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Bareback Chalet Boys

Vlado Iresch
Bill Brown , Damon Amber , , Jimy Evans , Joe Kean , Johan Volny , Justin Comer , Kevin Trejo , Milan Breaz , Mr. Rush , Ricci Hatcher , Ronnie Badell , Ross Costanzo , Tim Taillor
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Bareback Chalet Boys

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Chalet. Chantey!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jay Renfro and boyfriend Tim Taillor enjoy a ski weekend at the chalet (or ski lodge as Americans call them). Fortunately their weekend gets all the more interesting because this particular ski lodge houses the Bareback Chalet Boys, an excellent six episode film filmed in and around a powder filled ski resort.

The movie's producers seem to have gotten full run of this particular chalet as well, because the sex not only happens in the rooms and showers, but also in the halls and the commons dining area.

Barebacking purists may object to the third episode, titled Jealous Lover, in which Eurocreme star Johan Volney tops his jilted boyfriend (Mr. Rush) with a condom. Despite this, it's an excellent scene; Volney is a very hot top, and always wears them anyway.

Bareback Chalet Boys also contains one of those slightly bizarre, slightly lost in translation Eurocreme storylines. But this occurs in background to the hot sex. As mentioned before, the movie starts with Renfro and the tall, lean Taillor coming together in the bed. Weary after a long day of skiing, Renfro easily manages to ignite the passions of the room with his ass.

Renfro's maturing body looks even more edible then his earliest days, when he became randy while staying at Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel. (Considering this movie's Volney episode, the chalet cannot hang that cute little No Condoms Allowed sign) The guys enjoy some foreplay, quickly followed by some white hot anal action.

Jimy Evans and Bill BrownWatch Now
Jimy Evans sits
on Bill Brown
Jay Renfro and Tim TaillorWatch Now
Jay Renfro sits
on Tim Taillor
Renfro looks amazing getting plowed on his fours, his buns easily swallowing Taillor's big cock. They move through many positions. Renfro, as usual, easily gets himself off with a hard cock in his ass.

Their noisy love action is overheard in the hallway by two of the chalet's stewards, the nappy haired brunet Jimy Evans and Eurocreme regular Bill Brown (Bareback Twink Pack). Evans originally appeared in one of the weirder, oral only sequences of Raw Meat. For this, his second movie, he explodes sexually in two separate scenes.

Inspired by the sounds of nearby sex, Evans gets on his knees, where he gives some good head to Taillor's yard long cock. Taillor returns the favor, showing off Evans's own nice cock. The scene crackles when Evans sits his ass down and swallows Taillor's cock out in the chalet's open hallway.

In an inspired bit of direction, Evans keeps his white waiter's shirt and tie on during the scene, which looks nice as he drapes over the stair rail, his bare ass sticking back getting fucked. Taillor shoots a nice load in his mouth.

Johan Volney Mends Strained Relationship

After this, beefy brunet Mr. Rush catches boyfriend Johan Volney in flagrante delicto with one of the hotel stewards. (Justin Comer) They stop, and Volney makes things up with Mr. Rush one on one.

They enjoy a sixty-nine before Volney tops him with a condom. The clean cut Volney is one of Eurocreme's hottest properties currently, so they apparently are casting him all over the place.

Mr. Rush deep throats Volney's beautiful cock. Afterwards, Volney plows him missionary, the top's closely shaved pubes enhancing the sexiness of his big cock and tight balls. Volney cums a copious load onto his lover's smooth ass.

After this, steward Justin Comer realizes that Damon Amber's boyfriend is locked out of his room. Knowing they won't be interrupted, Comer jumps into the shower with them still wearing half his clothes.

Amber (Raw Fix) wordlessly welcomes the blond hotel employee by sucking his cock. Comer reciprocates by blowing Amber's own big cock, followed by turning the slim brunet around, and shoving his bare cock inside him.

Their impromptu bareback bathroom sex is steamy; Comer plows with fast, full thrusts. A handsome newcomer, Comer makes good work on his new friend's ass. He shoots a mutli spurt, long flowing stream of cum all over the bottom's chest and face.

Ronnie Badell and Ross Costanzo bareback at the chalet

In the next episode, two Eurocreme veterans, Ronnie Badell and Ross Costanzo, appear for dinner at the chalet. The brunet Costanzo orders goulash for two, but soon realizes that Badell's fresh wurst would make for a great appetizer.

Badell soon stands up showing off his fabulous, muscular ass. He's possibly more ripped than when he topped in Bare Skaters, and he fucked Costanzo's brains out there in the dining room over two side-by-side chairs. Costanzo's hole looks especially enticing, particularly when Badell pulls out, douses it with spooge and shoves it back in.

The final episode is one of those lost in translation pieces, but very hot sexually nonetheless. Jimy Evans returns to take drink orders from Ricci Hatcher, Milan Breaz (Milan Breeze Bareback Bowling Bonanza) and Joe Kean. Evans disappears into the back where, during one of the signature Felix Tau tunes, an unseen third person applies makeup and lipstick, turning him into a full dressed woman.

Evans serves the guys in drag, who ogle him unwittingly. Time passes and the guys have finished their pints, and they want to see that waitress again. Evans, who has retaken male form, uses this an opportunity to let them molest him instead.

They pull off his pants, which catalyzes a nice six man orgy, closing the movie on a memorable note. Once again, Evans bottoms, as does the hot Ricci Hatcher, a sexy butch bottom. In another nice highlight, Brown pops in to slide his cock in the curly brunet Kevin Trejo, gets a big blast of hit cum in his face at scene's end.

The movie also includes storytelling gaffes - most notably in where the episodes are labeled one thing during the movie, but differently in the DVD titles. Most peculiarly, the final orgy is named The Man Woman, however in the DVD authored titles it is simply called "The Finale."

Bareback Chalet Boys is another must see bareback adventure from Eurocreme. Will this be the last time we see Jay Renfro for awhile?

Bareback Chalet Boys Photos:

Bareback Chalet Boys Four-WayWatch Now
Bill Brown, Jimy Evans, Kevin Trejo, Milan Braez
Ronnie Badell and Ross CostanzoWatch Now
Ronnie Badell takes a naked lunch with Ross Costanzo (right)

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