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Bare Chat

Vlado Iresch
Bare Films  
Alan Capier , Alex Manchini , , Jan Kus , Jay Arner , Jay Gregory , Joe Kean , Johny Hunter , Justin Corner , Marco Filipi , Patrik Dorsy , Ronnie Badell , Sanchez Viva , Thomas Lee
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Bare Chat

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Cameron Jackson uses his cam for Bare Chat

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bare Chat, released through Eurocreme's Bare Films Ltd line, continues the strong tradition of explosively hot frolic that fans of unbridled twink sex expect. The movie's sex episodes for the most part revolve around camera boys finding new friends on their laptops. First up, Cameron Jackson relaxes reading a book on his couch when Marco Filipi stops by to use his computer.

Johny Hunter fondles Patrik DorsyWatch Now Johny Hunter fondles Patrik Dorsy
Filipi (aka Niall Phoeni from Bel Ami's Rebel) finds evidence of Jackson's chat activities, giving him the opportunity to get in the pants of his porn star friend. Slight hesitation leads to a fantastic action opener punctuated by the pounding of Filipi's beautiful ass. Filipi starts by lathering attention onto Jackson's famously curved, thick cock. Soon Jackson spreads open Filipi's wide hole, running spit down from his tongue into the cavern.

Filipi's ass turns out to be the perfect fit for Jackson's skinrod. The blond slides in and out doggie style with the bottom perched on the couch. Jackson's fucking skills are picture perfect screwing him leisurely in three different positions.

Jackson easily moves the passive Filipi around to where he likes, ultimately pulling out to shoot a torrent of cum that flys up the bottom's smooth backside. This perfectly filmed opening scene starts the film out on a very strong note. Afterwards, everything pretty much follows on the same level.

Patrik Dorsy and Johny Hunter play bare billiards

The second scene starts with the traditional set-up of two guys playing a billiard game. (Who knew so many oversexed guys are avid pool hustlers?) Here, Patrik Dorsy decides early on in the game that he wants to see Johny Hunter naked. In a hot visual, Hunter practically drools over Dorsy's hard-on bulging thorough his white underwear.

Dorsy, who is pretty short, always turns to out be the high powered Energizer top boy. (see World Soccer Orgy, a movie which also includes many other members of the cast) Hunter ends up a perfect to Dorsy, turning one an impressively hot bottom performance. In fact, this is Hunter's on screen bottoming debut, and it's absolutely fantastic.

Bracing the pool table, Hunter sticks his round butt out, and Dorsy plows it. It culminates with Hunter riding atop Dorsy on the pool table, the bottom's big cock hard and bouncing around. Dorsy ultimately pulls out to deliver one of his signature copious money shots. Dorsy kneels to get Hunter off, coaxing out a hot wet load that covers his smiling face.

After this, Joe Kean meets Alex Manchini, a German, in a waiting room. They talk to each other, turning each other on by complimenting each other's looks. Manchini may not yet fully realize it, but he happens to be sitting with one of Eurocreme's hottest tops ever. Kean threw unforgettable fucks to Thomas Dyk and Tony Koch in the opening to Bareback Road Trip. Kean continues his journey of ass pounding on his new German friend. Since no one seems to be around, they decide to strip naked. First, Manchini removes his leather jacket, and sucks Kean's dick.

Kean plows Manchini , who stays balanced on a very rickety side table. Kean pumps him hard too, often looking like the furniture is about to give way. Fortunately just as the top steps up his pace to the highest level, he pulls out and quickly squirts heavy jizz loads onto Manchini's pubes.

Manchini responds by standing up and coating Kean's smooth chest with hot cum.

Cameron Jackson barebacks Marco FilipiWatch Now
Cameron Jackson and Marco Filipi
After this, Jackson gets back on his cam for a mutual solo with Jay Arner, a new face to screen. Wearing nothing but his chain necklace, Arner gets right down to business, stripping naked and hopping in a bathtub. He beats off his big meat. Arner actually ends up hitting a very splashy climax; his cum spurting up and covering his torso as he struggles to regain his breath.

Wearing his computer headset, Jackson follows with his own show, standing up to shoot his orgasm up onto his stomach.

Dueling Three-Way Fuckfests

Both of Bare Chat three-ways are heated fuckfests where two tops plow the bottom boy's brains out. The first frenzy is interesting because it appears to have been filmed in Sanchez Viva's actual home. Viva, one of Eurocremes's humongous tops, unforgettably plows Jack Roys in Bare Adventure. This time Alan Capier is on hand to continue in the Stuffed-to-the-Absolute-Max tradition which Viva so famously employs. (Alan Capier blog)

Capier's buddy, porn star Thomas Lee, is a sexy little sparkplug, always great to watch on top and on bottom (Pipe Dreams). He gets things going, getting frisky with Capier on Viva's couch. In fact, Viva's room is draped in colorful rugs, making this one of the more interesting settings for Eurocreme. Since they are in his home, Viva invokes the rules of the house, which apparently say that he can join in.

Capier works on Viva's dick making him hard. Capier, a adorable little guy with a striking mohawk dyed blond, has a butt that draws Lee's bare cock right inside. After some doggie style fun, Capier rides Lee's lap on the couch.

Capier moves to the other side to take a ride on Viva's love missile, a great show that is one of the high points of the film.

Viva, fully hard, stretches Capier to the max, ramming him in several positions. After Lee cums, Viva gushes a ton of man seed in and around Capier's mouth leaving him glistening.

Fuck the Doll!

The final episode begins with bodybuilders Justin Corner and Ronnie Badell (Bare Skaters) pumping iron, while the lanky Jay Gregory gets horned-up in the next room. It's all grins and shrugs when the guys discover Gregory fucking the ass of a male sex doll, filling it with his cum.

This gives Badell and Corner the idea that they can use Gregory as their sex toy cumhole. The tops make a Jay Gregory sandwich, filling him at both ends. Badell hops on first, topping Gregory until he pull out, cums, and sticks his cock back inside for post-orgasm fucking. Corner quickly takes over, getting a very sloppy seconds from the bottom, whose hole is still visibly creamy from Badell's recent visit.

Gregory cums in Badell's mouth while Corner pumps him, followed by Badell getting a second helping of jizz from his buddy. The movie fades following a lengthy afterglow of sperm licking and kissing.

Eurocreme fans will enjoy all five sexual episodes of Bare Chat, as well as the mutual jack off vignette. Cameron Jackson and Sanchez Viva play star tops, plus Hunter and Capier play star bottoms. Between them and the rest of the effervescent cast, there is something for everyone.

Bare Chat Photos:

Sanchez Viva barebacks Alan CapierWatch Now
Alan Capier rides Sanchez Viva, Thomas Lee (right)
Sanchez Viva, Alan Capier, Thomas LeeWatch Now
Sanchez Viva, Alan Capier, Thomas Lee
Cameron Jackson inspects Marco FilipiWatch Now
Cameron Jackson inspects Marco Filipi
Joe Kean barebacks Alex ManchiniWatch Now
Joe Kean tops
Alex Manchini
Justin Corner, Jay Gregory, Ronnie BadellWatch Now
Justin Corner, Jay Gregory, Ronnie Badell

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