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Bareback FM

Vlado Iresch
Alan Capier , Alex Stevens , Ernest Blue , Joe Page , John Stone , Johny Lee , Jose Manuel , Kamil Fox , Milan Breeze , Rony Dack , Thomas Dyk , Tony Koch
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Bareback FM

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Thomas Dyk listens to Ernest Blue on Bareback FM

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Once again, Eurocreme/PUNKZ has managed to produce an absolutely dynamite sex film wrapped in a package laden with odd stories lost in translation, vague model identifications and incorrect English captions. So it goes with most imported gay adult porn these days. Still, the studio expertly uses it's world renowned collection of amazingly cute models with aplomb through five scenes of bareback humping and free wheeling ejaculations.

The actual star of the Bareback FM is sweet faced blond Ernest Blue, who DJ's an evening radio show called the Radio Blue Line. (This makes sense, despite the fact that throughout the movie everyone refers to him as "Arny." Every night, callers telephone him with "horny stories."

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Milan Breeze and Tony Koch
A pensive looking Thomas Dyk calls first. He describes an incident where he and his best friend (Jose Manuel) go rock climbing. Once they reach the top of the precipice, Manuel pulls Dyk's cock out of his jeans, and blows him. The slim Manuel has a famously large, thick uncut dick. Dyk wraps his own lips around it, blowing his friend as he leans back against the rocks.

They sixty-nine. Dyk may not have the biggest dick in the scene, but it's certainly the best looking with its beautiful, full shape, crowned by a full ball sack.

Dyk gets to top Manuel, which is the first time we've seen the model ever allow his backside opened up on camera. Dyk screws him on his back, which gets Manuel off. Dyk continues on unable to be stopped. In the high point of their episode, Manuel fucks himself on Dyk's cock, riding him at length until he comes a second time. Dyk matches Manuel with a money shot that could as well be two back to back cum shots. He unloads a fountain of hot cum into Manuel's thirsty mouth. Yum!

After this, long haired John Stone seduces the sweaty Johny Lee, a hot well-built stud with a very nice cock. The youthful looking Stone gets on his knees, opens his mouth, and worships him. After this, Stone happily hops up onto a convenient table, raises his legs up and hangs his ass over the edge. Lee goes for the gold, screwing him in long bareback thrusts up to his balls.

Twink models with long, bobbed hair are as scarce as hen's teeth, so watching Stone at work is something new to watch. His cock looks nice, too. He jacks himself off right after Lee blasts hot cum in his mouth.

After this, a very steamy three-way transpires when Joe Page rings up the Radio Blue Line. The always chatty, enthusiastic Page makes a welcome video return (Raw Times), this time playing the instigator. He orders his sleeping friend (Joseph Bali) to awaken. He pulls down his pants and stuffs his hard dick in his mouth.

Bali is an exceptional hot new model with closely shaved, pink hair and a tight body. Bali and Page take turns fucking blond Rony Dack's brains out. They all leave Dack covered in their loads. This scene is clearly one of the high points of the film, so hot it inspires Blue to whack his own meat by himself in the DJ booth.

Milan Breeze Peddles Bareback Wares

The film keeps the temperature boiling when insurance salesman Milan Breeze arrives to peddle his wares to Tony Koch (Bareback Twink Ranch.). Koch answers the door naked, easily coaxing Breeze out of his clothes and into rampant sucking on the couch. Pretty soon Blue emerges from the bathroom and joins them.

Koch gets his boyhole fully explored with fingers and tongues. In a memorable visual, they form a human pyramid with Breeze screwing Blue, who screws Koch. Forming a structure one would see in the game Jenga, Koch bounces atop Blue, who bounces on Breeze's big cock.

Breeze is a Dan Komar regular (Bareback Bowling Bonanza) humping his way onto the Eurocreme set. He struts his top skills on Blue. In a nice finish, Koch creams Koch's hole with a really big money shot. Breeze and Koch double blast Blue's mouth from opposite sides.

Kamil Fox and Alan Capier tune into Bareback FM

The best moment of Bareback FM comes when handsome Kamil Fox interrupts Alan Capier from a wet dream. Fox seeks to purchase Capier's flat, and the semen that he finds on the bottom's sheets seals the deal. Capier strokes Fox's hard cock outside of his pants. Fox returns the favor by giving him an eager, long blowjob punctuated with lots of fingerplay on his hot asshole.

The sharp images of Fox throwing the perfect fuck into Capier is picture perfect. Fox drills Capier flat on his stomach. Both models are amazing lovers that ooze sexual heat from every pore.

In a fantastic finish, Fox creams Capier's open hole, and continues plowing him in a finish that culminates with the pretzeled Capier shooting his load into his own mouth. The last caller to the Radio Blue Line is Eurocreme's star bottom Alex Stevens (Raw Courage). Stevens tells Blue that he's infatuated with him, and wants to meet. Blue demurs on the air, but actually does follow through the next day. They meet, of all places, outdoors on a remote farm where they bounce around the countryside shirtless on an ATV.

Soom Stevens is giving Blue a loving blowjob. This moves to the spectacular visual of Stevens' ass bouncing up and down on Blue's uncut meat, who is stretched out on the seating of their vehicle. This isn't exactly sex on motorcycles, but it's close, and very hot.

Blue tops Stevens until both boys cum. Their anal sex scene is relatively short, but potent. Ernest Blue and Alex Stevens actually make a very cute looking couple, as well as a satisfying conclusion to the film.

Bareback FM uses an interesting concept - the Radio Blue Line call in talk show. Perhaps Eurocreme never found Ernest Blue to be the kind of star vehicle to turn this into a series. Such a series would be very good. (Also, Blue, Koch and Dyk all appear together in the lesser known movie Bareback Buddies)

The movie's all star cast stands tall, and their libidos make this movie one of the best bareback films of 2007.

Bareback FM Photos:

Bareback FM snapshot Bareback FM snapshot
Milan Breeze, Ernest Blue, Tony Koch
Milan Breeze barebacks Ernest BlueWatch Now
Milan Breeze, Ernest Blue, Tony Koch
Ernest Blue kisses Alex StevensWatch Now
Ernest Blue and Alex Stevens
Ernest Blue barebacks Alex StevensWatch Now
Ernest Blue and Alex Stevens

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