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Bare Encounters

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
Billy Jay , , David Owen , Eric Paver , Erik Lenn , , Jack Roys , , Jim Lee , Johan Volny , Marko Velny , Roger Venturi , Ronnie Badel , Tomas Piers , Tony Peck
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Bare Encounters

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You will all succumb to the germ.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bare Studios' latest release, Bare Encounters, is ball draining from start to finish. Before getting to the amazing guys and hot sex, something should be noted on its interesting story. In a pseudo sci-fi atmosphere, a "germ" is spreading around the planet called the X Syndrome.

Watching infected guys screwing only infects the watcher, and at that point their inhibitions are destroyed and all the want is more sex, continuing the spread. Per the script, Healthy guys want to catch it.... it's spreading everywhere.. And infected guys all have a sweet looking X logo tattooed to a bicep.

Marko Volny, Jim Lee and Jack BlackWatch Now
Marko Volny tastes Jim Lee
Jack Black (background)

This story can be read at many levels, plus there's probably a joke in there too somewhere. Altogether, these elements combine to form a bareback sexflick that ends up on the Favorites shelf. [Note: This movie makes FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list]

The eternally innocent Jack Roys happens to catch two guys getting it on in an unused building. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he witnesses the first of the movie's great scenes. The muscular and built Erik Lenn, a hot Euromuscle guy who did work for Lucas Kazan and High Octane's Ultimate Warriors, gets his strong hands on Thomas Piers. Boyish, brunet and smaller, Lenn easily commands a riveting one on one where after getting his beautiful cock sucks, he plows the bubble butt boy bent over a chair.

This riveting opener is punctuated with images of lube streaming out of the bottom's ass while getting plowed, and Piers taking Lenn's load in his ass. Slightly beefier, goateed and older, Lenn adds a nice, unusual turn to the studio's usual all-chicken casts. Awards to the casting department for that one, please.

After a long night of sweats and erotic dreams, Roys awakens a changed bottom. He returns to the same cruising joint like a moth to a flame, where the strapping Billy Jay (Boys in the Snow) swoops in to take the smooth lad into his arms. Roys removes Jay's pants to reveal a tree trunk sized uncircumcised erection, which he can barely get into his mouth. This blow job sequence is worth the price of admission alone.

Of course, the pot boils over as Jay stuffs his log into the bottom, who wears a cute collared white shirt throughout the episode. Roys is one of the studio's hottest commodities now, and he takes some amazing cocks up his boy butt (Bare Adventure).

Jay Renfro joins the bare crew

Eric Paver is up for infecting Jay Renfro with the germ. In the next scene, Ronnie Badell tows the uninfected Jay Renfro in for a three way with Eric Paver, who seems to be spending his days exercising his body and licking his bicep. They undress Refro and suck his cock. Renfro performs some notable cock sucking himself the long penises of the two sex obsessed blonds.

The lean Paver plows Renfro's muscle ass doggie style. Badell gets his turn when Renfro sits on it, eventually covering the top with a long distance, copious cumshot.

In the next scene, the youthful Marko Volny is just putting on the kettle, when plumber Jim Lee arrives to clean the pipes. What actually happens is Volvy ends up cleans Lee's big pipe. They blow each other, showing off their smooth, delicious bodies to the camera. After a hot shoot of them rubbing their uncut dicks together, the pizza boy arrives. The pizza boy wields a thick upturned sausage, which gets plugged into Volny's mouth as the frisky plumber opens up his aft.

Volny flips his tongue around his mouth while taking Lee's opening thrusts. Lee is another one of the film's big tops. In a pleasant move, Black gets behind Lee to drive a rousing backend bash to the hung plumber.

Lee unloads a nice squirt of cum with Black pumping his ass. Then he eats Volny's load, locking it off his big purple cockhead.

The Ooops Orgy

The film closes with a slightly disjointed scene: Cameron Jackson and David Owen seem to start an orgy with boxcoverboy Johan Volny long haired Roger Venturri and painted up Tony Peck. They all suck each other, but Peck, who is adorable, just gets sucked off. Jackson then performs a hot barebacking of the always accommodating Owen. Next, Volny, who is a rising star over on the studio's condom Beau Mec line, puts on one here to screw Owen.

Watching Volny's long, beautiful cock fuck is always wonderful, but some people might find the non-bareback coupling weird. And Venturri doesn't ever do any anal.

Despite that, the movies choice pairings of stunning studs is what makes the Eurocreme movies consistently the hottest bareback movies around nowadays.

By 2070, the germ has spread to completely cover all humans on the planet. Germs from outer space, which unveil our inner inhibition has been a popular science fiction theme in many iterations. At this point we can only assume that everybody on the planet is constantly having a naked time.

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Bare Encounters Photos:

Erik Lenn and Thomas PiersWatch Now
Erik Lenn and Thomas Piers
Jay Renfro, Eric Paver and Ronnie BadellWatch Now
Jay Renfro sucks Eric Paver
and Ronnie Badell
Bare Encounter with Eric PaverWatch Now
Jay Renfro's bare encounter starts
with Eric Paver
Cameron Jackson, David Owen, Johan VolnyWatch Now
Cameron Jackson, David Owen, Johan Volny
Jim Lee, Marko Volny, Jack BlackWatch Now
Jim Lee, Marko Volny, Jack Black

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