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Bareback Gym Buddies

Vlado Iresch
Billy Jay , Bud Fraser , , Gevin Favre , , , John Cruise , Karel Gross , Ladislav Bohar , Martin Novak , Michael Krous , Nicolas Santos , Patrik Dorsy , Richard Said
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Bareback Gym Buddies

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Nicolas Santos and Richard Said can't just workout at this gym.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Eurocreme boys from Prague find sweat and sex in the six episode PUNKZ production Bareback Gym Buddies, a very pleasant movie which bursts with lots of familiar frisky faces. Similar to the 1984 Mark Reynolds classic One Size Fits All, the guys are all really hot, they are around gym equipment and they don't use condoms.

Actually, in one scene the models do use a trojan, a similar pattern to Bareback Chalet Boys. And the scene is one of the movie's best.

The movie begins with a nice visual - Cameron Jackson hooks up with a manly, furry faced gym jock named Gevin Fevre (Bareback Twink Pack). In a nice turn of events, Jackson, typically cast in the top man role, gets fucked, bent over the weight bench.

In a memorable moment, Fevre screws Jackson with their doubled image appearing behind in one of the gym's wall mirrors.

Jackson shoots a giant load onto the blue covered bench while getting plowed. Fevre then cums in Jackson's mouth.

After this, the diminutive Patrick Dorsy hooks up with the taller Bud Frasier. Standing around gym equipment, Frasier wraps his lips around Dorsy's sizable uncut cock. Then in another nice turn of events, Dorsey turns his taller friend around and shoves his cock inside Frasier's snug ass.

Ladislav Bohar sucks Nicholas SantosWatch Now
Ladislav Bohar sucks
Nicholas Santos
Jack Black and Martin NovakWatch Now
Jack Black looks up
at Martin Novak
They switch to Frasier sitting down on Dorsey's lap, riding atop. This hot coupling continues until Fasier hops off and shoots his cumshot, covering Dorsy's little body. In an impressive finish, Dorsy shoots a powerful, long lasting money shot into Frasier's face and mouth.

Next up is the film's non-bareback scene, a hot combination that brings Nicholas Santos together with the shy, extremely arousing Ladislav Bohar (Alpine Sex Party). Bohar is a muscle bottom with a shaved head and a very cute smile. He catches Santos playing with himself and invites him over for strenuous round of oral sex amidst the weights.

Wearing a tight speedo, Bohar performs some hot cock sucking. Then, he sits his smooth ass onto Santos' pole, his melon shaped ass cheeks primed apart. Santos finishes him off on his back, ending their encounter by pulling out and drenching the muscle bottom's hole with cum.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the gym, three buddies (Karel Gross, Michael Krous and John Cruise) change into their gym clothes and start a sweaty workout. While they exercize, crafty employee Jay Renfro sneaks into Cruise's locker, finds his underwear, and drenches it with his cum after jacking off, smelling it.

Renfro exits, leaving the spooged underwear alone for the puzzled Cruise to find on his own. While changing, Cruise shows the tainted undergarment to his friends, which catalyzes them into a three-way suck fest that keeps the sexy stud usually at the top of the pyramid attention wise.

Krous and Gross aren't anything bad in the looks department, but Cruise steals the show by hopping right onto Gross' erection and riding it. The scene is dominated by their hot hammering, and certainly one of the film's many highlights.

Jack Black's Bareback Gym Buddy

The fifth episode continues raising the movie's heat. Jack Black, a cute little sparkplug who has lit up the screen in many movies from a wide array of studios (Bare Encounters) puts in another fine bareback performance here.

Black makes him move on Martin Novak while he sunbathes nude in a tanning bed. It turns out he made a great choice, as Novack has a humongous cock. Black gets on his knees and slurps Novack's giant prick.

Perhaps in the end Novack's python is just too big, because Black turns out being the top here. He slides his beautiful unturned cock into the tightness of Novack's sweet ass cheeks for another of the film's excellent anal sequences.

Novack cums while riding Black. He then sucks off his friend, who shoots a hot, creamy load right into his mouth.

Billy Jay, Jay Renfro and Richard Said become Bareback Gym Buddies

The movie finishes with Billy Jay and Richard Said coming onto Renfro, who they recognize from the cover of Eurocreame's 2005 Bare Balls.

Jay and Said are two of the studio's current stable of in demand top studs. Jay has a giant cock. Said not as big, but has a fantastic body which loves shagging hot bottomboys.

Refro happily obliges, raising his legs for both of his two newfound admirers. Using excellent buddy protocol, they share Renfro's magnificent ass until it comes time to empty their balls. Watching Renfro take Jay's thickness is arguably the hottest image of the entire film.

Set at the gym, Bareback Gym Buddies is very effective, and continues the strong tradition of gay porn, jocks and working out. This is easily one example of bareback gym buddies who hook up all over the world.

Bareback Gym Buddies Photos:

Richard Said barebacks Jay RenfroWatch Now
Billy Jay, Jay Renfro, Richard Said
Karel Gross, Michael Krous and John CruiseWatch Now
Karel Gross, Michael Krous and John Cruise

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