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Bareback Sailor Pimp

Vlado Iresch
Alex Clifford , Andrew Fisher , Chris Rosso , Claudio Mecury , David Satty , Dion Phillips , Gerry O'Connel , Jack Roys , , Paulo Totti , Ricky Moser , Ross Costanzo , Steve Rives , Tony Jordan
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Bareback Sailor Pimp

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Ahoy! Ross Costanzo is the bareback sailor pimp!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jay Renfro and Gerry O'Connell have spent their extensive commission residuals from working in adult entertainment and now while the days away resting comfortably on impressive boats. Since the Czech Republic is landlocked, the fun marine activities displayed in Bareback Sailor Pimp must be along some of the local lakes or rivers.

The film is a five scene bareback bonanza reliably packed from beginning to end with soft and edible barebacking twinks.

First up, Renfro enjoys some lighthearted masturbation when he is startled by a peeping Tom (Alex Clifford). Letting Clifford below deck, Renfro's anger melts at the sight of the large bulge in his visitor's white sailor shorts.

Renfro spends a good bit of time sucking on Clifford's balls and playing with his cock. Ultimately Renfro lays sideways exposing his hot ass and inner thighs, which attracts the erection of his guest. Because this filmed on a boat, the sex looked a little cramped. But the guys make do, and Renfro is always the enterprising bottom.

After getting screwed sideways, he bounces up and down on top, followed by laying back missionary showing off his own hard cock. Clifford, who bottoms in Raw Fix, proves to be a real hard driving top. Renfro's appreciation is displayed by his splattery hot cumshot with the top's cock still in his ass.

Next, four youthful cherubs splash shore onto some dry land for al fresco frolic which is certainly one of the film's high points. Their play is initiated by the guys unveiling boxcoverboy Ross Costanzo's tasty, curved hard-on. He gets to sink into the sweet cheeks of Jack Roys, a smooth skinned twink that brims with boyish buoyancy.

Next to them are handsome Chris Rosso, another impressively endowed brunet. Costanzo drives his thick wedge into Ricky Moder, whose ss glistens with tufts of blond hair. These two pairs of tops and bottoms boink side by side like a pair of dueling banjos.

Congratulations to Roys, who possesses an expert aim of his cumming cock, filling Costanzo's mouth with an impressive blast of cum. And Moser's cumshot into Rosso's gob is pretty good too.

Dion Phillips coats Andrew FosterWatch Now
Dion Phillips coats
Andrew Foster
Steve Rives barebacks Tony JordanWatch Now
Steve Rives behind
Tony Jordan
Next lanky peroxide blonds Steve Rives and Tony Jordan get frisky on the banks of the river, in plain view of waterskiers beyond. So the two skinny twinks repair to the more secluded section of the cliffs. Here Jordan takes some deep throat attempts with Rives's third arm of a cock.

Lying on his back, the viewer sees the full enormity of Rives's endowment, which does seem quite challenging to Jordan, a newcomer. For the anal action, things get a bit easier. Jordan takes the amazing deep thrusts of Rives butt up in the air; like a true champ.

Rives not just wields a big dick, but he's also apparently full of cum. He drenches Jordan's sweaty back end in his seed.

Dion Phillips barebacks Andrew Fisher

Next, Czech barebacking regular Dion Phillips lands on deck with brunet buddy Andrew Fisher. Phillips does good work at breaking in the new bottom. He laps his ass and sucks him before plowing him. Their background is a very lush, green forested area as a lovely backdrop.

The scene's hottest point shows Fisher on his back getting stuffed full of Phillips's cock. Phillips shoots a big load all over Fisher's face, who kind of seems slow to react as it lands, a little stunned. Maybe he's not seen an ejaculating penis before.

After this comes a duet with David Satty and Paolo Totti. Satty strips his friend and immediately gets to work on his big hard cock. They kiss, paw each other, sixty-nine and alternate sucking - a nice round of foreplay that draws the attention of Ross Costanzo (Raw Rescue). This is a good thing because he seems to be the one of the group who bottoms.

Satty plows his ass in a hot sequence. The only drawback is that Totti never gets to slide that big dick of his into anything.

Gerry O'Connel fucks the Bareback Sailor Pimp

Bareback Sailor Pimp finishes on a high note as Gerry O'Connel enjoys a bedtime three way with Italian-looking hottie Claudio Mercury and the returning Costanzo. By this time, everyone wants a piece of Costanzo's hot ass. While blowing O'Connel's hefty cock under the bedcovers, Costanzo's ass sticks out of the sheets. This draws the erect Mercury over to his beautiful buns like a divining rod. He slides on in. Mercury plows him without the bottom even looking back.

After a good bit of this, O'Connell obviously cannot let his friend have all the fun. So, in a remote control moment, he plows Coztanzo stomach down on the bed. Hot Czech butts bounce and gyrate everywhere.

Mercury eats up both of his friends' loads.

Hot boysex and outdoor sexual frolic. Such are the halcyon days of the bareback sailor pimps. The DVD also contains one of those original catchy theme tunes from regular soundtrack contributor Felix Tau, as well as a clutch of hot photo stills.

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Bareback Sailor Pimp Photos:

Alex Clifford and Jay RenfroWatch Now
Alex Clifford behind Jay Renfro
Ross Costanzo is the Bareback Sailor PimpWatch Now
Ricky Moser sucks Chris Russo (foreground)
Jack Roys sucks Ross Costanzo

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