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Bareback Ranch

Brad Flannerty
Tipo Sesso International  
Bryant Powers , Diego , Kayden Scott , Nicholas Dixileta , Nick Fury , Steven Byrnes , TJ
Bareback SexOrgyTwinks, AmericanCamping / Scouts

Bareback Ranch

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Saddle up at the bareback ranch

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

No real visit to the ranch goes without lots of barnyard sex, youthful vigor and barebacking. Skin on skin sexplay is the main activity which seems to occupy the seven good-looking models in Tipo Sesso's Bareback Ranch. A quick look over the guys' faces reveals director Brad Flannerty's favorite type: The guys are young, smooth, pretty hung and possess a distinct white/boy-next-door quality.

Fans of the twink look will be thrilled. And the barebacking will send them to heaven.

Two Hot Bareback Rodeo Bull Bucks

The first coupling is a haystack tryst between smoothies Nick Fury and TJ. Fury is a cute guy, a newcomer to film. Watching through his film introduction here, the viewer quickly learns that he loves to get plowed. His dick is pretty big and thick too, plus Fury sports a colorful upside down triangle tattoo between his navel and pubes.

Brandon Weber in Bareback RanchWatch VOD
Brandon Weber kneels before Bryant Powers
TJ is a nice-looking, tall top-boy with a great-sized dick. He shoves it in standing, with Fury bent over a haystack. The visual of smooth white ass swallowing a big bare dick is hot. Flannerty gets lots of backend closeups too, showing TJ's tight balls hitting his cheeks.

Fury's butt shakes with each slam from behind. Then Fury turns on his back so TJ can give it to him some more. Lying on the hay, the bottom strokes his erection. Then the two briefly flip-flop, which is hot. Apparently by this time Fury wants a load in his ass, because he gets TJ to shove it back in him where he is quickly draining his balls.

TJ cums inside, and repeatedly pulls out and shoves it back in. Fury jacks off, inspiring TJ to bend over and sucks off all the cum. This is a winner of a beginning scene.

After this all seven guys spend some time talking and groping around the campfire. Soon their chain suck breaks up, and five of the guys go inside, leaving a firmly erect Kayden Scott with Steven Byrnes.

Byrnes starts by opening up Scott's smooth hole with his tongue. Lots of spit shines off his sweet hole causing Scott to upturn his butt ever higher in growing anticipation. Byrnes turns out a feisty topman performance here, which he repeats again in the final orgy. Here, he sticks it on inside Scott doggie style.

However most of their episode has Scott bouncing up and down on the top. Byrnes seems to like reaching around grabbing Scott's butt as it slides up and down. Their little romp in the hay concludes with Scott shooting a copious gusher of juice into Byrnes' mouth.

The third scene pairs two of the hottest guys in the film - brunet Diego (Brandon Weber) with hung blonde Bryant Powers. One unfortunate problem, one of the cameras really needed some light adjustment, or perhaps the room's lighting wasn't as expected. That unfortunately distracts from the scene, which otherwise is great.

Brandon Weber has always been an amazing sexual animal to watch, and his biggest fans are at Frisky Fans. His buddy here (Powers) is a youthful, high n' tight delight. He has a big, cut dick, which is pumps into Weber's mouth.

Then he gets to shove it up Weber's supple ass. Weber has grown more mature since his Rascal days, and his body has really filled out nicely. Weber takes Powers' bare meat up his smooth ass doggie style. Then they finish with the playful bottomboy on his back. Weber fires out a huge load white getting it. His tasty cream flies in a powerful arc that ends up covering his grinning face.

Bareback Ranch HOT Orgy Finish

Bareback Ranch's final orgy scene caps of the film. It is a well-done, seven-twink bareback cum fest that will leave your loins drained. The Boys all start out with giving and receiving some great head. Weber gets his ass eaten by Byrnes. Fury lays back in a conveniently mounted sling so that Scott can suck his enormous cock. But what is a slingboy supposed to do? Get hammered, and Scott goes first.

Meanwhile Weber gets alternating dick up his ass from TJ and Powers, while over in another corner Byrnes gives a hot butt-pounding to Nicholas Dixileta. Fury takes several cocks in the sling, but the real slingboy of the show is huge-dicked TJ. His natural position in life seems to be with him on his back and feet in the air.

All six of the others end up dumping their loads either in his hole or in his mouth in rapid succession.

That is definitely a memorable and captivating moment for all cum junkies. Although the background music is pretty nondescript, the viewer gets to hear all the natural moaning, skin slapping and chattering of the models.

Bareback Ranch is a relatively simple, four scene twink flick made to sizzzle with lots of barebacking and high flying hot cum. These cuties should cum around for more and more in further joyflicks from Tipo Sesso. The movie also includes tasty trailers for Barebacking Across America and Raw Adventures 1 - Bare Bones.

Bareback Ranch Photos:

Bareback Ranch orgyWatch VOD
The final bareback orgy scene
Fucking Nick Fury in Bareback RanchWatch VOD
TJ behind Nick Fury

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