continues to be one of Fox Studio's best sellers.

The story concerns farmer Ace Harden, his nephew Mikel Karr and evil banker Phil Bradley, who seeks to foreclose on their house. Strangely enough, Harden has the money, he just prefers to stash it hidden in his barn. Bradley sends his minions Wolfe and Donnie Russo to the house to do the dirty work.

Both guys fall to Karr's charms, so Bradley himself must go to do the dirty work. Fortunately our farmer heros win the day.

Ace Harden blows his nephew

In the first scene, Harden catches Karr jacking off in the barn. Harden responds by blowing his nephew and then drilling his butt until he cries Uncle. In the second scene, Wolfe stops by to collect the mortgage. Here Karr shows off his topman skills, and Wolfe is the screamer.

Mikel Karr's ass begs to be fucked. In the third scene, Bradley and Russo suck each other until Russo wields his beautiful, always hard cock. He mounts Bradley is a very hot scene. When Russo arrives at the farm, he also catches Karr playing with himself in the barn. He reacts the same way as his Uncle, making Karr scream with joy.

The final scene starts with Bradley, the evil banker, shooting his load on Karr, who is once again jacking off in the barn. After some sucking, Bradley mounts Karr doggie style. Soon Uncle Harden joins in the fun, and then he reminds the banker when its like to get plowed by a real man.

Karr does a superb job, his ass begs to get fucked, which explains why he does three times during the film. Karr began his career by winning over the viewers in the marine film Honorable Discharge, where is the prototypical marine who cannot wait to get his legs in the air. Harden also projects a dominating masculinity, which makes him convincing as an uncle.

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