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Bareback Twink Ranch

Vlado Iresch
Ernest Blue , , John Vulcan , Johny Hunter , Johny Malcon , Jose Manuel , Leon Cook , Luky Marco , Steven Vulcan , Tim Taillor , Tomas Dyk , Tony Koch
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Bareback Twink Ranch

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Johny Hunter and Jose Manuel star in a bareback Western

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A bareback twink Western about two brothers

There is an old saying that the British cannot do Westerns. Looking at the handful of such films on record, this adage seems correct. However over in Central Europe, their senses and sensibilities stretch to cowboys and pastures, at least in the gay adult film genre.

We raved about Beau Mec/Eurocreme's Hard Riders, calling it the best gay porn inspired by Hollywood's Brokeback Mountain. The studio throws away the condoms for this hot production, and although it has a pretty corny story that moves mostly through voiceover narration, Bareback Twink Ranch delivers lots of memorable and heated sex scenes.

For this ranch romp, director Vlado Iresch has captured some hot outdoor one on ones and a great double penetration sequence with Jay Renfro. Best of all, there is a sizzling five man gang bang focused on newcomer Lucky Marco.

The film tells the story of two brothers who inherit a ranch. Interestingly, John and Steven Vulcan are actually real life brothers, younger and broader in sexual repertoire than their Hungarian counterparts, the Mangiatti twins (Double Agent). In East of Eden style, the fight like Cain and Abel over competing love interests.

They hire a hot little number named Luky Marco, and proceed to fight over him. Their squabbling gives fellow ranch hand Thomas Dyk the opportunity to be the first one to get in the new guy's pants. In a hot opening sequence, Dyk seduces him while they are out on the edge of an open field.

John and Steve Vulcan on the Bareback Twink RanchWatch Now
John and Steve Vulcan - Live long and prosper!
Marco gets on his fours, his underwear hanging off one cheek giving Dyk easy access to his sweet hole. Dyk fucks him long and hard, maintaining his reputation as one of the hottest fuckers on the planet.

With the black boots still on their feet, Dyk flips him on his side, screwing him in long strokes with his fat penis. To finish, Dyk drills the bottom directly down into the bottom, his hole stays perched high in the air. Iresch captures glorious shots of Dyk's amazing ass moving up and down, into his new friend's flesh.

Dyk creams a nice facial. Standing up, and revealing a very big erection, bottom boy Marco shoots his load into Dyk's open gullet.

Voice over narration explains that "everyone" was sorry that they were not the first one to get with Marco (including, of course, the audience). Despite their sadness, Tony Koch and Johny Malcon decide to pair off by themselves, and hit it after making a hay delivery to the horses.

Malcon is a tall drink of water who looks like he could be Johny Hunter's brother, but we could not uncover any evidence suggesting this. Koch, always a fun bottom, takes a nice ride on the newcomer's big dick. At one point, he fucks himself in Malcon's lap, sitting on the tailgate of their truck.

The tall lanky Malcon matches the smaller, broad shouldered bottom perfectly. Malcon takes his sweet time on Koch, who looks great shorting not only a hot soccer player style haircut, but also bigger shoulders and arms from off-set exercize.

Bareback Twink Ranch Gang Bang

Meanwhile, jealously drive the two brothers apart. When Steve Vulcan finds brother John smooching Marco alone, he decides to rob his brother's love of all purity. Steve Vulcan awakens Marco the next morning with three other ranch hands in tow so that they can all fuck him.

The resulting five man gang bang is thrilling to watch, and clearly the apex of the entire movie. Jose Manual pulls his thick dick out of his Calvin Klein underwear so that Marco can deep throat it. During this, Leo Cooper (billed as Leon Cook) and Tim Taillor from Raw Times step out of their own clothes, their erections demanding attention.

For starters, Cook throws an energetic pounding of Marco's butt one-on-one, while the other three blow each other nearby. Then Taillor decides that it is time for him to show some love to Marco with his big cock. Manual, one of Eurocreme's newer top-boys shows off his power-humping abilities.

This is Steve Vulcan's only sex scene in the entire film. He has a great body and cock, the head glows a wine color pink. He leads the troop so that Marco gets used by everyone there.

Note that it is fuck-overs and revenge tactics like this that cause some to really scratch their heads over the kinds of stories that Iresch and Eurocreme create. Still, watching the smooth and creamy Marco get hammered by a roomfull of cocks is unforgettable.

Jose Manuel barebacks Jay Renfro with Johny Hunter

Bareback Twink Ranch comes off of that high to a great three-way episode in which the yummy Jose Manuel returns to share Eurocreme superbottom Jay Renfro with Johny Hunter. (Why are all these Czech boy with Johnny names all spelled with one "n"?

They retreat to a horse stable, Mr. Ed himself moving visibly in the background. In a hot oral sequence, Renfro blows both of their cocks. Hunter is slightly taller, and his dick it bigger than Manuel's meat. Fortunately, Renfro is in full bottom mode, and this boy's ass seemingly handles anything and everything no muss no fuss.

The guys sandwich Renfro like meat between two pieces of white bread. Everything culminates with Renfro sitting on both of their cock simultaneously, in a great double penetration sequence. This is reminiscent of Renfro's first brush with DP when he stayed at Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel.

In hot finish, Manueal pulls out and cums on Hunter's sliding cock. During this, he pulls out of Renfro to shoot, followed by sticking his still drooling dick back inside.

The movie concludes with the evil brother, Steve Vulcan, storming off in anger, leaving his brother alone to run the place. The good brother, John Vulcan, happens to find his true love in a new ranch hand, the golden haired Ernest Blue from Bareback Buddies.

After lots of tender kissing and touching, Vulcan spreads his ass cheeks, taking Blue's impressive cock in full thrusts. The two guys fit well together, capping off a nice love scene at the end of a rather tumultuous sex flick.

Yes, folks, both bareback riding and true love can be found on the Bareback Twink Ranch.

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Bareback Twink Ranch Photos:

Thomas Dyk barebacks Lucky MarcoWatch Now
Thomas Dyk tops Lucky Marco
Jay Renfro sucks Johny HunterWatch Now
Jay Renfro sucks Johny Hunter
Johny Malcon barebacks Tony KochWatch Now
Tony Koch rides Johny Malcon
Leo Cooper barebacks Lucky MarcoWatch Now
Lucky Marco rides Leo Cooper
Jose Manuel, Steven Vulcan, Tim TaillorWatch Now
Jose Manuel, Steven Vulcan, Tim Taillor

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