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Bareback Twink Street 2

Vlado Iresch
Alex Clifford , Bill Lewis , Chris Rosso , Denis Reed , Elliot Gass , Frodo Kaspy , Gerry O'Connel , , Jeff Lord , Leonard Pray , Michael Smith , Nick Kern , Paul Richie , Paul Rover , , Ron Pexit , Ross Costanzo , Sebastian Gould
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Bareback Twink Street 2

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Who's the New Leader of the Street?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Come and meet those dancing twinks,
On the avenue I'm taking you to...
Bareback Twink Street

Bareback Twink Street 2, the sequel to the extremely popular Bareback Twink Street, combines boxing action, hot European guys, barebacking and a groundbreaking orgy into one must see package that could be deemed the hottest twink flick of the year.

This movie will be remembered for its eleven man gangbang orgy at the end, as it should. The sequence of musclebottom Michael Smith getting gangbanged by the rest of the cast is worth many repeated viewings. Smith, who hails from sturdy, High Octane stock (Fly Boys), lays back and takes a series of beautiful, uncut cocks bareback, shattering on screen records for quality and quantity. (Smith also worked as Michael Armano, taking it up the ass from Steve Rives in Raw Luck.)

Bareback Twink Street 2 continues the original's storyline, which follows the sordid lives of several ruffians as they engage in petty crime, hustle street merchandise, as well hustle as themselves.

The first episode shows the attractive Ron Pexit answering a modelling ad that promises easy cash.

He arrives to find pushy photographer Paul Rover (Raw Rescue) persuading him out of his clothes and into the sheets with an awaiting Frodo Kaspy. (Frodo is not wearing any rings)

Ron Pexit sucks Frodo KaspyWatch Now
Paul Rover films Ron Pexit sucking Frodo Kaspy
Without much arm twisting, Pexit pumps his long cock into Kaspy, who lays on his back, legs pulled tightly against his twinkie flesh. He cums while Pexit plows him. Then, the photographer gets what he really wants, some of his new model's hot ass. He sinks his big prick inside, topping him doggie style until he unloads on his hole.

Jay Renfro's back on the streets bottoming for huge cocks. Next, the narrator returns to Jay Renfro, who has continued with his street urchin life of crime. Hung blond Denis Reed, who bottomed in Raw Fix, gets to take out his top frustration on Renfro, along with the even larger endowed Elliot Gass.

Renfro has ripped off Reed's car radio, so he gets fully subjected to their vigilante penal prosecutions. Gass is the studio's big dicked replacement for Steve Rives. Kudos certainly go to bottomboy Renfro for swallowing such terrific-sized portions of raw meat into his butt.

The next episode shows the trials and tribulations of a streetside magazine seller, Nick Kern. Newcomer Leonard Pray jostles into him on the sidewalk, causing his stock to spill everywhere. A guilty Pray helps Kern home, where he salves over the mistake by sticking his bare cock into the cute paperboy's ass.

As Pray screws him, Kern's roommate Bill Lewis arrives, who they pull into the mix. In a nice sequence, Prey unloads, leaves and Kern's roomie, gets sloppy seconds. Lewis, who looks like he could be Robert Driveman's blond brother, displays his hot bod moves pumping Kern stomach-down on the bed.

A nice switch from his bottomboy role in Bare Balls.

Robbie Masters & Alex Clifford in the bareback gang bang finale

In the next scene, the narrator follows up on Robbie Masters, who has taken to performing rock music on the street with his buddy Alex Clifford (Bareback Sailor Pimp).

There is the Czech movie prerequisite weird twink dancing, followed with some spectacular moments of humping. Masters sinks his beautiful ass all the way down onto Chris Russo's staff. Meanwhile Clifford gets some of Masters as well, plus another yummy bottomboy named Chris Russo. This fun four way ends with explosions of some of the biggest cumshots of the movie, followed by a surfeit of cumeating.

There's little time though to recharge, as all four models end up at the movie's gangbang finale, where they partake in an astounding anal sampling of the gorgeous musclestud Michael Smith.

He sucks all their dicks, all of which range from impressive to jawdropping in size. And Gass opens his hole with his tongue before sliding his own bunyanesque sized erection.

Watching this aroused muscleboy take all their cocks, and their cum all over his face, body, in his mouth and ass is unforgettable. This scene is for the recordbooks, folks.

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Bareback Twink Street 2 Photos:

Michael Smiths bareback gang bangWatch Now
Michael Smith's bareback gang bang
Elliot Gass in Bareback Twink Street 2Watch Now
Sucking Elliot Gass
Bareback Twink Street 2 Four WayWatch Now
Paul Ritchie sucks Robbie Masters
Chris Russo sucks Alex Clifford
Michael Smith fights Elliot Gass Watch Now
Michael Smith fights Elliot Gass.
The loser gets gangbanged by everybody.

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