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Bareback Twink Orgy

Bryan Phillipe
Cobra Video  
Aaron Phelps , Armon Maderas , Austin Sterling , Brad Stokes , Brandon Croft , Colin Shafer , Jaysen Fine , Jordan Miller
Bareback SexOrgyTwinks, AmericanCum Eating

Bareback Twink Orgy

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Armon turns 18, and his little friends plan an all out bareback sexfest.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cobra Video's Bareback Twink Orgy

My 18th birthday party wasn't anything like this. Come to think of it, I didn't have a group of male friends like the ones in Cobra Video's release Bareback Twink Orgy. Obviously stumped for a gift, Armon Maderas' guy pals get together and deliver the gift that keeps on giving - a bareback sex party.

Before the big event, the party organizer (Brandon Croft) must score a pad - preferably one with plastic-covered furniture. Turns out buddy Brad Stokes is housesitting his uncle's beach house, making it the perfect place for a group of twinks to get naked and fuck. An excited Brandon comes up with a perfect thank-you - a tender blowjob with an ocean view.

Brandon and Brad are representative of all the models in this film - very lean, young, slightly pale, completely smooth and baby-faced. While watching the action unfold, it's sometimes challenging to keep the models separate because they all tend to look the same puddle in a big flesh heap. Watching Brandon and Brad, it's one of the few times during the film when the viewer knows exactly who is who. After sucking each other off, they lie side by side for a heated mutual wank, their foreheads pressed together. And after Brad blows some salty spunk, hungry Brandon licks his buddy's flat belly clean.

Soon it's party day, and Uncle's beach house even has an in-ground pool, the perfect locale for a sex surprise. After some filmed frolic, this group of horny young men head indoors to hand-deliver Armon's birthday gift. Armon, an ethic, dark-skinned Latin is the exception to the all white-boy gathering, his feminine doe eyes making him easy to find in the room. He gets positively giddy when he's blindfolded and surrounded by the group of pawing boys. The energy in the room is so over the top with giggles and horseplay, you'd swear you were at a pre-teen girl's sleepover instead of a gay sex party.

Bareback Twink Orgy CastWatch Now
Bareback Twink Orgy Cast (Armon Maderas, center)
Thankfully, open mouths are soon stuffed with cock and the lads get down to the more serious business of getting each other off. The opening segment of the orgy has a marked 'wet and messy' element when cake icing becomes lube. After a quick clean-up - I mean, who wants to be that sticky? - you can almost hear their hormones start to crack and sizzle. Hard-ons spring up around the room and frenzied cocksucking gets underway.

The action is seemingly filmed in real-time with the most basic of production values. Much of their extraneous dialogue (for example, "God that's cold!" "Assume position!", etc.) is left unedited, along with every boyish groan and slurping noise. There's no canned music underneath, so you can almost hear these guys getting rug burns. The most quiet moments of the orgy come during a brief daisy chain that the seven guys get into, elbows and asses wrapped tightly around one another.

There aren't many sexual bases that these pups don't cover - they rim, kiss, 69, suck cock and eventually fuck each other bareback. There are some standout models in the group, namely Jordan Miller, a tight little hottie with a body somewhat more muscular than that of his fuck buds. It's easy to blow a load watching him ride up and down on dick after dick, his crewcut catching the sunlight coming in from the outside. Collin Shafer is also one that might catch your attention. You might think this kid looks a tad shy - that is until you put some cock in his face. Then step back and reach for your cumrag.

As for the birthday boy, he has one shining moment on film when he's nonchalantly sliding up and down on a buddy's cock, his own prick, arguably the biggest in the room, smacking upright against his brown belly. This guy is obviously a backdoor pro, able to crack jokes and do a Scarlett O'Hara impression with stiff meat firmly planted in his ass. He finishes opening his birthday gift spectacularly, his prone body being a target for the boys to dump their cum on.

Aside from the sometimes shaky camera movement and the fleeting glimpses of the film crew, Bareback Twink Orgy is a twink worshippers delight, easily a DVD to add to the permanent collection. This one may be a bit much for some; I can only take so much sweet sugar before I get nauseous. Just one slice of birthday cake for me, please.

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Bareback Twink OrgyWatch Now
Bareback Twink OrgyWatch Now

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