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Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms

Alex Chaves
OTB Video  
Eduardo , Fabio , Ferdynan , Jesid , Marcos , Mario , Miguel , Oscar , Ramiro , Tomas , Leonardo (OTB Video)
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Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms

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The bareback cumparty heads outdoors.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We would have gotten this review to you sooner except that it was impossible to get through the film in multiple sittings.

OTB collects a set of outdoor sex adventures starring their joyous barebacking latin lads to form a superb al fresco frolic titled Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms. These boys are absolutely 100% "on" from start to finish, all displaying frenzied kissing, wild sucking, vigorous fucking and thirsty cum play into every available orifice.

Take, for example, scene one, starring frequent OTB power top Leonardo with boy toy galore Mario. Leonardo is always a treat to watch hammer whatever bottom they pair him with. Mario, a passive, smooth fuck doll, makes a perfect match.

Leonardo here looks better then any of his previous film appearances. He has matured, filling into a real stud of a young man. (He was rather gangly and thin when he started filming movies; Bareback Cum Party 3: Back for More!) Bending Mario over a large rock, he fucks his brains out doggie style, as Mario moans loudly, playing with his own hard erection.

Mario gets to take a brief smooch break before laying on his back for lots more intense bottoming. Being the "Cum Crazy Mario," the bottom finishes the scene scooping handfuls of his own cream into his mouth, as well as taking Leonardo's load up his ass.

Leonardo barebacks Cum Crazy Mario Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Leonardo tops Cum Crazy Mario
For the second episode, we meet a fucking hot new model named Fabio, a very nicely built teen whose thick cock enjoys a lovely curve. His mate for this episode is another newcomer named Ramiro, who's very eager to please any and all of Fabio's sexual desires. He gives him a nice blow job, causing Fabio to shoot jets of high flying semen up coating Ramiro's right cheek and his neck.

They screw on, of all things, a blue air mattress that is placed just in front of a pup tent, which we never go inside.

Ramiro spreads his smooth brown legs wide for his friend, allowing him to plunge in and out "scissors style" from behind. Turning Ramiro so that he's crouched doggie style before him, Fabio takes control, rutting with a breathless intensity, interspersed by light kissing.

Ramiro cums all over his own belly while bottoming, followed by Fabio squirting his seed onto the bottom's hairless hole, and sinking back inside.

Bareback cumparty three-way Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Bareback Cumparty Three-Way: Marcos, Eduardo, Oscar

Outdoor Orgasm Three-Way

Next comes the first of two of the film's absolutely stunning three-ways. Introducing yet another potent power top, OTB unveils a little guy who actually first appeared way back in the very first film in the series, performing just a solo. The model's name is Marcos. He wields a tasty uncut cock, which stands completely out thanks to his totally shaven pubes.

There's also Eduardo, one of OTB's delightful horse hung bottoms. Rounding out their trinity is a new model named Oscar (Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy), who looks cute as a button. Oscar starts the scene tantalizing the camera by wearing tight shorts that reveal his pert, round buttocks.

Eduardo's third arm hanging between his legs stays hard the entire scene. Their dizzying three-way opens with the guys systematically sucking each other off. They cum into each other's mouths, followed by sloppy cummy deep kisses.

Watch on OTB BoysWatch Now on OTB Boys
In a delightful visual, Oscar lays along the white fence, opening his ass at the end as Marcos plows him with his hairless cock. Oscar has a big ass, which he uses both hands to spread wide so Marcos' meat can go deep. They reassemble so that the tall Eduardo gets a turn swallowing Marcos' cock up his ass in a memorable standing doggie position.

They ultimately form a love train with Eduardo pivoting in the middle, Marcos screwing him from behind while his own long, thick wand gets buried up Oscar's bottomless butt. Eduardo gets Marcos' load up his ass, and Oscar's down his throat.

In what would be considered "taking a breather" after the last episode, OTB workhorse Ferdynan appears with a new cute model named Miguel. Like Leonardo, Ferdynan has appeared in a number of videos over the past year or so, progressively growing up into a more well rounded, sexy young man. He throws a rollicking fuck into Miguel, pounding him so that their skin slapping is plainly audible over their moans.

Miguel is a lithe young bottom, who looks great taking it in every position. He turns out a surprisingly wonderfully little scene with his new friend. Miguel's big knob of a dick stands straight out while he moves around with Ferdynan up his ass. Later he aggressively fucks himself on the top's pole.

Ferdynan shoots big blasts of cum around covering Miguel's nether region, and he takes the bottom's own eye popping load in his mouth and on his face. Then in a surprise move, the guys flip-flop, with Miguel giving the same back to Ferdynan, pounding an intense fuck into his bent over buddy. Gripping his friend's ass with both hands, Miguel is a very intense little sparkplug as a top. Plus he pulls out, cums, stick it back in, and later goes back down to lick up his own seed. If this isn't enough, these indefatigable boys move through another set of blowjobs.

Watching this pair of guys go at it seemingly without rest, in a constant state of heat has not been captures so well since Deivis and Pablo mated on screen in the first episode of Bareback Cumparty. Wow!

Jesid, Tomas and Eduardo enjoy a bareback cumparty

The movie finishes with the final three-way, an incredibly rich treat that feel like an oversized, succulent dessert at the end of a large, comforting meal. Eduardo returns with that giant snake of a cock, happy instead to take more dicks up his thirsty hole. He enjoys this scene with a new OTB VIdeo top, the handsome Tomas, and his fellow OTB fuck buddy Jesid.

Both Jesid and Eduardo appeared together in an outdoor four way in Bareback Cumparty 4: Fun for Four. These veteran sex sluts happily take Tomas under their feathery wings for another cum soaked, multiple orgasm frolic highlighted by love chains, luscious blowjobs and Jesid's hot ass getting pounded and seeded. As before, the guys move through multiple rounds of sex, cumshots, more sex, cum and on and on. Jesid is always a treat, and, as always, gets screwed by everybody. With an ass like his, it is easy to understand why.

The seventh installment of OTB's Cum Crazy Twinks series continues to present an enticing world of ravenous, inhibited latino youths, powered by each other's cum, they never seem to ever stop.

There is not a dull moment or flat scene in the entire movie. Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms is first-rate twink bareback.

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Bareback Cumparty 7: Outdoor Orgasms Photos:

Ferdynan barebacks Miguel Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Ferdynan tops Miguel
Miguel barebacks FerdynanWatch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Miguel tops Ferdynan
Fabio blasts Ramiro Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Fabio blasts Ramiro
Tomas barebacks Eduardo Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Newcomer Tomas pokes inside superhung bottom Eduardo

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