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Bareback Bowling Bonanza #1

Dan Komar
Au Natural Productions  
Dennis Reed , Geoffrey King , Lukas Sergio , Mark Wolf , Mark Zebro , Milan Breeze , Patrik Maxwell , Paul Robbins , Peter Kyck , Sebastian DeLong , Skye Jensen , Toby Martin
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Bareback Bowling Bonanza #1

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Barebacking Czech Boys form a New League

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In the entertaining Bareback Bowling Bonanza, Dan Komar has filmed a cast of spunky, uncut guys who, no matter what they are doing, always have their minds in the gutter. With the models talking to each other in memorized English, filmed in an actual bowling alley, the result is lots of fun, not to mention one of the most imaginative implementations of the bareback twink genre, most of which looks all the same.

At the start of part one, it's just another day at the bareback bowling alley, and Geoffery King, a lowly employee, arrives to work late.

Bareback Bowling Bonanza Three Way Watch VOD
Skye Jensen, Dennis Reed,
Sebastian DeLong
Supervisor Milan Breeze snaps at him when he arrives. Then he quickly returns to an interrupted suck session with cutie Paul Robbins behind the shop's counter.

Breeze is a hot studmuffin with a thick upturned cock, which his friend sucks on as his ass gets fingered.

Perched up on the countertop, which actually looks potentially uncomfortable, Breeze shoves his dick in, and plows him doggie style. Breeze rams him in this exact position at length, ultimately pulling out, spraying cum all over Robbins' nether region and shoving it back in for some hot post-orgasm fucking.

Breeze then sucks Robbins off, eating the bottom's load.

Our Hero Gets Fucked By Mark Zebro

Elsewhere, King is making his way through his dreary workday. In the lavatory, he fills a mop bucket. Turning to leave, brunet Mark Zebro jostles him on accident, splashing water all over King. This leads to some embarrassed giggling, and the two getting naked. Their coupling is a celebration of remarkably long penises.

Both a quintessential lanky boys with unforgettable big cocks. Zebro ends up sticking it to King, who holds himself up against a urinal. It is a hot session of bathroom sex, that ends with Zebro dropping a heavy load of cream onto King's face. King responds with an even bigger money shot. Then not to be outdone, Zebro decides to enjoy a coda by cumming again all over King's feet.

Patrik Maxwell's bareback bonanza with Mark Wolf

Meanwhile, Mark Wolf arrives to let the bowling alley owner Patrik Maxwell know that the new bowling pins have arrived. Maxwell reacts by caressing the long, hard instrument like a phallus. This arouses Wolf to the point that they undress and enjoy some slow tender touching and tonguing on the couch.

We have always applauded Patrik Maxwell's bareback skills. Wolf blows him through his Calvin Klein boxers.

Milan Breeze barebacks cute boys at the bowling alley. Positioning Wolf on the couch ass up, Maxwell spreads his friend's butt cheeks and tops him to a torrent of moaning and groaning. In a nice sequence, Wolf rides Maxwell on top.

Maxwell pulls out and cums for another of the movie's hot shoot-and-stick-it-back-in cumshots. Wolf then masturbates, creaming heavily.

After this, Toby Martin enters Peter Kyck's bedroom to awaken him for a day of bowling. Instead, Kyck decides to make a spread to both sides of Martin's luscious ass cheeks. Kyck has wavy long hair and wears a necklace, in the "straight dude but happy to fuck my buds" tradition.

He pins Martin down on the bed for bareback ass pumping until he pulls out and shoots lots of cream into his friend's mouth.

It's another day at the bareback bowling alley as the lanes fill up with hot guys playing and drinking beer. Lukas Sergio, a sweet faced brunet goes to the desk to let employee Breeze know that "his shoes are too tight"

Porn Star Lukas Sergio Watch VOD
Porn Star Lukas Sergio
Porn Star Patrik Maxwell Watch VOD
Porn Star Patrick Maxwell
Breeze, always the horndog at work takes Sergio to a secluded area so he can try fitting into something else snug, but not as uncomfortable. They kiss each other as they pull off their clothes.

Mutual blowjobs reveal that Breeze has a very nice sized cock. But once his ass is turned around, Sergio knows what he wants. After tonguing his ass, Sergio slides it all the way in. Breeze is a hot bottom, in fact compared to many of the models, he looks perfectly happy getting it up the ass.

Now, it would be difficult to make a case as to why one would not want to take the very handsome Sergio up their ass. He's a great top. Sergio cums on the bottom's hole, and sticks it back in.

Sebastian DeLong goes bareback bowling

The movie finishes with Sebastian DeLong taking his friends Dennis Reed and Skye Jensen downstairs to see the old, little used bowling lanes. The old style decor and bowling props incite the guys to play with their own balls and pens.

DeLong unbuttons his pants to whip out an impressively big penis. His friends share it with their mouths.

Naked except for their socks, DeLong proceeds to screw both of his dirty blond friends on one of the bowling lanes. He plows Jensen on his side, followed by Reed riding himself on top. Reed, who has done a number of movies, really looks his best here, like he's truly having a good time.

Viewers should all have almost as good a time watching this first part of the two disc Bareback Bowling Bonanza. Many fans lately complain that bareback movies coming out of the Czech Republic seem as if they were churned out of a meat grinder. Director Dan Komar does a nice job salting this film with fun and sexual heat that the others miss.

The disc extras feature a hot nice solo from Patrik Maxwell, as well as a nice photo gallery that features sweet sets of poses from Maxwell, Lukas Sergio, as well as the King/Zebro coupling.

Running at over three hours in two action packed discs, Bareback Bowling Bonanza is a bareback balling bonanza. Don't overlook the equally good second part of Bareback Bowling Bonanza 2.

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Bareback Bowling Bonanza #1 Photos:

Paul Robbins barebacks Milan Breeze Watch VOD
Paul Robbins behind Milan Breeze
Mark Zebro barebacks Geoffrey King Watch VOD
Mark Zebro splits Geoffrey King
Lucas Sergio barebacks Milan Breeze Watch VOD
Lucas Sergio strikes Milan Breeze

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