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Bareback Adventure

Dan Komar
Au Natural Productions  
Aaron Hawke , , Dawson Brooks , Dinar Right , , Kenny White , Miky Sem , Paolo Donato , Patrik Maxwell , Paul Robbins , , , Sean Harrison , Skip Baxter , Steve Mitchel , Taylor Brooks
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Bareback Adventure

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Cameron Jackson and Aaron Hawke enjoy bareback adventure

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Apparently Dan Komar is a real romantic at heart, since his films more often then not includes heart tugging right out of a Harlequin Romance novel (along with lots of penis tugging naturally). In Bareback Adventure he pulls out all the stops with eight sex scenes over two and a half hours, all in an bucolic outdoor setting.

It is a love story between the blond porn star Cameron Jackson and brunet Aaron Hawke. They make an attractive pair, with Jackson playing like the quiet, straight-acting jock-type. Hawke is effervescent, bubbly and a great match to the sultry blond. Solid friends since school, they go on a camping trip which becomes a mechanism for their own discovery of true desires.

Skip Baxter and Robert Driveman Watch on or Watch VOD
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Skip Baxter swallows
Robert Driveman

It opens with them lusting to the point where they jack off independently thinking about each other. Jackson works his own big uncut prick while taking a bath in an impressively adorned bathroom. Hawke silently watches from the doorway, striking his own meat. The excitement causes him to leave a wet gooey mess on the floor, which he quietly cleans up before leaving.

Off to the forest, where there are already a number of hot Czech boys enjoying their own bareback adventure. Robert Driveman and Dinar Right are chopping wood in the forest. The business operation is probably the best deal since the invention of the inexpensive Las Vegas hotel buffet. Here they offer their wood for five bucks or one fuck.

Buoyant blond Skip Baxter stops by, but has no money. No Problem! Baxter announces, proffering his hot ass for their wood. All three models sport big treetrucks here, and Baxter stays hard while getting drilled by Right from behind, and then driven by Driveman on his back. Baxter's brains are truly bonked out, and all parties seem very happy about the payment arrangement.

Discerning viewers will love Driveman creaming Baxter's hole and then shoving it back in for another couple minutes of heavy riding. This scene is arguably one of the movie's hottest.

Historic First: Jay Renfro Bareback Tops!

Hawke hikes through the woods, when he spies two dirty blonds partaking in nude sunbathing. Taylor Brooks and Jay Renfro kiss each other while caressing their erections. Hawke moves on, missing a truly historic event: Jay Renfro topping! That's right the hitherto designated megabottom enjoys his first opportunity of on-screen screwing.

He barebacks Brooks in several positions, ultimately releasing a torrent of cum into the bottom's mouth. Viewers will probably either find the scene really arousing or really awkward to watch.

Next is a play on an age old movie scenario: camperboy Jackson draws the attention of a park ranger who seeks to enforce his own brand of law. (as in the 1999 classic Steele Ranger) Kenny White is really no Chris Steele here, but he does have a hot all oral duet with Jackson, culminating in shooting their hot loads into each other's mouths.

After this, the movie temperature quickly soars with a bareback picnic boyorgy. Hawke's hike takes him to four guys who are seated at a picnic table covered with food and drink. Hawke's arrival sparks immediate sexplay amongst everyone. Surrounded by some lovely green woods and a charming lakeview, Dawson Brooks, Andrew Fisher, Steve Mitchell and Hawke jawbone their rods. In a wonderful surprise, appearing here is the long-unseen blond hottie Paolo Donato, who really lit up the HDK International movie Czech Inn as John Paolo.

Dawson Brooks and Aaron Hawke fuck him over the picnic table. He gets rammed twice over the picnic table, by Dawson Brooks and energetically by Hawke. Fisher is another big dicked blond who seems to love filling a hole. All the guys end their picnicking by happily spraying hot gobs of goo.

Patrik Maxwell's Bareback Adventure

Next up is another hot al fresco frolic. Bottle blond Patrik Maxwell is shy about springing a boner, but his buddy Miky Sem lets him know that such occurences while camping should be applauded. Sem blows his friend as their other compadres join them. porn star Robbie Masters and Sean Harrison join them for a hot fourgy.

Sem drives his hot cock into a bent over Harrison, who seems to love every inch of it. Next to them, Masters grinds his butt up and down onto Maxwell erection. This is a memorable Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun Moment.

The bottoms cum while impaled, and then they eat the loads from the guys who just screwed them.

Darkness falls on the campground, and Driveman is serenading his friends with some guitar. Jackson and Hawke join them, as that crazy cut-up Dinar Right attempts to scare them by pretending to be an axe murderer. Everything quickly turns to jollys as Right shows more interest in wielding a bottle of lube, as opposed to an axe. (Careful with that axe, Dinar)

Soon the campfire crew gets swallowed up in heavy dick sucking. Driveman shows off his famous versatility by bottoming for Paul Robbins. Next to them, Jackson gives a hot screwing to the cute-as-a-button brunet Marco Fisher. Despite Fisher's great looks, Cameron cannot stop staring, almost jealously, at his buddy Hawke topping Right.

Dinar Right also gets good marks here showing hot versatility.

Cameron Jackson & Aaron Hawke's Camping Affair

After all the models spew hot loads, Jackson decides Hawke enjoyed his male-to-male sodomy experience too much. He whisks them back to their own private tent.

Alone together, Hawke drifts off as Jackson succumbs to his emotions. Filled with teenage angst, he apparently seems to cry, quickly followed with lust. The two have a hot flip flop duet in their tent, drawing the adventure to a satisfying close. Fans of the Czech boys will notice that this is both Hawke's and Jackson's on-screen bottoming debuts.

Bareback Adventure comes filled with memorable moments. Fans of slithering boy orgies will love the movie's three complete scenes featuring such frolic. The only technical drawback is the sometimes odd lighting that appears when filming outdoors, which makes the cinematography rough in some parts. Despite these nitpickey details, the dvd is well worth the price to purchase or watch online.

The second disc features a hot solo from Robbie Masters, who keeps flashing his million-dollar evil grin. Dinar Right's solo is poolside. There is also an arousing trailer for another fun Dan Komar film, Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel.

Bareback Adventure Photos:

Paul Robbins and Robert Driveman in Bareback Adventure Watch on or Watch VOD
Paul Robbins and Robert Driveman enjoy bareback adventure.
(Marco Fisher foreground).
Cameron Jackson barebacks Aaron Hawke Watch on or Watch VOD
Aaron Hawke above Cameron Jackson

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