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Bareback Orgy 2

SX Video  
Alan Gregory , , Brian Peters , Christian Luke , Flex-Deon Blake , Guns , Jack Surf , Joe Romero , Mikhail , Ridge Jones , Sebastian Smalls , Vic Stone
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Bareback Orgy 2

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Flex Deon Blake wins Coach of the Year

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

California barebacking studio SX Video demonstrates with their latest orgy flick that their movies just keep getting better. Bareback Orgy 2 is technically a sequel an earlier orgy film, and it is far and away much better. The setup focuses on swim coach Flex Deon Blake (Barebacking with Jeff Palmer 2), who must brainstorm about how to motivate his team to improve their performance. What could possibly be his options before the next swim meet?

Blake's team consists of eleven good looking guys, all of whom sport nice cocks and good-looking asses. After analyzing the situation, Coach Blake feels that the best solution is an all-out locker room orgy. Not just a run of the mill locker room orgy either, like in Falcon's Quarterback Sack. In this orgy, no one uses any condoms. All the butt pumping is skin-on-skin bare.

And their loads are not to be wasted either. Swimmers must shoot their cum into the butts they are fucking, or into a teammate's mouth. The movie's seamen swapping enthusiasm certainly makes this orgy a success in olympic proportions. The movie is one long orgy scene, creating a most satisfying hour that bursts with bare sex and manseed.

The tops are loaded and the bottoms are ravenous. Flex Deon Blake stands here big, black and beautiful. His thick missile with shaved pubes drills into all the bottoms present. In fact the movie does a very good job of all the tops getting an ample piece of all the available bottoms. The shaved-headed muscleman stays in total control as he works up his team.

SX top Jack Surf (Barebacking with Jack Surf) makes another well received appearance. Surf's big balls and cock make hay of all the bottoms in the room too. Plus he flashes a cute smile that beams out uncontrollably. It would be nice sometime to see more of his nice eyes too. The lanky Jack Surf also happens to hang with this swim team. As always, Surf is a hot little top and loves to go and go, like the Energizer bunny.

The swim team's assistant coach is played by the furry Christian Luke. Luke keeps a whistle hanging from his neck has he slamming his bare cock into numerous asses. As a good assistant coach he backs up the decisions of Coach Blake with ass-slapping enthusiasm.

Crossing over into bareback film fun is movie veteran Joe Romero, who plays one of the team's topmen. The team's other black member is a SX newcomer named Mikhail. He is a sexy slim smooth guy with a great smile. Unfortunately he doesn't get very much screen time here. Perhaps he'll do better in a one-on-one scene, especially with that smile.

The team, which is pretty regimented into tops and bottoms does have a versatile player - Bo Knight. Knight always turns into a performance full of sexual lust and sweet cum. He's a man's man who can take it up the ass or make an ass feel good with equal verve.

Alan Gregory leads the bareback orgy

And then there are the bottoms. SX has done a great job recruits some hot and hungry bottomboys for Bareback Orgy 2. First and foremost at the top of the pig pyramid is the blond Alan Gregory (Barebacking with Carlos Morales). Gregory does not just lie there as he's taking it. His face is full of expressions and his body lays in ways that communicate how much he loves it.

His ass shakes with the balls deep poundings from Surf, Stone, Blake, Romero and others. And he loves their cum.

Brian Peters is an asian bottom who looks great as he's getting screwed and jismed. Bald headed Guns is a total cock and cumpig. He has done several good SX movies (Bareback Surfers) and he's takes all things up his ass like a champ. The first guy to shoot is Knight, who unloads on the bottom's smooth shiny face and head, and sticking it in his mouth.

Blake is topping Guns from behind during this, and he never misses a beat.

The other bottoms are Ridge Jones and Sebastian Smalls, all very sexy, brunet bottomboys. Surf literally screws the cum right out of Jones, who starts raining a fountain of juice down onto Guns' head. (Perhaps we will see if cum works to grow hair)

As the movie nears its orgasmic end, the magnetic pull eminates from Alan Gregory, who is on his back getting slammed. Luke and Stone lets their white milky goo fly right into the bottom's open mouth, who never stops shaking to the pounding on his rear end from Romero. He gets a lot of attention, despite the fact that the cumrag of the movie is Guns.

Compared to other bareback orgy flicks, this is a well lensed and photographed. Care is taken so the viewer can keep track of who is doing whom. The cast is a hot group of guys, and they look like they are having some good clean fun.

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Christian Luke, Alan Gregory, Flex Deon Blake

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