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Bareback Secrets

Rufus Ffoulkes
Helix Studios   HS25
Aaron Slater , Aaron Slater , Aiden Bonini , Alex Russian , Jak Williams , John Gadsby , Lucas Marshall , Ricky Johnson , Scott Black
Bareback SexOral SexTwinks, AmericanTwinks, InternationalRimmingCum EatingMen of England / British Guys

Bareback Secrets

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Jak Williams shares British bareback secrets

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Powerhouse director Keith Miller slips into the producer role here, letting Rufus Ffolkes take the reigns of this English Helix offering. With cues from Miller, Ffolkes abandons any use of music, preferring the natural noises of sex to augment the sounds of each scene. And the boys are twinkish, and they like it bareback, none would be out of place in the usual Miller offerings, except, that is, for the casts strong British accents. The theme? Secret bareback sex of course.

In the first scene of Bareback Secrets, punky northern boy Aaron Slater cruises for a bottom using his laptop. He shares a chat with shaved twink Jak Williams, a hot model from Eurocreme's enjoyable World Soccer Orgy double feature, and invites him over to his flat. Williams' mouth gets filled with Slater's extremely thick cock, and the compliment is returned from shirtless Slater.

Bareback Secrets snapshotWatch on Helix Studios
With hot mutual suck jobs taken care of on the sofa, these northern lads want more. Fingered, then rimmed, smooth assed bottom Williams takes that huge Slater cock with raw hunger. The pair fuck in doggie fashion.

When he takes him from above, you can actually hear Slater's fattie making a sloppy wet meal of Williams' hole. After some intensely satisfying fuckery, Slater tells his bottom in a nonchalant Northern brogue, "I'm gonna cum up your ass." Williams breathing quickens, and Slater pulls out, shooting the first of two eruptions just above his target area, then slides right back on in, still cumming from his hard wide prick. Williams can't keep his spew in any longer either, and he spills it out moments after getting filled up with cum. With his partner's cock still up him, Williams giggles with dirty satisfaction.

Smooth operator Aiden Bonini (U.K. Fratboys) coaxes cutie US twink boy Alex Russian over with his cell phone. Naked, hung, and uncut, he peels off Russian's briefs, making a meal of his partner's member before kissing that cute boy mouth and stuffing his cock between those luscious lips.

In a change to the published program, Bonini unexpectedly bends doggie for his twink boy (this viewer called it the other way around), then takes a pounding spread wide open, Russians' smooth ass bouncing up and down between his legs.

Bonini mounts him from above, and shoots cum out of his throbbing meat. Russian licks some off his cock, and you can see it on his tongue. Bonini sucks a huge tasty load out of Russian.

Aaron Slater and John Gadsby share bareback secrets

Aaron Slater (UK Beef Bangers) is back to his laptop antics in the next scene, talking online hookup John Gadsby into a raunchy shag.

Gadsby shows up with a bleached blond retro 80s look and a nice angled jaw line. Slater's chat up is just “let's have a look at that arse then mate,” and Gadsby obliges, and offers his peachy smoothness for a good rimming.

These two English lads suck each other off for a while and then Slater duly shoves his fat one up the peroxide's rear end and gives him a loud vigorous raw fucking.

He takes him on all fours, putting that ass in the position it was meant to be fucked in. Sweetness.

From the side next, and finally a forceful hard fuck from above, until Gadsby climaxes over himself, and Slater pulls out and spooges on his prick.

Lucas Marshall's Bareback Secrets

Lucas Marshall peruses sex ads on his bed, finds one he is interested in and phones him up. He texts his address after a lengthy phone conversation (which fans of the English accent will enjoy), and who should turn up to his place but American Alex Russian from scene two.

Quick to disrobe and suck cock, it isn't long before Marshall puts his sweet little butt over Russian's eager hard-on and slides down to the base. Riding his top like a pro, he switches around so Russian can get "a better view”.

Russian gets him to bend over, and finally gets between his legs, and Marshall shoots one out onto his belly. Russian pulls out and plants a second load on his bottom's abdomen.

The final scene stays with Marshall, chatting away with friend Scott Black. Marshall turns his friend on, titillating him with a hook up story, and petting him into a kiss. Black's cock is soon straining above his waistline, begging for attention.

But the pair are hungry to take things further, so they invite army looks Ricky Johnson into the mix for a threesome of oral fun.

Despite getting a rim job and simultaneous fellatio from Black and Johnson, Marshall complains that he feels left out, and suggests taking Scott's thick curvy member up his own raw hole. Scott obliges while Black slobbers on Marshall some more.

Scott's turn to bottom next,and he takes Johnson's huge penis and gets the ramming of his life. Both tops, while fucking, discuss where their bottom will get their cum. They decide upon his face.

And in the final climactic moment (in both senses of the word) a kneeling down Scott is drenched to dripping point with two massive loads of cum, over face, mouth, tongue and torso.

So if secret bareback sex with goodlooking young men is you thing, you won't go wrong with Bareback Secrets. Helix line remains consistent, whether starring US guys or UK talent. Hot extras in the package include scene access, anal, oral, and cumshot montages, and the always generous XXX previews, including one for Bareback Pick Up. We won't tell if you don't…

HelixStudios maintains a large, growing library of their saucy twink porn, with lots of bareback videos. Enjoy this movie and the rest on their unlimited video streaming.

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Bareback Secrets Photos:

Bareback Secrets SnapshotWatch on Helix Studios
Bareback Secrets SnapshotWatch on Helix Studios
Bareback Secrets SnapshotWatch on Helix Studios
Bareback Secrets SnapshotWatch on Helix Studios

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