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Bare Skaters

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
Alex Fogel , Andrew Fisher , Claudio Mecury , David Satty , Giovany Vito , Jack Roys , , Koudy Camel , Lan Gates , Lucian Selleck , Palo Vyper , Ronnie Badell , Simon Ermann , Steven Fischer
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Bare Skaters

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Jack Roys: A Dazzling Bareback Skater

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Taking a page from the ever popular skaterboy theme, Bare/Eurocreme hits it big with their latest hardscrabble youth story Bare Skaters, featuring some of their big-time tasty models performing some very hot scenes. The movie does not measure up to the high bar Eurocreme raised earlier with its classic SkaterBoy, but it comes close.

A mad housewife chases punkish porn star Jay Renfro and his buddy Steven Fischer out of her yard with a wide broom. This drives them to duck into a shed for an impromptu show me yours and I'll show you mine mutual jack off. Eventually they, along with cutiepie Andrew Fisher find new quarters at a youth camp where the gym instructor leads calisthenics on the lawn in his jockstrap.

Andrew Fisher, Steven Fischer and Jay Renfro are the bare skatersWatch Now
Bare Skaters: Andrew Fisher,
Steven Fischer, Jay Renfro
The first sexual episode begins with cigarette smoking Simon Ermann seducing Fisher as he chops wood. Their bluejeans drop revealing even more hard wood, which they each wrap their mouths around without fear of splinters. Ermann has a hot tattoo on his abdomen, which is in full view along with his flopping erection when Fisher screws him doggie style over the woodpile.

Fisher has big floppy balls. In a switch, they flip-flop. Fisher gets it on his back, jacking himself off. The outdoor sun shines the sweat on their bodies and good camera angles make this a very nice opener.

Jay Renfro Barebacks His Gym Teacher

Ready for a feast of blonds? In the next scene, Renfro quietly spys an exhibitionist gym teacher (porn star Ronnie Badell) wanking in his room. Badell's toady, the slightly older and larger built Palo Vyper catches Renfro in the act, taking him to the teacher so that he can face the jury.

Soon Renfro is facing two very big cocks, which he deep throats in heated abandon. Vyper carries a long snake between his legs, and the sequence of him plowing Renfro's ripe asscheeks with it might be just too much for the viewer. Renfro's hot ass can clearly take on a starring role in any movie.

Next Renfro sits down on Badell's sizeable erection making this a full feast of blonds barebacking and shooting hot cumjuice from all directions.

Don't Miss the Bareback Skater Orgy

Jack Roys is the new party bottom at the orgy. Later on, seven of the guys have a sizzling party-orgy that does include the now mandatory weird twink dancing found in almost all of these films. It is here that Eurocreme officially inaugurates twink galore Jack Roys as its new party bottom. He gets his tight ass split wide by Lan Gates. He pulls his cock out, whose head turns big and wine purple for his orgasm. Horsehung David Satty drenches his face in hot cum as well.

Another attractive bottomboy Lucian Selleck gets plowed here by Alex Fogel and Kody Camel. With all of the film's newcomers, Eurocreme has captured better orgys (Bareback Twink Street 2). However, do not fret because afterwards come some extremely powerful duets.

Handsone Mediterranean stallion Claudio Mercury (Bareback Sailor Pimp) innocently masturbates in a toilet stall when ravenous bottomboy Giovanni Vito pounces. Both guys screw with obvious enthusiasm, plus Vito is one hot guy to watch get fucked.

Vito has always lit up every scene he's brought his bodacious ass around for. This scene culminates with Mercury shooting a big cumload, and Vito sitting back down on his drooling cock, just like he did in Raw Tricks.

Andrew Fisher barebacks Jack Roys

The movie finishes with a satisfying close: Roys wanders into instructor Badel's room to suck him off. After this tasty petit dejeuner, the lurking Andrew Fisher reemerges to throw the party bottomboy a hot topping outdoors on the porch with those floppy balls of his. And as in the previous scene, Roys gets the cummy cock of his partner shoved back inside for a post-orgasm come-down.

Bare Skaters features lots of hot moments. Refro enjoys one of his best bareback scenes with blonds Vyper and Badell. The final two scenes are also extremely hot, with the cherubic Jack Roys clearly moving in on the hot bottomboy territory until now occupied by Renfro. Also, Giovanni Vito's horny enthusiasm is contagious.

Loads of ejaculate and sweet faced hotties drench this Bare films feature.

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Bare Skaters Photos:

Ronnie Badell barebacks Jay Renfro, Palo VyperWatch Now
Ronnie Badell drills Jay Renfro, Palo Vyper (left)
Andrew Fisher barebacks Simon ErmannWatch Now
Andrew Fisher behind Simon Ermann
Giovanni Vito barebacks Claudio MercuryWatch Now
Giovanni Vito sinks onto Claudio Mercury
The Bareback Skaters OrgyWatch Now
The 6-man Bareback Skater Orgy

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