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Bareback Cumparty 4: Fun 4 Four

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Alejandro , Alfonso , Alfredo , Eduardo , Ferdynan , Jesid , Joshua , Manuel , Pedro , Sebastian , Walter
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Bareback Cumparty 4: Fun 4 Four

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Four! There are now four of them!

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The hot OTB Video world of barebacking latinos keeps growing, and the guys are multiplying like rabbits. The fourth installment of the now legendary Cum Crazy Twinks series is titled Bareback Cum Party 4: Fun 4 Four. It turns out the title is apt, as the film finishes with a rollicking four-way where everyone involved clearly has loads of fun.

Appearing in the final episode, as well as the third, is OTB Video's newly groomed star of the movie, Alfredo, a tattooed cutie who is hot to watch.

The forth installment in the series also contains three additional sex scenes which are truly explosive, plus a sweet solo. It begins with a one on one duet between two new faces to the OTB stable: dark haired hottie Sebastian and the fairer featured Pedro.

This is Sebastian's only on screen appearance to date, and he turns out to become a very enthusiastic top. Pedro first sucks him off, causing him to releases a gusher of boy cum. Sebastian next laps up Pedro's seed for good measure.

Eventually Pedro slides himself down on Sebastian's hard cock, which he humps around on until the top gets behind him for some high powered doggie style fucking that looks stellar.

Alejandro creams Alfonso at the bareback cumparty Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alejandro creams Alfonso (Alfredo topping left)
Pedro matches the action playing an aggressive bottom, swinging and pushing back on Sebastian's cock at all angles. Pedro, with his feet raised high pointing into the camera, stays hard through most of the action, easily getting himself off while getting fucked on his back. Sebastian pulls out, squirts and sticks his cock back inside Pedro for some lengthy post orgasm play that cools down with tender kissing.

Alejandro drinks a river of cum. After this, the youthful Ferdynan returns from the explosive final episode of Bareback Cum Party 3: Back for More for a nice solo. Underneath a Simpsons poster, he jacks off a big load that lands up on his chest. He licks up lots of it with his pierced tongue. Per the normal routine, he goes through two back to back rounds of jacking off and cumming, all with shots of his gyrating ass mixed in.

Following this, things heat right back up as Alejandro (Juan Carlos: Bare Fucking Skaterboy) and Alfonso tangle in three way action with hot n' saucy Alfredo, the "big star" of the movie. The guys begin by forming a triangle on the floor, working themselves into a frenzy of cock sucking. One by one, each of their cocks explode heavy, white loads that they slurp right up.

One of the money shots shows Alejandro drinking a river of cum that flows out of Alejandro's gushing cock, his two tongue rings running up and down his friend's shaft.

Alfredo has the biggest cock of the three. Pushing it into Alejandro's smooth hole, a small freckle birthmark is visible on the large head of his penis. All of this makes a really beautiful penis for Alfredo, so it's a delight to be able to see him use it as much as he does.

In a sizzling visual, the three guys stack up on the bed with Alejandro riding Alfonso, who bumps back and forth riding Alfredo. Later Alfredo bottoms for Alejandro during a later repositioning. The guys rearrange themselves through several wild positions until everyone cums.

The letter A is not only for "apple", but also for a slew of hot latino bareback guys who turn in the hottest twink action on screen today.

Watch on OTB BoysWatch Now on OTB Boys
After that whirlwind of activity, things quiet down a little bit. Two newcomers, Joshua and Manuel, start a tender love session in the kitchen. Manuel is the younger, smoother of the two, who interestingly turns out to be the top in the relationship.

Joshua has long, curly locks of hair, braces on his teeth, and stands taller. Manuel gets on his knees and blows Joshua, until he cums, swallowing most of the load. After this, Joshua turns himself around, and braces the counter as Manuel slides his cock in him.

Lots of hot footage showing Manual topping Joshua leads to the bottom's smooth hole getting completely creamed. Manuel's dick never softens, so he continues screwing him at length afterwards. Manuel ends up cumming in Joshua twice.

Bareback Cumparty Four Way

The film seems to reach the realization of its subtitle, Fun 4 Four in its last episode. Veteran cum krazy twink Walter from Bareback Cum Party 2 appears in an outdoor veranda with Jesid, one of the sweetest of all OTB boys. They are joined by the sultry Eduardo and the returning Alfredo, who continue their Energizer bunny bareback fucking in the subsequent Bareback Cumparty 5: Cumaholics!.

In a nice twist, Jesid plays top here, screwing Walter's plump ass as Eduardo rides Alfredo. The tops leave the bottom's holes creamy with cum. All in all, Bareback Cum Party 4: Fun 4 Four is another worthy addition to the popular film series. Fans will not be disappointed.

Literally bursting with sexy vigor, these movies are worth every penny. Bring home the party!

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Bareback Cumparty 4: Fun 4 Four Photos:

Sebastian barebacks PedroWatch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Sebastian nails Pedro
Alfredo, Eduardo and Jesid cluster around Walter Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Bareback Cumparty Four Way:
Alfredo, Eduardo and Jesid cluster around Walter
Alfredo ejaculates over Alfonso Watch on OTB Boyz | Watch VOD
Alfredo ejaculates over Alfonso

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