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Bare Cali Boys

B.B. Bruce
San Diego Boy Productions  
Austin Chase , Derek Livingston , Derek Princeton , , Jet Slatter , Jodi Johnson , Johnny Carver , Kyle Miller , Peter Parc , Travis Bark
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Bare Cali Boys

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Jarod Steel Exposes Bare Cali Boys

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Looking for some solid US produced bareback porn starring an nice array of good looking San Diego types? The producers over at San Diego Boy Productions sure have something for you. Their release Bare Cali Boys may be one of the hottest little amatuer gems of the year.

Director B.B. Bruce captures matter of fact and honest sexual energy between all the models throughout all five of the film's action scenes. The scenes, except for the last, start with rather cheesy interviews, but we learn that some of the guys have landed in San Diego from all over the country. One couple seem to be boyfriends, while others interact much like folks would when hooking up for a first time trick off the Internet.

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Bare Cali Boys:
Travis Bank and Jodi Johnson
Pictured on the DVD boxcover is on of the most interesting cast members, the beefy New Yorker Jodi Johnson. With the near exact same accent and lots of the big body type, he looks like a related brother to Falcon model Erik Rhodes. However this guy comes off completely uncensored as a total bottom sexpig, who revels is getting fucked hard by a "real man."

The first scene starts with Johnson on his fours taking it from Travis Bank, a cute guy who admits that he's very much new to all of this. Bank climbs atop Johnson's mountainous muscle butt, poking it from several positions. However, and watching this is especially interesting, Johnson seems unimpressed with his partner's cock size and activity. Now, Bank looks pretty hot, but his cock is rather average visually amplified by completely shaven pubes, plus he might have been intimidated by the deep voiced, demanding bigger muscleguy beneath him begging for more.

In any case, Johnson is a total sex pig, loving hard fucks from bare cocks. After both guys jack off lying shoulder to shoulder, Johnson essentially coaxes another round of fucking, this time from the director himself, who tops him while still holding the camera, all showing the view from the top's perspective.

This guy cums in Johnson's hole, to his lusty delight.

Next, blond Johnny Carver brings along a nineteen year old Asian named Peter Parc, who seems totally smitten with his friend. How smitten is Carver? Watching these guys interest is another one of the film's interesting pairs.

The movie soon cuts to the sex, in which Carver pounds Parc's round butt all over the room. He fucks him over a desk, and then they adjourn to the bed where they move through two complete rounds of energized anal action. Parc is one passive Asin bottomboy!

By the time they are done, Carver has cum in Parc's mouth and ass, followed by more conversation in the post orgasm glow. The "Behind the Scenes" in the DVD extras contains more footage of these two sparkplugs.

The next scene cuts to two white boys, the lanky Austin Chase and the twenty-four year old Derek Livingston, whose body type looks like a typical San Diego area ex military. Naturally, Livingston is a very willing and able bottom.

Chase's tall, tan frame perfectly fits into Livingston curled up body, coiling together into a gyrating yin / yang symbol. Livingston finishes by taking a long ride above Chase, who fucks up just as Livingston's butt pushes down. No lazy or "dead" sex here!

Livingston intently watched Chase milk a big thick load of cum out onto him.

The energy level stays way up high as we meet a new brunet model named Kyle Miller. For his maiden voyage, San Diego Boy has paired him with Derek Princeton (Bareback Reunion), a quiet but hot young bottom who looks are very easy on the eyes.

Miller tops Princeton's sweet little ass in several nice positions, the hottest being on his fours as he hangs over the bed. They finish by jacking off side by side on the bed, Miller milking an impressive load out of his engorged dick.

The movie finishes on an equally nice note. Bareback twink favorite Jarod Steel appears, picking up newcomer Jet Slatter at the train station and taking him back to his hotel room. After showering, Steel sits his ass down onto Slatter's stick and rides him at length.

This is followed by some unforgettable camera shots showing Steel's butt inhaling Slatter's naked, slick cock doggie style. The tattooed, beefy top seems very happy spending time inside the blond bottom's party hole, moving through lots of positions culminating with the cum hungry Steel sitting his ass down onto the top's erupting cock.

These San Diego guys all seem pretty wild and laid back. Perfect for any evening! Some of the models, like Derek Princeton and Derek Livingston, have performed in several movies from San Diego Boy Productions, which is another reason to join their new studio site Members can watch everything in the studio's arousing library.

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Bare Cali Boys Trailer

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Austin Chase and Derek Livingston Watch Now
Austin Chase and Derek Livingston
Kyle Miller tops Derek Princeton Watch Now
Kyle Miller tops Derek Princeton
Jet Slatter tops Jarod Steel Watch Now
Jet Slatter tops Jarod Steel
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Jodi Johnson slips it to Travis Bank

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