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Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel

Dan Komar
Au Natural Productions  
Alex Ray , Bastien Totti , Ben Nichols , Bogi Falat , Casey Prince , Dawson Brooks , Garth Fox , George Plozen , Gerry O'Connel , Gianny Rogers , , John Pepper , Miky Sem , Paul Robbins , Ray Renfro , , Taylor Brooks , Tommy Gent
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Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel

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Miky Sem and Jey Renfro Get Stuck

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The sex never ends at Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel, a nice hostel where the sign on the door brazenly states No Condoms Allowed. Today, there are no vacancies, so the staff literally have their hands full. Not only does the movie contain six sizzling action scenes, but it also bubbles with cute dialogue and fun situations. Hat tip to director Dan Komar for obviously having a good time with this production, and transferring that exuberance into the movie.

In the movie's opening shot, the thin, geeked out Garth Fox tells us in his schoolbook english "wel CUM" over and over. Cumming is one thing these hoteliers seem to be experts at, both by themselves and coxing it out of the guests. The puckish models all turn in good performances, and there are quite a few standouts who will likely garner viewers to look for them in other films. One really hot little number is Tommy Gent, a sultry brunet who is Fox's assistant at the hotel.

Miky Sem and Jay Renfro Watch on or Watch VOD

Miky Sem tastes Jay Renfro

In the first scene, completely naked guests Mikey Sem and Jay Renfro grope their bodies on the bed. Renfro, a cute guy with blond highlights, soon proceeds to sit his butt down onto Sem's long, uncut cock. The two bounce their bodies together with Renfro moaning on top when suddenly they realize that because they only used spit for lube, the two are unfortunately stuck in this position.

Sem reaches over to the phone, and calls reception. He asks for someone to help them with this emergency. Beautyboy Gent is dispatched quickly, armed with a set of very useful tools including a jar of vaseline. Gent uses his fingers to push the grease into Renfro's dick stuffed hole. This is not enough. Eventually Gent uses his own big cock to jam it in, giving Mr. Renfro one of the hottest double penetrations ever filmed on the screen, or DP as they call it in straight porn.

Hands are rubbed through Renfro's hair as he takes these two very large dicks. Gent doesn't stop pumping until he pulls out a quickly releases his load onto Renfro's cheeks. Sem blows a hot wad, and finally Renfro shoots his multi-spurter into Sem's gobbling mouth. At this point the biggest problem for the viewer is going to be making it through the remaining five scenes in one sitting.

Scene two, titled Squeaky Chair does not make this easy. Blond studmuffin Robert Driveman (Soccer Camp) calls the front desk for help in greasing his chair. Fox arrives to lube up not only the furniture, but Driveman's tight hole as well. With the help of fellow guest Gerry O'Connell, they apply their tongue's to Driveman's hairless slit so that they can both screw him, legs raised up in the squeaky chair.

No Condoms Allowed!
Fox is tall and lanky, such that he can screw Driveman while simultaneously arching down to suck Driveman's own big erection. O'Connell has one of the prettiest dicks in the film. Great camera shots show his veined snake sliding into Driveman's ass. During this, Fox shoots a lot of white spooge all over Driveman's chest. Then Driveman leans forward to jack out a gooey load out of his pink-skinned cock. Fox blows O'Connells very long dick until it blasts into his mouth.

The next scene is a one-on-one love scene with Dawson Brooks toweling off from the shower, and going over to his snoozing lover (Bastien Totti) in the bed, rousing him. As the film's first one-on-one scene, it is paced slower with lots of kissing, caressing and languishing dick sucking. Both guys are trim, hung and hard.

Brooks has the bigger dick between them; it's thick with an even bigger, purplish head. Totti chows down on this luscious staff, inspiring his partner to pretzel around into a sixty-nine. He then eases his bare cock into Totti from the side (a marvelous camera angle). Totti stays on his back the entire time, which is nice because his erection never goes down. And just as his lover pulls out, Totti zooms his mouth right up to the other's cumming cock. He licks it all off with his tongue. Totti then lays on his back to shoot four wads of spooge all over himself, and Brooks finishes by tenderly putting his dick back in his mouth.

This must be the way Czechboy lovers say Good morning, Sweetie.

Ray Renfro's Bareback Honeymoon

The next episode pairs two brown-haired youths, Ray Renfro and Taylor Brooks (Formula 69) together. After getting married, they decide to consummate their eternal love at the Bareback Hotel. Here Renfro shows his top skills with bareback penetration of Brooks missionary style. One noticeable thing here is how big Brooks' cock get while he's taking it from Renfro.

Renfro cums by pulling out and firing multiple arcs of seed up Brooks' body, followed by more sucking of the cum-drooling head.

The final two scenes of the movie will blast the viewer into outer space. First up is a rousing four way that begins in sauna and ends in the day bed. Casey Prince (Newshawks) enters to find blonde Ben Nichols along with Alex Ray and Bogi Falat wagging their stiffies around. These four suck and screw like wild, playful puppies. They all have big dicks, and they can't keep their paws off each other. Their dick sucking is to-the-base deep throating, not just going down on the head.

After a rousing kiss and suck session in the sauna, they all literally leap into the daybed for some hot ass pumping. Where does Komar find all these lanky guys with big dicks? They apparently just fall off the trees in the Czech Republic. Ray however is a beefy boy with hot tatts. He gets to slam his wide hammer into Prince's rump. Next to them, Nichols stays on his side with his eyes rolled back up as he takes the long curved cock of Falat, yet another mouth-watering morsel in the film.

In a memorable moment, the tops' hot butts are seen from behind simultaneously drilling the bottomboys as the snappy music drives on. This all ends in an orgy of cum-spewing and seamen swallowing.

Tommy Gent's bareback hotel services

The finale takes us to the dining room for a four man dessert, topped with whipped cream. It begins with Paul Robbins and John Pepper finishing their meal. Robbins orders coffee, and Pepper gets down under the table to blow his friends' thick dick. Hotel staffer Tommy Gent returns with the coffee. Robbins likes it with cream. Please cum in my coffee! Following the hotel guest's request, Gent nonchalantly pulls out his cock and drops a few squirts of hot cum into the black beverage.

Robbins stirs it up, thanks Gent and sips.

Meanwhile brunets George Plozen (Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2) and Gianni Rogers are dining at an adjacent table. Gent exits, leaving the four guys to strip and screw each other on the dining room tables. The lanky Plozen stands up to reveal an impressive nine incher. Pepper carries a hefty jackhammer as well, but he gets drilled by Robbins, apparently invigorated by that coffee.

This barebacking frenzy ends in a cum-splattery finish. This movie has deservedly become one of the top selling films of the year. Sweet twinks barebacking with puppydog energy is clearly a winning formula.

Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel Photos:

George Plozen and Gianny Rogers Watch on or Watch VOD
George Plozen gives Gianni Rogers dessert
Tommy Gent helps Jay Renfro and Miky Sem Watch on or Watch VOD
Jay Renfro and Miky Sem are stuck; Tommy Gent seeks to pry them apart
Garth Fox barebacks Robert Driveman Watch on or Watch VOD
Garth Fox tops Robert Driveman, Gerry O'Connel stands

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