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Bareback Road Trip

Vlado Iresch
Carey Lexes , Collin Richardson , David Dave , Dennis Reed , Elliot Gass , Frodo Kaspy , Gery Rake , Joe Kean , Johny Hunter , Kent Roth , Lubor Turek , Tack Cool , Thomas Dyk
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Bareback Road Trip

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Thomas Dyk's Wild Road Trip with Tony Koch

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Riding the highway where emotions never lie

Is life a universe of emotions and sexual action, devoid of any ethical guidance? The characters in Eurocreme's Bareback Road Trip, as in previous entries like Raw Tricks or Bare Encounters, seem to follow the creed that emotions never lie, so use the power of your position to get what you want from someone.

Some people will find the scenes of this film incredibly arousing, while others may find them oddly disturbing.

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Carey Lexes and Elliot Gass

Take for example, the first sequence. Now, the British censors originally blocked this DVD because they interpreted two of the film's sexual sequences as rape. Others have characterized the film's depictoins, as probably the director's intention, as forced seduction.

Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch enjoy a frisky afternoon at home, getting naked and undressing. Pulling down their underwear, they play with each other's cocks. Porn star Thomas Dyk was starting his lengthy movie career at this time, his supple and ripe body already drawing considerable star attention.

Koch is nothing to sneeze at either. They tangle in a hot sixty-nine, backlit by sunlight from windows outdoors, much like a picture perfect Bel Ami postcard.

Their romantic scene stops at oral sex, then they stand on the bed and squirt out nice money shots. This is as tender as Bareback Road Trip gets. From then on the scenes are about hitchhikers, and the potentially jeopardizing situations they land in.

Dyk and Koch are picked up by the tall Joe Kean (Bareback Chalet Boys). While making an impromptu pitstop, Kean follows Dyk out into the forest, pinning him down and fucking him in the ass.

Dyk carries one of the most beautiful butts in the biz. So nothing Dyk does or says makes the top stop. Stomach down on the ground and gasping, Koch pumps him hard. Although reluctant at first, Kean asks him if he likes it, to which Dyk answers Yes!.

Koch eventually shows up to see what is going on. He finds his boyfriend getting fucked hard by their driver. His response? He stands aside and quietly watches, followed by playing with himself.

He watches Kean pull his huge cock out of his boyfriend's ass, shoot a ton of cum, and stick it back inside for some post-orgasm fucking.

Of course, Kean can't stop with just screwing half of the relationship. He leans Koch up against a tree and pulls down the bottom boy's pants. Keeping his shirt on, Koch's boy buns inhale the top's big dick. Kean tops him until he pulls out and shoots a big load of cum onto Koch's backside.

Next, Colin Richardson's car breaks down on the road. Richardson, the hot Brit top from World Soccer Orgy, finds Tack Cool camping nearby, who seems eager for some warm bundling to help him through the night. Pulling off his Dolce & Gabanna underwear, Richardson inserts his bare cock into Cool from the side.

Cool gets banged on his back, his erect cock sticking up the entire time. This is an extremely hot tent sex scene, enhanced with the fact that the models do it while wearing their shirts.

Carey Lexes Gasses Up

After this, blondie Carey Lexes discovers Elliot Gass wanking in an empty house. Lexes is impressed by the size of Gass' cock. After mutual cock sucking, Lexes really gets a feel of his new friend's size by sitting down on it. He rides Gass' bucking lap at length.

After getting doggie fucked, they cum in each other's mouths.

On another stretch of highway, soldiers Johny Hunter and Kent Roth give up trying to thumb down a passing car. Kent Roth decides to take a wiz at the rest stop bathroom, where cleaning crew Denis Reed and David Dave decide to wash his pipes. All four models in this episode look as cute as a button. (The brunet Dave especially because of his enchanting smile and even more enchanting cock)

Reed slides his hard cock into bent over soldier boy Roth. Meanwhile Dave sits his ass down onto Hunter's juicy meat. They both screw side by side in a double your pleasure, double your fun moment.

In a nice switch the tops trade partners, so it's the military men humping in one corner as the civilian laborers shag in the other. In a hot visual, Reed pulls his cock out of Dave's hole, and moves up to his mouth for some tasty semen swallowing.

Meanwhile, Roth's olive colored shirt gets splattered with cum.

Frodo's Bareback Road Trip

The final episode of the movie is another cup of strong coffee, as the youthful Frodo Caspy (Bareback Twink Street 2) gets arrested and manhandled by two overbearing police officers: Gery Rake and Lubor Turek. It is a sequence like the earlier Dyk / Kean episode where the bottom gets fucked by the guys in power despite any initial objections.

Both the policemen are beefy and tall, easily dominating their diminutive catch of the day. Actually the tops look like the just stepped off of a straight porn set, and perhaps they did. Both fuck Kaspy like two dudes sharing a chick.

Bent over a table, they simultaneously plow Kaspy's chicken ass and drill his mouth. Rake has a very thick cock, and he uses lots of lube to ram the boy. The two switch off culminating with Rake shooting his cum into Kaspy's mouth and pushing it in with his fingers as if he's brushing the bottom's teeth.

"Did you like it?" the cops ask. "Yeah," responds Kaspy.

"Well next time have your driver's license with you." Is Kaspy taking that as incentive to continue leaving his license at home? No matter what, in the end he's satisfying the cops' wishes. So ends the film that was too steamy for the British censors.

Bareback Road Trip is a five scene movie tied together by young guys meeting adventure and jeopardy on the road of life.

Starring the sexual dynamo Thomas Dyk, it's easy to see why Eurocreme recently made him one of their most promoted porn stars.

Bareback Road Trip Photos:

Bareback Road Trip Three WayWatch Now
Gery Rake, Frodo
Kaspy and Lubor Turek
Johny Hunter barebacks David DaveWatch Now
David Dave sits
on Johny Hunter
Denis Reed tops
Kent Roth
Lubor Turek, Frodo Kaspy, Gery RakeWatch Now
Lubor Turek, Frodo Kaspy, Gery Rake
Denis Reed sucks Johny HunterWatch Now
Denis Reed sucks Johny Hunter,
Kent Roth sucks David Dave

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