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Barebacking with Jack Surf

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Brad Slater , Fyerfli , Jack Surf , Jonathen , Kelly Madison , Pete
Bareback Sex

Barebacking with Jack Surf

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Who is Jack Surf? Ask Alan Gregory.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Just who is Jack Surf? Well for starters, he ostensibly one of the more popular return models in the SX Video line of products. So popular in fact, that SX has given this model his very own flick, Barebacking With Jack Surf. Who knows if this is a skillful ploy to create a little sex buzz around one particular model or simply a studio's response to demand. No matter - the end result is four short vignettes all about Jack.

This stocky, slightly hairy model may not appeal to anyone. More than half of the mystique can be summed up in Jack's no-bullshit attitude. In other words, you either want his cock stuffed in your ass or you don't. No sweat off his balls. While he's certainly not demonstrative, something about that swagger turns his fuck buddies into jelly. Plus, he's blessed with a throaty voice guaranteed to put iron in your shorts.

In the first vignette, Jack is invited to some playtime with models Kelly Madison and Jonathen Cummings (Real Men Have Hair). Kelly and Jonathen are in one of those relationships where both guys are bottoms; a royal fucking from Jack scratches that special itch. The pair enjoys a short oral warm-up before Jack even arrives. None of the models in this flick are Bel Ami or Falcon Studios material, and Kelly and Jonathen won't be scoring modeling contracts anytime soon. But if you like regular guys having knock-out sex, SX is the studio that delivers.

Enter Jack Surf, with a not-so-sly proposition ("Who wants to have Jack Surf's cock first?") Both guys are on it, their love life spicy once more. When Jack catches a glimpse of Kelly's pink hole, he quickly switches gears. With a little lube and even less fanfare, he fucks Kelly on his back. Jack Surf is not hung like 80s porn icon Chad Douglas, but you wouldn't know it from the expression on Kelly's face while he's getting dicked. Mouth agape, you'd think he was getting anally assaulted by the tip Chrysler building.

After enjoying a brief sandwich, Jack positions both of his bottoms face down on the carpet, then hops between the two, slipping his cock in for a few strokes then switching. It's all too much for Kelly, who blows his load onto his belly. Jonathen swoops down and eats it up while Jack prepares to give Jonathen a facial.

Jack Surf Catches Fyerfli

Model Fyerfli is rolling around on a box spring and mattress set before Jack Surf shows up, cock in hand. Neither seems fazed by their furniture showroom-like setting, choosing instead to focus in on getting off. Fyerfli has such a smokin' sex vibe that it's no surprise that Raging Stallion Studios signed him on for one of their orgy flicks, Nexus: Raw and Hardcore. Complete with a handlebar mustache, sideburns that grow to his jawline and Prince Albert, this lean stud is a dirty little piggie, completely submitting to Jack.

Fyerfli doesn't need Jack to reciprocate - not that he would reciprocate anyway. Fyerfli is content to suck on Surf, twisting and cranking on his own shaft while he sucks. When they start fucking, the sex comes off as intensely pleasurable for both men. The anal action really throws off sparks when Jack dicks Fyerfli doggie style, Fyerfli occasionally looking directly into the camera with a look that says "wish you were here." Jack pulls out just long enough to cum, then shoves his pole back inside Fyerfli. Fyerfli's own orgasm must be seen to be believed; while he spunks, he growls and pounds his abs with a closed fist like a horny Caveman. This is without a doubt the best scene in the collection.

The third vignette with model Pete starts out with shy introductions. At first blush, Pete might seem more like a top than a bottom. But put up against Jack, what choice do you have but to bend over and grab your ankles? They sit side by side on a cramped loveseat, kissing and slowly undressing one another. Pete has a muscular frame, not all too different than Jack's. But Pete's blond hair, flushed smooth skin is a nice contrast from Surf's hairier bod. They indulge in a tricky sixty-nine off the back of the loveseat, Pete fondling Jack's bull balls with a look of awe.

A little lube gets Pete's asshole slick for Jack. They fuck off and on, Pete stopping to suck Jack's prick before taking it up the ass again. They really pick up steam when Jack sits on the floor and leans against the loveseat. Pete climbs aboard, using Jack to get himself off. Using Pete's face as a target, Jack unloads puddles of goo.

Brad Slater is barebacking with Jack Surf

Rounding out the flick is a sensual pairing with model Brad Slater, who earlier was Barebacking with Jeff Palmer. It's the signature scene of the DVD, beginning with a short bit of dialogue where Brad is convinced that a model in the porn mag he's reading is Surf. Jack indulges the fantasy, inviting Brad to get naked and pretend. Brad tosses the magazine to the floor and dives into Jack's shorts, giving head like a pro.

As much as Jack likes getting head, he enjoys plowing ass more. Dripping lube over Jack's prick, Brad straddles his buddy and fucks himself. The camera captures some excellent close-up shots of Surf's greasy dong roughly sliding in and out of Brad's bubble butt. Rolling him onto his back, Jack aggressively takes what he wants. He's not shy at all about putting his bottom in the exact position that will give him the most pleasure. Watching Surf pound away at five different bottoms, it's obvious his favorite way to fuck is with his bottom lying face down on the floor.

Barebacking With Jack Surf falls right in line with the other offerings from SX Video. You might find yourself cruising through the lengthy trailer reel at the end of most SX flicks; the action there is as hot as the film itself. No doubt Jack Surf will make several more films with SX - he's got a nasty sex vibe that translates well to film. I imagine the studio has a line around the block of guys aching to get a taste of Jack Surf.

Barebacking with Jack Surf Photos:

Brad Slater barebacks with Jack SurfWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Slater barebacks with Jack Surf
Fyerfyi and Jack SurfWatch on or Watch VOD
Fyerfyi prepares to bareback with Jack Surf

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