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Bareback Working Boys

Rufus Ffoulkes
Helix Studios   HS27
Alex Russian , Andy Smith , Jamie Lee , Jon Janes , Kyle Martin , Paul Tomlinson , Ricky Jackson , Tony Keen , Will Forbes
Bareback SexTwinks, InternationalRimmingThugs (British) / Chavs / Urban TypesMen of England / British GuysTattoos

Bareback Working Boys

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Will Forbes and Ricky Jackson work the viewer up into a frenzy.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Helix director Keith Miller's British alumni Rufus Ffolkes is once again called upon to helm a twinksational bareback boy flick. With scant conversation or cheesy setups between the nine strong cast, Ffolkes sets his cameras rolling, and just lets the talent, the tail, and the twinks speak out for themselves.

In the first scene of Bareback Working Boys, fem but handsome Will Forbes (U.K. FratBoys) greets cover model Ricky Jackson who is already playing with his ample erection which juts out of his track suit bottoms and catches Forbes mouth like a fish hook.

Tony Keen and Andy SmithWatch Now or Helix Studios
Tony Keen and Andy Smith
Jackson (Rude Boiz 6: Hung Lads) unbuttons his suitor's shirt, giving his friend deep kisses with a dominant attitude. Crudely pulling off his sub's jeans and undies he sucks on Forbes' uncut pole, then once it's nice and hard he feeds him his own fat uncircumcised flesh.

In a surprising power twist Forbes grabs some lube and works Jackson's hole wide open before sliding his bare boner up inside his pal. The pair produce some noisy sex together, gripping tightly to the metal headboard as Forbes slams his length up Jackson again and again.

Pulling out of Jackson's ass he offers it again to his hungry mouth. The invitation is not rejected. Next Jackson rims his friend's hairless hole and then shows his top what it feels like on the other end with some vigor.

Thank god there's no musical soundtrack – the sounds and images of Jackson and Forbes' sloppy sex are more than enough to satisfy multiple senses. Flip-flopping like true new found friends, Forbes ultimately spunks up right between Jackson's hungry open lips, before allowing his breathless bent buddy to spooge on his own belly (and trust us, it's a MAJOR load).

The second scene pits equally hot Brit lads Jamie Lee (Bareback London) with Alex Russian (Bareback Secrets). With these two mates matched together there's little surprise when the temperature and tackle start to rise.

Pierced boy Lee whips off Russian's belt, and the two embrace in some reality kissing. Each admiring the other's beautiful form, Lee is the first to offer his dirty dog boy ass for his mate to lick, while his appendage positively THROBS with neglect - its huge, hard, heavy and ready.

This dynamic dick duo 69 for some time before Russian makes a corkscrew motion with his penis and skewers Lee with his weapon. It's slick, soaked and supple by the time he slides it out and puts Lee's legs around his shoulders and fucks him some more. Russian takes a break and sucks on Lee, getting him nice and steamed up. At maximum horniness now Lee happily rides Russian's cock to the hilt.

Lee shoots all over Russian's smooth chest, and when he dismounts he proves himself to be quite the cum whore, greedily lapping up Russian's freshly squirted juice that is now mixed in with his own.

Metal adorned Lee returns for the next scene, this time with the anonymously named and trendy looking Jon. With both on the couch, Lee gets straight down to it, pulling his jeans open and slurping on Jon's uncut chopper.

After feeding him, Lee gets Jon on his back, spits and rims on his horned up hairless hole, sucking Jon's hard-on every now and then to get him nice and willing. Jon rides Lee's raw penis then turns him around for some sphincter slamming of his own. Taking Lee from the front, he then has him ride before the duo splatter their seed all over Jon.

Jon and Jamie LeeWatch Now or Helix Studios
Jon and Jamie Lee
Fans of punk boys will love Mohawked Tony Keen who strips dirty mouthed Andy Smith down to nothing, tugging on his cock while he gets down to his socks. Keen stays on top at first. The pair kiss passionately and Smith's mouth starts up again, telling his punk pal to suck on his cock, and telling him how he "fucking wants someone to watch him". He then orders Keen's curved appendage into his mouth.

Some tasty 69ing leads to Keen rimming his friend's ass while he shoves his thick tool down Smith's throat. He turns Smith ass side up for an extremely hot ‘from above' penetration, shoving his cock in deep and raw in quite possibly the hottest scene of the movie.

On his back and doggy next, then a hard pounding laying down, this punk doesn't let up on his foul mouthed moaning mate. And Smith gets a worthy fucking – hard and intense.

Now Smith gets behind Keen and works his way inside bareback fashion. With his hole well loosened, Smith flips him on his back and works him over. They jack off with Smith still on top, and he cums and shoves his dick back inside Keen, which causes the punk boy to loose his seed all over his chest.

Bareback Working Boys Three Way

Will Forbes returns from scene one, this time playing on a couch with Kyle Martin (BarBoy) in a by the numbers "being watched" scenario. Joined swiftly by watcher Paul Tomlinson who scores points with his extra impressive member, the trio are soon pulling out their pricks and getting into some mutual sucking.

Once all three are naked, a full on raw fuck fest ensues, with Forbes the first to bottom for handsome Martin who sucks on Tomlinson as he pumps Forbes with his cock. Tomlinson gets inside Forbes next, while Martin gives Forbes a meaty mouthful.

Handsome Tomlinson bends over the couch arm and takes Martin's engorged meat, and then gets a good seeing to from Forbes.

Martin and Tomlinson have at it again, tag teaming their pal, Tomlinson's huge raw cock encouraging Forbes into spooging all over himself. He pulls out and literally explodes a barrage of cum all over the place. Martin finishes off from above, getting a spent Forbes even wetter.

There's not much working going on in Bareback Working Boys, but plenty to work the viewer up into a frenzy. No fancy set-ups, just a hot variety of young English lads enjoying bareback sex with each other. Recommended.

DVD extras include scene selection, cum shots, compilations of oral and anal sex and a trio of previews.

HelixStudios maintains a large, growing library of their saucy twink porn, with lots of bareback videos. Enjoy this movie and the rest on their unlimited video streaming.

Bareback Working Boys Photos:

Ricky Jackson and Will ForbesWatch Now or Helix Studios
Ricky Jackson tops Will Forbes
Ricky Jackson barebacks Will ForbesWatch Now or Helix Studios
Ricky Jackson tops Will Forbes
Alex Russian sucks Jamie LeeWatch Now or Helix Studios
Alex Russian sucks Jamie Lee
Tony Keen tops Andy SmithWatch Now or Helix Studios
Tony Keen tops Andy Smith

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