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Bareback Soccer Punks

Vlado Iresch
David Brauer , Fredy Tyler , Gerry O'Connel , Giovany Vito , , Miguel De Sanchuez , Richard Damon , Ronny Silver , Ross Costanza , Sebastian Gould , Steve Rives , Thomas Pitt , Tom Maxo
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Bareback Soccer Punks

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Steve Rives Bareback Bottoms-Up!

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Probably in every country of the world, except the United States, this movie would be called Bareback Football Punks. Only in America, do we peculiarly refer to the game where they kick around the ball as soccer. In the Czech Republic, from where this movie hails, the guys would say that they are playing football.

Combined with an electric set of models, sizzling sex and a simple story, there's not much of Bareback Soccer Punks that gets lost in translation.

The cute Bareback Soccer PunksWatch Now
Thomas Pitt, Jay Renfro and
Miguel de Sanchez relax
The movie stars the absolutely edible Sebastian Gould, who is thrilled to get accepted to the big soccer league. Before receiving the big news, Gould gets into an outdoor tryst with his friend Tom Maxo. This is Maxo's only film appearance, which is odd because his penis is worthy of many movies. His endowment is larger than Gould's, who is not at all small.

This scene features some expert cocksucking by both parties. Considering both boys sport long, curved uncut dicks, watching their deep throating is memorable. Their marvelous foreplay culminates with Gould taking the full length of his friend up his smooth hole.

Gould spends lots of time bucking on top of Maxo's cock. After lots of this, one thing becomes perfectly clear: Gould carries one of the smoothies, creamiest tan butts in the business. This delicious rump works the top until he easily boils over with hot cum. Gould then gives his friend a cum facial.

Giovanny Vito Blows His Own Bare Vuvuzela

After this, Gould journeys to soccer camp, where he and the team kick their soccer balls around on the field. A mishap takes Giovanny Vito inside where his pulled muscles get worked out thoroughly by Ross Costanzo. Their sex is a wild and unforgettable duet beginning with Vito, usually the bottomboy (Raw Tricks) ramming his hard-on deep inside Costanzo, and power-fucking him from behind.

Vito provides the scene's first icing on the cake by ejaculating copious shots of his cum into the air. Costanzo catches most of it in his mouth. Costanzo uses this seamen/saliva mix to lather up Vito's ass and drill him mercilessly, his legs pushed back to the limit. The soft globes of Vito's ass happily handles Costanzo's deep drilling. Costanzo turns the boy around like a pretzel, never missing a beat, until he pulls out and cums. This hot sequence may require multiple efforts to get through in its entirety.

Much later, night falls on the soccer camp, and four soccer punkz play hands of strip poker in an oversized bed. Jay Renfro, Ronny Silver, Thomas Pitt and Miguel de Sanchez soon are taking in a double your pleasure/double your fun four way. Pitt and Silver also enjoyed a fantastic three way in Raw Rescue. Here, they use their hot dicks to make mincemeat of de Sanchez's and Renfro's hot asses.

The slim, trim de Sanchez is particularly hot to watch bounce around on cocks. There is great footage of the bottoms lowering themselves onto awaiting erections and plenty of hot and saucy screwing, all with the tops switching their partners. At one point, Renfro takes the bare cocks of both tops up his ass simultaneously, and for the finish he eats the other three's loads.

Steve Rives Bareback Bottoms-Up!

After this comes a total surprise to Eurocreme movie fans: Steve Rives, the unforgiving ganglord top from Bareback Twink Street, gets upended by two of his soccer teammates after they discover him smelling their jockstraps. Anyone who has always wanted to see Rives' hole creamed must tune in.

Richard Damon and David Brauer offer him their cocks, engaging in some nice oral foreplay beforehand. Then these two, who actually look like brothers, screw his ass mercilessly. Rives gets plowed on his side, on his back, and the hottest position, with him flat on his stomach as he sucks the other's dick.

Bareback Soccer Punkz finishes with coach Gerry O'Connell catching coverboy Gould and player Fredy Tyler messing around. For some reason, he's upset and before throwing them off the team, he gets them to suck his big cock. After dousing their mouths with his load, Gould and Tyler continue in a hot one-on-one in the locker room.

This time Gould struts his topman stuff, enthusiastically screwing the lanky, pale Tyler. Gould plows him to the hilt, and watching him in his second scene for the movie is highly enjoyable. Gould finishes by shooting a nice money shot and sliding his dick back inside.

Fans of the Eurocreme bareback line will enjoy watching some of their favorite models switch up their usual positions. Rives' bottoming comes as a total surprise, and Vito going versatile is a must see. Buoyed by the good looking Gould as boxcoverboy and star, Bareback Soccer Punkz should become a fan favorite.

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Bareback Soccer Punks Photos:

Ross Costanza sucks Giovany Vito Watch Now
Ross Costanza sucks Giovany Vito
Steve Rives is a bareback soccer punkWatch Now
Steve Rives (left) takes on David Brauer and Richard Damon
Jay Renfro in Bareback Soccer PunkzWatch Now
Jay Renfro receives waves of love from his
teammates, the bareback soccer punks

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