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Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2

Dan Komar
Au Natural Productions  
Aaron Hawke , Dennis Reed , Geoffrey King , George Plozen , Justin Quick , Lukas Sergio , Mark Zebro , Milan Breeze , Miles Overton , Patrik Maxwell , Peter Barton , Peter Kyck , Tommy Sem
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Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2

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Mark Zebro and George Plozen go bowling.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Bareback Bowling Bonanza #2continues the fun and play from the first Bareback Bowling Bonanza, utilizing many of the same models, who play the same characters. Patrik Maxwell and Peter Kyck are the rich kids from wealthy parents. Geoffrey King, from the other side of the tracks, must work for a living in order to pay for his bowling hobby.

Part two is subtitled The Tournament. Eventually the film works into a story of how the underdog surges ahead and wins in the end.

The movie opens on a note which we can say is a totally new scene. Patrik Maxwell and friend Peter Kyck relax separated in their own bedrooms on the cell phone to each other. Over the phone they grunt and talk to each other about the boy down between their legs licking their ass.

Bareback Bowling Bonanza snapshot Watch VOD
Miles Overton sucks
Geoffrey King
Is Dan Komar making a social statement here about how the rich get the ruffians to lick their asses?

Once they cum, the rimmerboys Lukas Sergio and Dennis Reed unite on their own to get the pent up sex out of their systems. Mutual cock sucking leads to one of the hottest visuals of the entire movie: Sergio pounding his big cock in and out of Reed's hole. Reed cums on his belly while impaled, and they quickly get on their sides so that Sergio can continue his anal assault until he cums, a very lengthy, satisfying sequence.

Milan Breeze and Peter Barton bareback in the bowling lanes

Back in the engine room of the Bareback Bowling Lanes, Milan Breeze works on fixing some malfunctioning electronic pin setters. He enlists Peter Barton for mechanical advice, who quickly discovers the ghost in the machine - two used condoms. "Don't look at me, I don't use condoms." shrugs Breeze. "Neither do I," responds Barton, and they both grin with their best Alfred E. Newman faces.

In part 2, Breeze gets to play the top. He screws Barton standing doggie in a delicious presentation of naked flesh. At one point, Breeze perches above the bottom's hole and pile drives. Then he finishes with a huge, multi spurt cumshot that flies everywhere.

Bareback Bowling Three Way

Next, three guys (Aaron Hawke, Tommy Sem and Justin Quick) take a break from the bowling alley for some naked fun with their own bowling balls. Basically, Hawke and Quick get to slide their pens into buddy Sem for bareback frolic.

Watching Quick top Sem is especially hot. And Quick shoots a big load in the bottom's mouth, to finish.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey King is studying hard for the upcoming bowling tournament. His studious work slightly miffs Miles Overton, his friend who buzzes over for some light hearted sexplay. Fortunately, King relents for a study so that Overton can plow him. Overton, a hot new face to the scene has a great cock which loves King's tight hole.

Their episode really heats up when King sits down for an enjoyable ride in Overton's lap, followed by flipping the bottom around for some hard pounding missionary work. They finish by cumming into each other's mouths.

The film shows the guys bowling, highlighting the lessons that in competitive sports, there have to be both winners and losers. George Plozen from Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel) gets eliminated from the tournament, and he's shattered. Friend Mark Zebro consoles him there in the lanes, and they adjourn to a private bedroom.

Zebro, who showed off his hot topman skills in the first part, performs a fine encore on Plozen's ass. (Zebro sucking Plozen's humongous cock is featured on the box cover) Zebro sticks it to Plozen, who looks slightly pained. He cums pretty quickly, and then sticks his cock back inside.

The Underdog Wins!

Who wins the tournament? The underdog King, naturally. Rich boys Maxwell and Kyck respond admirably by accepting him into their status club. They awaken him in his bedroom bringing gifts, and its not frankincense and myrrh. It's Dolce & Gabanna and Hugo Boss.

Getting naked, King finally gets to play top dog. He sticks his humongous cock into Kyck, who receives it on his stomach.

After everyone cums, the guys decide to go do their second favorite thing - take the Czech boys bowling.

Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2 is lots of fun. Between the two, we enjoyed the first part more. However, the second episode contains many hot moments.

The disc extras feature a nice solo from Geoffrey King, which fully shows off his amazing boy meat. The photo gallery is another excellent compilation that includes lots of hot and sexy poses, as well as tons of action shots from the film's scenes.

Running at over three hours in two action packed discs, Bareback Bowling Bonanza is a bareback balling bonanza.

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Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2 Photos:

Lukas Sergio barebacks Dennis Reed Watch VOD
Lukas Sergio barebacks Dennis Reed
Mark Zebro barebacks George Plozen Watch VOD
Mark Zebro splits George Plozen
Milan Breeze barebacks Peter Barton Watch VOD
Milan Breeze fucking Peter Barton
Geoffrey King goes on a Bareback Bowling Bonanza Watch VOD
Geoffrey King barebacks during the bowling bonanza

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