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Bareback Street Gang

Vlado Iresch
Billy Dexter , Carey Lexes , Collin Richardson , David Owen , Jack Cool , John Conclin , Nikandro Sideropulos , Sanchez Viva , Stephen Santana , Thomas Dyk , Tommy Rogers , Tony Koch
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Bareback Street Gang

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These sex driven beatniks will make you howl.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

These sex driven beatniks will make you howl.

It all started with Eurocreme's bareback movies about the lives of sweet and tender hooligans. Bareback Twink Street and its sequel became instant hits for the company. Bareback Street Gang is their follow-up showcasing ruffians living on the streets, who have nothing to do but hang out in the squat and fuck each other like wild rabbits.

Thomas Dyk and Billy Dexter play the film's leads, who seem to be very intimate pals. They quit their day job to escape the prison of private property and wealth accumulation. Their new life in Bohemia takes the movie thorugh six hot sex scenes, featuring many unforgettable moments of throbbing uncut dicks, bareback sex and copious jizzing.

Billy Dexter and Thomas DykWatch Now
Billy Dexter & Thomas Dyk
The rest of the story? It kind of comes apart quickly after the initial setup, not as threaded as the Bareback Twink Street movies. Nevertheless, with cast members like Dyk and Dexter, does it even matter?

First up, super stud Nikandro Sideropolus (Raw Courage) snatches a lady's purse off the street, escaping quickly on a motorcycle. He and his cohort, Tony Koch, return to their backstreet hideout to find her purse empty. In a pretty hot visual, the guys start screwing while silently watched by a carefully placed Backstreet Boys poster draped on a nearby wall. Looks like Backstreet's Back! (bareback, that is.)

[Backstreet's Back Friskynews Blog]

Koch was a frequent Eurocreme model at this time, everyone's favorite fuck boy (Bareback Twink Ranch). Koch leans over their motorcycle, sticking his ripe ass up in the air for Sideropolus to probe. Sideropolus slowly removes his jacket and shirt while Koch gives him a determined blowjob.

Riding astride the motorcycle, Sideropolus tops Koch like a galloping stallion. Koch is one of those "magic bottoms" from Central Europe who make bareback Czech movies so special. Sideropolus has proven to be one of the best fuckers on the planet, so together they start the show on a fantastic note.

Later, Dyk ends up sleeping in a bunk room with Jack Cool and Carey Lexes (Bare Reunion). Perhaps it is because of the half drunk bottles of liquor conspicuously remaining from the night before, but everyone awakens with stiffies. Looking super-sexy in his lyrca underwear, Dyk starts a rollicking three way by fondling Cool's free standing erection.

Dyk enjoys his tryst with two dishwater blonds. Cool is an attractive new figure with a pierced eyebrow. Dyk takes his virgin asshole for a bareback spin. Both Dyk and Lexes sink their cocks into Cool's hairless butt, ending with the memorable visual of Dyk hosing down the bottom's hairless backside with semen, and sticking his meat back inside.

After an all-oral interlude between the returning Sideropolus and one shot model John Conclin, Stephen Santana gets snagged in a lingering drug deal with David Owen. Santana wants to fuel his upcoming party with Owen's pharmaceuticals, so he happily gives it all up to Owen on his creaky living room couch.

Santana sports a haircut like Elliot Gass, a key figure in the previous Bareback Twink Street 2. Perhaps he was supposed to be the "street's" new leader. In any case Santana eagerly lathers Owen's cock with his spit, and slides all the way down on his pole, riding him like a horse.

Owen blows a big money shot all over Santana's hole, leaving it glistening, and then eats the bottom's load.

Bareback Street Gang Four-Way

Next, a rapping sequence turns into a fiery four way. Collin Richardson, Tommy Rogers, Billy Dexter and Sanchez Viva (Raw Recruits) relax in a room full of dingy couches and large portraits of Karl Marx. Perhaps Eurocreme's Cuban black model Viva brought these icons with him from the homeland.

In a wild four way, Viva and Richardson lay back to enjoy blowjobs from the other two. Fans have long enjoyed watching Viva use his titanic cock to fuck twink butt on film. His dark looks make him unique among the ultra-pale Slavic tribe in Prague. Fans will not be disappointed watching him split little Dexter in half, later spreading Rogers' ass and shoving it in.

Rogers actually is the most accommodating bottom in the show, seemingly having no problem taking Viva up his butt, or his cum. In one of the film's high points, the scene ends showing Viva topping Rogers while Richardson has his own fun time banging the youthful Dexter, his legs apart, his heels pointing straight up in the air.

In a picture perfect money shot, Richardson sprays Dexter's nose and upper lip, draining the rest of his cum inside his mouth. Dyk and Dexter ultimately decide that the communal life is just not for them. They return to the world of capitalism, celebrating with a rousing fuck on the workbench of their old office.

In many ways, Bareback Street Gang's heat increases with every scene, concluding with their five star finale. Dyk is in peak performance, and Dexter, who very often gets wasted in low budget productions, plays the perfect boy bottom.

Dyk screws the hell out of him in a torrent of kissing and touching. Dyk proves to be quite the power fucker, placing him in league as one of the true sex dynamos burning up the screens in porn today.

The film's music features a complete original Czech language rap song named "Jen Tak," written by and sung by Sanchez Viva. Backstreets really are back.

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Bareback Street Gang Photos:

Thomas Dyk and Billy DexterWatch Now
Thomas Dyk behind Billy Dexter
Nico Sideropulos and Tony KochWatch Now
Tony Koch rides Nico Sideropulos
Collin Richardson barebacks Billy DexterWatch Now
Collin Richardson tops Billy Dexter
Collin Richardson and Billy DexterWatch Now
Collin Richardson glazes Billy Dexter

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