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Bareback Twink Street

Vlado Iresch
Bob Crane , Bob Oldman , , Charlie Baldwin , Dard Banner , Denis Simons , Dion Phillips , Ernesto Filipy , Igor Stiller , , Kevin Adams , Mark Moon , , Ross Costanzo , Steve Rives
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Bareback Twink Street

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Can you hear a distant feet? Steve Rives runs the Bareback Twink Street

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Come and meet those dancing twinks,
On the avenue I'm taking you to...
Bareback Twink Street

Director Vlado Iresch melds together street punks with the ever-popular theme of no condom barebacking in his five scene film Bareback Twink Street. Each vignette is a quick snapshot in the tough lives of these urchins, culminating in a disco party orgy, which is arguably the height of the film.

Filmed orgies very often fall on their face. This one is right up there with an infamous Bel Ami boy orgy. But first, Bareback Twink Street begins with his horsehung, tradey star Steve Rives. ( Maybe we can take in an old Steve Rives movie??? Dr. Frank N. Furter)

Ross Costano above Bob Crane Watch Now
Ross Costano above Bob Crane
Rives stands out on the boxcover holding his ten inch penis, so long it dangles over the artwork edge. He seems to function as the tough boss of the street. The film's five scenes tell sortid stories from the tough street. It does not approach the masterful emotions of caged youth portrayed in Jean-Daniel Cadinot's classic Tough and Tender, but it makes some hearty tries.

And it is hot and heavy on the twink sex and yummy models. In the first scene, Robbie Masters is delinquent on his rent, so Rives bursts into the room and aggressively screws him in front of his roommates. Naturally, instead of demeaning, Rives is arousing the assembly consisting of smooth and slim Mark Moon, blond Igor Stiller and adorable brunet Kevin Adams (Raw Rescue).

They have an all oral suck fest whilst Masters's ass gets ripped open next to them. After a full round of sucking, Adams bursts a creamy blast into Moon's mouth. Stiller blows his goo onto the bed's headboard, which Moon quickly laps up. Adams and Stiller depart leaving Masters when just one additional big cock to accommodate.

He sits his ass down on Moon's thick member, whilst Rives barks orders. Moon pulls out and cums on Masters's hole just after Rives shoots his wad.

After this wild opener, the film switches to Dion Phillips plucking amateur DJ slacker Bob Oldman off the street to go have sex with him in his car. Why anyone would attempt sex in one of those European postage stamp sized, wind-up vehicles seems a bit odd. Phillips struts his trademark top-man stuff by plowing the pale-skinned youth in the rear bed of the vehicle. Oldman has a very long cock, and his firehydrant sprinkler orgasm at the end of the scene is eyebrow-raising.

Cameron Jackson Raped?

The third scene starts with Cameron Jackson protecting his shop from two thieves, Jay Renfro and newcomer Denis Simons. Renfro and Simons end up anesthetizing Jackson, and get him to their liar where they initiate a bareback three-way with him. Jackson awakens to his erection in a warm mouth and Renfro's ass and balls in his face.

After lots of reciprocal oral work, Simons proceeds to screw the other two with his long, curved cock. Renfro's bubbly butt seems to look better with each film, and here seeing it swallow dicks is pure delight. In what may have been an unexpected glitch, Jackson seems to cum awfully soon, so they get him on his back quickly enough so he can take Simons's pole inside him. Renfro shoots the most copious load of the three, exploding it into Jackson's mouth.

The fourth scene starts with the olive skinned Bob Crane (these names!) walking in on Ross Costano whacking his meat. A hot sixty-nine shows that both guys have hot dicks, particularly Costano, who sports shaved pubes. Costano then gets on his fours and in the doggie position takes Crane up his shaved ass.

Both models wear their hoodies and caps, which partial-clothing fans should enjoy. Costano cums while getting plowed. Crane them pulls out, stands up and feeds the bottomboy his big load.

Friday Night Bareback Twink Street Orgy

As mentioned earlier, the Friday night orgy is worth repeated viewings. Amongst other things, it is yet another example of Eurocreme's penchant for including weird twink dancing in its movies. The urchins assemble every Friday night for a rave, and here they easily transition into sexual spectacle by tearing off their clothes.

Rives moves in on Renfro quickly, obviously he can spot a bottom for his huge python in a crowd with ease. Robbie Masters seemed earlier to have a little trouble accommodating Rives's entire length. Renfro's ass clearly has Kevin Williams-style capacity, as camerawork clearly shows Rives humping him up to his balls.

Additional high moments show the puckish Kevin Adams holding his legs aloft as DJ Oldman slides his long cock into his ass, and Rives stuffing grinning newcomer Dard Bonnen, who hangs sling-style inside a wooden ladder. We also must mention Oldman's multi-spurt orgasm which coats and streams down Adams's beautiful buns.

Released under Eurocreme's TWINK label, Bareback Twink Street possesses all the qualities that make their movies today so popular and noteworthy: cute Czech models, barebacking and weird twink dancing. Watch them move their dancing feet, on Bareback Twink Street.

The follow-up sequel is pretty good, Bareback Twink Street 2.

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Bareback Twink Street Photos:

Mark Moon tastes Kevin AdamsWatch Now
Mark Moon tastes Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams above Mark MoonWatch Now
Kevin Adams above Mark Moon
Steve Rives barebacks Robbie Masters Watch Now
Steve Rives behind Robbie Masters

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