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Bareback Twink Pack

Vlado Iresch
Alex Clifford , Bill Brown , Bill Lewis , Bud Fraser , , Gevin Favre , Jack Roys , James Said , Karel Gross , Kevin Trejo , Marko Velny , Paolo Totti , Thomas Dyk , Tim Taillor
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Bareback Twink Pack

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A Devestating Portrayal of Today's Idle Youth

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After documenting the lives of the ruffians doing their time on Bareback Twink Street, TWINKZ studios shifts its focus. Their delightful Bareback Twink Pack, moves to the stories of twinks living in one particular apartment building, where the favorite pastimes are playing hooky, slacking, barebacking and cum eating.

The producers have assembled an exciting line of new faces for this movie, which with its five sex scenes and one all-oral stint, packs in lots of bareback twink frolic.

The first episode is all-oral, unfolding when Thomas Dyk and James Said interrogate their friend (Bill Lewis), who is feining illness in order to skip school. After taking the blond's temperature with an anal thermometer, and getting his dick hard, it's clear who's not being truthful. After some tussling, the sexy Dyk blows Lewis, a very attractive blond. Dyk eats his friend's load, leaving the audience temporarily satisfied, yet still looking forward to future releases where the pieced hottie gets into more serious action.

After this, Tim Tailor walks his buddy to the school lavatory because he's feeling sick. What Kevin Trejo really wants to do is smoke a cigarette, and hopefully his buddy's cock as well. Tailor has a very pretty, uncut cock - definitely one of the movie's crowning jewels. The curly haired Trejo gets on his knees and sucks it. Tailor then returns the oral favor, followed a wonderfully photographed sequence showing the screwing of Trejo, who stays bent over the toilet.

Bareback Twink PackWatch Now
Bill Brown, Bud Frasier, Cameron Jackson
The tiled walls mark the close quarters of the toilet stall, adding more sexual heat in these boys's tearoom tryst. To finish, Tailor blows a heavy multi-spurt load into Trejo's hungary mouth, the extra gobs running down his face.

After this, boxcoverboy Bill Brown goofs around the cars at a junkyard with Bud Fraiser. Alone in a garage, Fraiser pulls his friend's pants down and blows him. Brown's sweet, angelic face is perfectly matched by a big, downward curved penis. Soon Cameron Jackson joins them, and they all slowly smooch and suck while slowly undressing.

In a hot sequence, Frasier slides up and down the length of Jackson's potent erection. After this, Brown maneuvers to have some quality plugging time on Frasier's ass, screwing him missionary. Jackson blows a hot money shot into Frasier's mouth, marking yet another stellar cum facial in the movie.

The next episode actually turns up the heat. Jack Roys shows up late to the gym for an appointment with his physical ed. trainer (Gavin Favre). Favre sets Roys down so he can start pressing weights, but they both develop hard ons that buldge out of their shorts. Typical with Roys, he lets his bigger partner take full control of the rest of the scene.

The muscular Favre has a very big cock, which Roys sucks as he beats his own meat. In a very hot sequence, Favre doggies Roys over the weight bench, the bottom fully utilizing the weights as props to make his ass the best angled target for Favre's thrusts. Favre shoots a king sized load all over Roys's face.

It is a hot pairing of opposites: sexy muscular guy vs. boyish baby-faced twink, and the reults are incendiary, and clearly one of the film's high points.

Tim Tailor's Party Cock

The events at this twink-filled flat never cool down. Tim Tailor returns with his party cock to get frisky with Alex Clifford and the handsome brunet Marko Velny . Clifford gets plowed by Tailor, followed by Velny, who in Bare Encounters just bottomed, so this was a nice opportunity for the stud to expand his on-screen talents. In a high moment, Velny and later Tailor drill Clifford stomach down on the couch, finished with a double orgasm of goo going into Velny's mouth.

Any suspicions that the producers saved the best for last are soon confirmed in the first several minutes - They did!

Bill Lewis Rejoins the Bareback Twink Pack

Bill Lewis, who just had a limited performance in the opening scene, makes a welcome return for the last. He visits the laundry room to find pierced eyebrow Karel Gross and the sweet Paolo Totti engaged in rousing foreplay. Gross, one of several models in this film who were also in the excellent Boys in the Snow, teams up with Totti to top Lewis's silky, beautiful ass. This blond's butt is so incredible, one can see why director Iresch decided it was worth the wait to film's end to see it in full operation.

Lewis has yet to appear in anything else, so this may be the only opportunity to see his virgin hole lathered with spit, stuffed with two big dicks, and creamed with cum.

Bareback Twink Pack provides excellent insight into Europe's well-publicized idle youth problem. We suggest watching this multiple times before forming your own opinion.

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Bareback Twink Pack Photos:

Jack Roys sucks Gavin FavreWatch Now
Jack Roys sucks Gavin Favre
Kevin Trejo tastes Tim TailorWatch Now
Kevin Trejo tastes Tim Tailor
Karel Gross, Bill Lewis, Paolo TottiWatch Now
Karel Gross, Bill Lewis, Paolo Totti
Marko Velny, Tim Tailor, Alex CliffordWatch Now
Marko Velny, Tim Tailor, Alex Clifford

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