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Bareback Cumparty 5 - Cumaholics!

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Alfredo , Bernard , Diego , Eduardo , Gustavo , Juan Carlos , Mario , Walter , William , Leonardo (OTB Video)
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Bareback Cumparty 5 - Cumaholics!

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My name is Juan Carlos. And I'm a cumaholic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

OTB Video's marketing mavens finger the ten rutting Latin puppies of Bareback Cumparty 5 as all out Cumaholics!. No argument there. Filmed in sharp, colorful wide screen, the guys douse, squirt and inject over twenty six loads of cum into every conceivable orifice, with very little of it wasted.

It is amazing to see how after four previous movies, the guys can outdo themselves in a fifth volume, but they do.

This movie introduces one of OTB's exciting new discoveries: the pale skinned bottom Mario. The studio has subsequently utilized his talents to market him as Cum Crazy Mario in their gripping film Cumcrazy Mario.

Mario's partner for the film is Bernard, who redeems himself from his uncomfortable solo performance in Bareback Cumparty 2. (But if you look closely at him screwing Mario, he still makes funny faces).

Bernard tops him like a crazed jackrabbit in heat. Mario lays back, his sizeable dick always fully hard, receiving his thrusts with apparent ease. Perhaps OTB really has discovered the naturally biggest bottomboy south of the Panama Canal. With his long bangs flopping around, he's very hot to watch.

Cumcrazy Mario bottoms for Bernard Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Cumcrazy Mario rides Bernard
Bernard does get the orgasm sequence right - he pulls out, immediately spurts his cum all over Mario's balls, and refills the bottom's ass with his meat. Mario shoots a river of cum after this.

Bernard fucks Cumcrazy Mario likes a crazed rabbit in heat. Walter appears for the movie's solo episode. Always smiling, and performing well for the camera, he puts on a very good show, ultimately cumming twice. Walter's hair is pretty long here. This may have been filmed and in the can for awhile before they used it. Walter is a good top, and this scene really shows off his cock.

Alfredo Stretches Out His Cumaholic Friend's Ass

The next scene brings one of OTB's reliable bottom's back for more, the alabaster Gustavo. This time he gets it on with Alfredo (Bareback Cumparty 4) in what looks like some office furniture. Due to the beautiful, long penis of his friend, Gustavlo's bottom skills get stretched to the limit.

The tall, slender top easily can become one of the big hits out of OTB's stable of latin racehorses. His cock is big and beautiful. Watching it plunge in and out of Gustavo is so hot, it will be difficult to make it though this episode in one sitting.

Alfredo plows Gustavo on their office desk, and some uncomfortable chairs. Fortunately size matters here, creating many hot visuals culminating with a big, creamy cumburst into the bottom's hungry mouth.

The temperature stays at record heat levels when skaterboy stud Juan Carlos takes Eduardo's hot ass for a ride in bed. Eduardo has made it, going to the four-way finale of Bareback Cumparty 4 to this hot one-on-one with OTB's biggest star.

Eduardo sports completely shaved pubes out from which stands his impressive cock that's capped with a fat purple head. He and Juan Carlos engage in lengthy mutual sucking, as well as a good bit of sixty-nine action that takes them to their first round of money shots.

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Juan Carlos barebacks cumaholic Eduardo

Juan Carlos struts his macho top skills, thrusting his bare cock up Eduardo's hole in many positions. After screwing him, and cumming, he continues for a second round until the bottom ejaculates. If this isn't enough, in a second round of orgasms they both suck each other off again, followed with Juan Carlos fucking Eduardo in even more positions that finish his Eduardo's cum drenched hole and the bottom's fourth money shot of the movie.

The movie ends with one of the series' wild group scenes which always complete these movies like an overindulgent desserts following a most decadent meal. Diego is a cute new face who gets to display his versatile sexual skills with OTB horn dogs Leonardo and William. William, the adorable bottomboy from Bareback Cumparty 3 gets to open wide for Diego's virgin cock.

Naturally, Leonardo, who seems always willing to fuck anything (see Latin Bareback Adventures), devirginizes Diego's ass on-screen, and later follows this by topping William, who is screwing Diego in a cum drenching daisy chain sequence. Both the guys who bottom end up with their hole drenched in seed.

There seems to be no stopping the intensity and ever rising sexual energy of this award winning bareback twink series.

Literally bursting with sexy vigor, these movies are worth every penny. Bring home the party!

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Bareback Cumparty 5 - Cumaholics! Photos:

Cumaholic Juan Carlos tops Eduardo Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Cumaholic Juan Carlos tops Eduardo
Alfredo barebacks Gustavo Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo tops Gustavo
Latin Twink Bareback Sandwich Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Latin Twink Bareback Sandwich:
Diego sandwiched with Leonardo above and William below

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