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Bare Reunion

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
Alex Stevens , Andrew Shut , Carey Lexes , David Owen , Johny Hunter , Jose Fernando , Jose Manuel , Kamil Fox , Mike Shawn , Peter King , Thomas Dyk
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Bare Reunion

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Thomas Dyk and Kamil Fox enjoy a campfire with friends.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Vlado Iresch organizes Bare Reunion around a group of old college friends reuniting around a camp fire. Rather then experiencing a big chill, the guys walk through six episodes of fun flashbacks dominated by hot sex and oral cumshots.

Eurocreme's bareback offerings are typically the best of any contemporary studio, and Bare Reunion is no exception. In fact, the cast here seems to be on fire. The final episode with Thomas Dyk should go down in the history books as one of the hottest three ways ever. But there is so much to enjoy before reaching the last scene of the movie.

Johny Hunter and Andrew ShutWatch Now Johny Hunter and Andrew Shut
Speaking of command performances, blondie Johny Hunter from Bareback Road Trip goes all out in a hot, intense ass fucking of bottomboy Andrew Shut. Shut is a small, cute Czech bottom who has been passed around a lot lately on screen. Here, Shut appears to have met his match with the long donged, grinning Hunter.

Their episode begins with them sitting in an empty classroom at their desks. In an effort to teach Shut that his penis is actually longer then average, Hunter flops his erection out of a pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

The fine camera work presents the viewer with no doubt that Hunter's claim is true. Shut's cock is nothing to scoff at either, and there is a nice sequence of him stuffing Hunter's open mouth. However, the model spends almost all the time getting hammered hard by his friend, beginning first by easing down on it in his lap.

Hunter cannot keep his hands off of Shut's round ass, often smacking it while drilling him. Shut cums a heavy load onto Hunter chest while riding him, which the top slurps off the drooling cock head. After this, Hunter finishes off doggie style, drilling him in long strokes that cause his heavy balls to flop against Shut's backside.

In a photo finish, Hunter coats Shut's face and mouth in a thick, sugary cum-cream that leaves the bottom smiling.

After this, the movie catches its breath in the lavatory, where pierced Mike Shawn shares a cigarette with little Jose Manuel. Manuel is a petit blond who looks resembles American twink bottom Andy Kirra of Grindass House.

Their episode just includes mutual sucking culminating with Shawn shooting into Manuel's hungry mouth.

Things heat up quickly when David Owen and Peter King crash Hunter's dressing room, behind the performing stage of a go go club. (Apparently Hunter worked his way though college stripping?)

Every Inch a King!

The guys enjoy the first of the film's two superb three-ways. King is a never before seen cutie with an impressive ass. Hunter and Owen's cocks are big, and they fuck him with gusto.

Stuffing the bottom's holes at both ends, they make a tight, juicy Peter King sandwich. Then, Owen lays on his back to take all of Hunter's impressive meat up his hairless hole. King squirts into Owen's mouth while Hunter sprays his cream down over the nether-regions. Owen shoots a geyser like money shot which Hunter laps off his cock.

Next, Manuel returns, this time with stud muffin Carey Lexes. They engage in an absolutely sizzling one-on-one that drips with passion and ecstasy. Both guys give each other blowjobs that display each other's nice cocks. Lexes clearly is one of the hottest performers of the year, and viewers here will see everything that this guy is all about.

Wearing a black tank top, he throws a hot fuck to Manuel first doggie style and finally with the bottom riding his lap. Lexes shoots a tasty wad of cum into his partner's mouth.

After this, Eurocreme's model de jour Alex Stevens gets frisky with hot newcomer Jose Fernando. Stevens, the barebacking star of Raw Courage, goes all out making him feel as comfortable as possible for his debut performance. At one point, he runs his tongue along the length of his uncut cock, lovingly licking it and his firm balls.

Stevens' mouth openly gasps when Fernando thrusts inside him. Fernando screws him from the side, causing Stevens to blow his load. The top paints heavy strokes of his white cream onto the bottom's cheek.

Thomas Dyk's bare reunion with Kamil Fox and Andrew Shut

Bare Reunion hits its gushing climax in a three-way with returning bottom boy Shut, plus power fuckers Thomas Dyk and Kamil Fox from Army Fuckers. Shut's frolic with Hunter in the first scene was just a warm up. The two guys turn to his ass for a long sequence of power fucking that will leave any red blooded viewer completely drained.

The guys throw him stomach down on the bed. Fox immediately mounts him, pumping in deep. Dyk gets his turn on his back, Shut riding him as his ass experiences a rapid fire reaming. After several moments of Dyk removing his cock to expose the bottom's wide gaping hole, the guys culminate their passions with one of the hottest double penetration sequences captured on film.

Dyk and Fox both consume the bottom in carnivorous sexual hunger, dripping with seat, that finishes with the tops fucking both of their loads into Shut's hungry hole.

Eurocreme has built a most impressive stable of Czech models, whose appetites seem truly insatiable. The viewers who watch the movie, however, will leave completely sated.

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Bare Reunion Photos:

Alex Stevens and Jose FernandoWatch Now
Alex Stevens sucks
Jose Fernando
Johny Hunter barebacks Andrew ShutWatch Now
Andrew Shut atop
Johny Hunter
Thomas Dyk and Kamil Fox barebacks Andrew ShutWatch Now
Thomas Dyk (left), Kamil Fox atop Andrew Shut

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