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Bare Shooters

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
George Basten , George Plozen , Herry Luck , Joey Martyn , Johny Hunter , Johny Malcon , Mark Zebro , Paul Jerremy , Thomas Dyk , Thomas Pitt , Tony Koch , Tony Rogers
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Bare Shooters

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I'm an artist, honey, you gonna get me a drink?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

George Basten is an artist, dammit! He needs his space to paint. Complicating matters, bill collectors are calling him about due debts. Fortunately for the bottle blond, necessity will be the mother of invention. Basten finds his idle boyfriend, George Plozen (the other of the movie's "two George's") reading on their leather couch. He's not out selling his paintings.

Basically, Plozen functions as Basten's muse - like Zelda was to F. Scott Fitzgerald. He is his Calliope. And in a fit of desperation, they get a loan to buy themselves some fancy camera electronics for a new life as gay porn photographers.

George Basten in Bare ShootersWatch Now
George Basten, Bare Artist
Bare Shooters is one of Eurocreme's best films in their catalog. Many fans complained that their movies began looking very much like an assembly line. This movie contains all the spark and spunk that made their first films so special. The cast is great, even to the point that it includes in the cast the welcome return of super hung George Plozen, who had stepped away from the cameras for a couple of years after filming a number of movies for Dan Komar. (like Formula 69 from Dan Komar)

Plozen and Basten are believable boyfriends, and their new adventures are casting agency photographers are all the more exciting with a top notch cast of sexual harlots from Eastern Europe. The movie explodes at one point in the heat of a frenzied five-way.

First, the movie starts on a modest note as bandana wearing Tony Rogers hits the casting couch with Thomas Pitt, a yummy brunet model who appeared earlier as Chose Armando in Bareback Soccer Punks. Rogers brags about how fast he can get his dick hard, a pretty uncut staff that turns downward at the end.

Pitt proves his wiley self, transforming his feigned amazement with Rogers' erectile abilities into a session of concentrated, quiet fucking on the couch. Pitt's dick is bigger, which splits Rogers' hole up in several positions. Unlike some other models with the studio, Pitt never became a real superstar. But watching him in action will make you scratch your head wondering why. Pitt shoots a tasty load into his new friend's mouth.

After this, one of the models (Tony Koch) makes a move on Basten. By the way typical bottom Basten does an impressive job strutting his top man skils in this movie. Koch looks as adorable as ever. He's always the perfectly built bottomboy, and this was one of his last movie performances before retiring.

Basten's uncut dick grows quite large, which he spears into the bottom's hole in several hot positions. Koch, with his shaven balls, keeps hard, jacking himself while Basten pumps him. Koch's penis visibly reaches the point of orgasm, cumming while Basten's thrusts do not miss a beat.

Mark Zerbo starts the Bare Shooters orgyWatch Now
Mark Zebro instigates a bareback orgy
Basten leans back as Koch jacks him off, his white jizz flying up and hitting his hairless chest and stomach.

Next comes a real treat, and something that has been missing from movies of late. There is an all out five guy orgy! Mark Zebro, as usual the Alpha Male instigator, whips his python-like penis out and waves it around in the air, causing his buddies to start playing with themselves. Waving his wand, he calls the well-scrubbed preppy boy Paul Jerremy over so that he can put his mouth on it.

Faux blond Johny Malcon (Raw Heroes) and a newcomer named Herry Luck get into the sucking action. Finally, another boyish cutie appears in a red shirt named Joey Martyn to lend his mouth and ass to the proceedings. The guys jump into an all out fuck fest, led by Zebro, Malcon and Luck plunging their long dicks into the tight bottomboys.

There is just so much to like here in this sequence. Watching the guys trade off fucking Jerremy and Martyn as they way stomach down on the furniture is ball draining. Zebro shoots a big load into Martyn's mouth, who gets fucked so intensely he never bother's removing that t-shirt.

The heat continues on into the next scene when Plozen photographs a naked Johny Hunter in a wet shower. Hunter teases the camera by narrowing his eyes, licking his lips and smiling. Plozen makes the impromptu decision to drop everything and start masturbating in an adjacent full bathtub.

Hunter steps out of the shower to suck on Plozen's famously large dick. They share kisses, and ultimately share each other in a steamy flip-flop fuck session. Welcome back to the movies, George! And it is a nice change for Plozen, who plays a bareback top in Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel)

Watching them fuck each other is arguably the high point of the entire movie. They switch off topping until they shoot their loads, Plozen's being very copious.

Today's Lunch: A Thomas Dyk sandwich

The movie ends with a gushing grand finale when Plozen and Basten decide to ravage the lovely body of Thomas Dyk, who has trimmed his boyish, emo-style hair. In a breathtaking whirlwind, Basten and Plozen trade off topping Dyk's magnificent butt.

The guys move through countless delicious suck and fuck positions ending with spraying mouthfuls of joy juice. Congratulations once again for Basten surprising us with some impressive top skills. A Thomas Dyk sandwich has never, ever been served any better.

Thanks to the inspiration of crafty bottle blonds and artful muses, our boys get to live happily ever after in what must be an endless flow of bareback twink fucking. (This hot episode was collected into the compilation video Bare Jizz Freaks.)

It should be noted that Bare Shooters contains some of the annoying issues that plague many of Iresch's Eurocreme movies. The naming of the models is seemingly an afterthought, and in the rush to churn out the credits, they issue Westernized names, often with gross misspellings. If you wonder why names like Paul Jerremy or Johny Malcon are spelled the way that they are, it is because people who speak Czech as their first language are writing these names without the benefit of going to look in a language dictionary. There is also, for some unexplained reason, photographs of Alex Stevens on the DVD. Perhaps he filmed for the movie, but got edited into another DVD.

Beyond that, Bare Shooters is an excellent show. For hot bareback sex with the cutest Czech twink models, this movie is hard to beat. The DVD will quickly become a favorite for any twink lovers collection.

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Bare Shooters Photos:

Tony Koch barebacks George BastenWatch Now
Tony Koch atop George Basten
Johny Hunter sucks George PlozenWatch Now
Johny Hunter sucks George Plozen
Thomas Pitt barebacks Tony RogersWatch Now
Thomas Pitt tops Tony Rogers
Thomas Pitt and Tony RogersWatch Now
Thomas Pitt and Tony Rogers
Thomas Dyk, George Basten and George Plozen Thomas Dyk, George Basten and George Plozen
Thomas Dyk, George Basten and George Plozen
enjoy their three-way finale

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